Melissa’s weekend with Luke is coming to an end but she has something planned involving her mother

As her mother’s car reversed out of the driveway Melissa turned nervously towards Luke who stood in his doorway, muscular arms folded across his chest. “Well welcome to my place! Got your bag for the weekend?”

“Hey… yea I have my clothes and things.” Melissa smiled as she picked up her rucksack, making her way into his house at the invitation.

“You look gorgeous by the way. Your dress is very sexy. No bra?” Luke remarked.

Melissa instinctively moved to cover her chest in embarrassment but saw the warm smile on Luke’s strong chiseled face. “Mum said I shouldn’t wear one. Is that ok?” She was wearing a form fitting and quite see-through dress her mother had bought her especially for this weekend. Melissa had picked it out but didn’t think her mother would actually approve, let alone recommend that she forgo wearing a bra.

Luke gasped in mock surprise. “Of course! As long as you feel comfortable? Do you like dressing like this?”

Melissa looked down at her dress briefly, seeing the color of her small puffy nipples contrasted against the white of the dress. Her cheeks flushed red. “Hmmm yea.. It’s a bit embarrassing. You can kinda see everything.” She did love this dress though and had spent long enough looking at herself wearing it, hoping that Luke would like it too.

“What are you talking about? I didn’t see anything.” Luke turned away with a sly grin as he ascended the stairs into his spacious home. “But really, you look beautiful.”

The warmth in Melissa’s cheeks grew stronger with each compliment. She couldn’t believe her crush saw her this way. “Really? Thanks. Do… do I.. really look sexy? I think my breasts are small.” She had reached the top of the stairs when Luke moved towards her for the first time.

“Melissa. They look amazing.”

Melissa looked up to the man standing over a foot taller than her and felt his warmth and strength as he pressed against her. A hand touched her lower back as the other reached through her smooth dark hair to cup the back of her neck. Melissa let out an involuntary gasp. The hairs on her arms stood on end while her heart raced into a gallop. Luke was holding her.

This weekend had been planned for a few weeks with Melissa’s mother scheduling the date. She couldn’t quite believe it was really happening; that their family friend Luke, the man she had been infatuated with since she had the capacity for it, would spend the weekend with her… romantically. As the date drew closer Melissa’s excitement had boiled over into a nervous energy. She had barely slept the night before.

Now this handsome man was holding her close. She struggled to process the moment with the intense fluttering in her chest. She felt her feet leave the floor.

Luke lent down to the petite teen, needing to lift her up if they were to kiss. Melissa surrendered and their lips touched. It was a soft first kiss for Melissa, only lasting a few seconds but it felt like much longer for the inexperienced girl. She pushed her small tongue forward and felt it twirl with Luke’s. A powerful high bloomed inside her.

She had fantasized about her first kiss often but nothing could compare to the actual sensation. It was beyond perfect. After touching back down to earth Melissa was in a daze. Heat pulsed down her neck into her chest, out through her small firm breasts and into her pale nipples. She could feel they had become erect, pressing against her thin skin tight dress. The heat continued to flow down between her legs before it blossomed inside her sex. This feeling was familiar but made all her previous moments of arousal pale in comparison.

As Luke lowered Melissa down after a brief but flowery kiss (her rather girly lip gloss contributing to the taste) he took in the beautiful girl that stood, overwhelmed, in front of him. Her straightened brunette hair fell over her left shoulder framing a soft featured face; wide thin lips, a button nose and big dark eyes that twinkled with innocence. She wore minimal make-up; just a little eyeliner and her shiny lip-gloss. It was the ideal amount and Luke wasn’t sure if this was Melissa’s doing or her mother’s.

Melissa was slender but probably slightly below average height for her age; around 5’. She had long elegant limbs which gave her a slightly clumsy demeanor that only contributed to her alluring inexperienced sexuality. Her hips were small as was her young, still-growing ass. Her skin tight dress, that ran from just below her shoulders down to half-way up her skinny thighs, detailed all of her features. It was particularly forthcoming with the size and shape of her breasts.

Luke was curious how Melissa’s breasts would reveal themselves this weekend and right out of the gate this dress left nothing up to the imagination. While probably A cup, her breasts were teenage perfection. Firm and perfectly shaped, they were well spaced and even and protruded from her chest without any overhang. Luke could only assume how mouth-wateringly delicate and soft they would be in his hands. He now also spotted the tiny protrusions of her hard nipples. Her pale, barely visible areolas had been noticeable as she came into the house but they had now tightened and darkened. He was confident his kiss was responsible for that.

