Melissa’s weekend with Luke is coming to an end but she has something planned involving her mother

As her mother’s car reversed out of the driveway Melissa turned nervously towards Luke who stood in his doorway, muscular arms folded across his chest. “Well welcome to my place! Got your bag for the weekend?”

“Hey… yea I have my clothes and things.” Melissa smiled as she picked up her rucksack, making her way into his house at the invitation.

“You look gorgeous by the way. Your dress is very sexy. No bra?” Luke remarked.

Melissa instinctively moved to cover her chest in embarrassment but saw the warm smile on Luke’s strong chiseled face. “Mum said I shouldn’t wear one. Is that ok?” She was wearing a form fitting and quite see-through dress her mother had bought her especially for this weekend. Melissa had picked it out but didn’t think her mother would actually approve, let alone recommend that she forgo wearing a bra.

Luke gasped in mock surprise. “Of course! As long as you feel comfortable? Do you like dressing like this?”

Melissa looked down at her dress briefly, seeing the color of her small puffy nipples contrasted against the white of the dress. Her cheeks flushed red. “Hmmm yea.. It’s a bit embarrassing. You can kinda see everything.” She did love this dress though and had spent long enough looking at herself wearing it, hoping that Luke would like it too.

“What are you talking about? I didn’t see anything.” Luke turned away with a sly grin as he ascended the stairs into his spacious home. “But really, you look beautiful.”

The warmth in Melissa’s cheeks grew stronger with each compliment. She couldn’t believe her crush saw her this way. “Really? Thanks. Do… do I.. really look sexy? I think my breasts are small.” She had reached the top of the stairs when Luke moved towards her for the first time.

“Melissa. They look amazing.”

Melissa looked up to the man standing over a foot taller than her and felt his warmth and strength as he pressed against her. A hand touched her lower back as the other reached through her smooth dark hair to cup the back of her neck. Melissa let out an involuntary gasp. The hairs on her arms stood on end while her heart raced into a gallop. Luke was holding her.

This weekend had been planned for a few weeks with Melissa’s mother scheduling the date. She couldn’t quite believe it was really happening; that their family friend Luke, the man she had been infatuated with since she had the capacity for it, would spend the weekend with her… romantically. As the date drew closer Melissa’s excitement had boiled over into a nervous energy. She had barely slept the night before.

Now this handsome man was holding her close. She struggled to process the moment with the intense fluttering in her chest. She felt her feet leave the floor.

Luke lent down to the petite teen, needing to lift her up if they were to kiss. Melissa surrendered and their lips touched. It was a soft first kiss for Melissa, only lasting a few seconds but it felt like much longer for the inexperienced girl. She pushed her small tongue forward and felt it twirl with Luke’s. A powerful high bloomed inside her.

She had fantasized about her first kiss often but nothing could compare to the actual sensation. It was beyond perfect. After touching back down to earth Melissa was in a daze. Heat pulsed down her neck into her chest, out through her small firm breasts and into her pale nipples. She could feel they had become erect, pressing against her thin skin tight dress. The heat continued to flow down between her legs before it blossomed inside her sex. This feeling was familiar but made all her previous moments of arousal pale in comparison.

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