He must’ve been staring for a noticeable amount of time when Melissa self-consciously asked, “Can I put my bag somewhere?”

“Oh yea. In my bedroom at the end of the hall.”

With Luke pointing the way and following behind her Melissa walked towards the bedroom. She wasn’t sure if she should say anything about what had just happened. Maybe she was a terrible kisser and Luke was reconsidering this whole weekend? Her heart pounded. And they were going to his bedroom. Were they going to start already?

As she turned the corner into his room Melissa found that a wonderful fragrance filled the space. It must’ve been incense or something and it seemed to only heighten the already overwhelming feelings of nervous arousal in her.

Luke noticed the young girl sampling the air. He grabbed her bag, tossing it on the large well-made bed, before taking her hand. Melissa felt herself being pulled into Luke’s embrace once again but this wasn’t for a soft first kiss. They passionately locked lips as Melissa felt herself being lifted higher than before. Their tongues danced as they shared their saliva. This was making out and Melissa loved it.

Luke’s strong arm was wrapped around her upper back as the other hand firmly took hold of her right ass cheek. The contact sent a shockwave of excitement through Melissa as she felt his warm hand squeeze and pull at her soft skin. His fingertips were placed where her cheeks met and as she was twirled in the air she could feel him reaching in between towards her asshole. His fingers stopped short but it was enough to send Melissa towards bliss. She had never thought about being touched there before and while it seemed wrong and dirty it was incredibly exciting as well.

As quickly as it began Luke lowered Melissa and with a cheeky smile led her back down the hallway towards the living room. “Come. You can enjoy the sexy-time smells later.”

Melissa had her answers. Apparently, Luke liked kissing her and they would be coming back to the bedroom later. She took a glance at the bed before they left, seeing a lush throw and plush cushions invitingly placed on the king-sized mattress. Would that be where Luke would take her virginity?

Her excitement didn’t abate when they took to the living room. She watched, unsure what to do with herself, as Luke prepared two glasses of orange juice and some fresh cut strawberries.

“You can sit down Melissa,” he said as he placed the refreshments on his coffee table.

Melissa had been standing and staring, Luke was tall and very fit, his sculpted chest and shoulders pressed tight against a short sleeve button up shirt. His biceps were taut as he carried the tray over and Melissa felt a tingle in her nethers as she watched him. Her eyes were also drawn down to his package, a large bulge in his summer shorts. She had felt that bulge when she was lifted into the air; it had been firm and warm against her stomach. Was she really going to see what was hidden in there?

Melissa had spent countless hours fantasizing about Luke’s cock. She had met him just as her sexuality was taking shape and he came to embody all that she found hot. No other boys at school came close to eliciting sexual feelings in her like Luke did, feelings she didn’t understand at first but that had grown into a powerful desire. After a messy divorce Melissa and her mother had moved, meeting Luke at their new tennis club. He became friends with both of them even if Melissa, on occasion, had become quite jealous of her mother’s friendliness with him.

“Sorry if I took you by surprise, you seemed pretty startled.” Melissa was broken from her reverie as Luke spoke, taking a seat on the sofa opposite her.

“No it’s ok,” she beamed. “It was my first time but it was really nice.” Then it all just tumbled out of her, “I’ve been looking forward to it heaps actually, the whole weekend. And the kiss. It was amazing. Was I ok?” Luke’s smile was so inviting she just wanted to kiss him again right then.

“Your first kiss? I wouldn’t have guessed.” Luke paused for effect. “Wanna make out some more?”

Melissa nodded.

Her heart picked up its pace again as Luke took a seat next to her. Gently brushing aside her hair he lent in for the kiss. The tingle returned to the entire surface of her body as their tongues entwined. This was divine. As Luke placed his hand on her upper arm she did the same. His muscles seemed to ripple with strength beneath her small palm. She stroked his skin for a moment before Luke took her hand and placed it on his chest. Luke’s pecs were already an object of Melissa’s fantasies and feeling them was surreal. Her fingers ran over their toned form as she had done many times before in her mind, lying in her bed, hand inside her panties, middle finger plunging in and out of her tight virgin cunt. The wet squelching of her finger fucking could be heard through the sheets worrying Melissa that her mother would hear. She would then switch to her swollen clitoris, stroking at a quickening pace until her entire body would clench as waves of pleasure rolled through her.

Melissa’s moment of ecstasy was obvious to Luke as he felt the rapid beating in her chest. He had pulled the teen in towards him, her delicate buds pressing against his chest, her nipples hard enough to feel though the fabric of their clothing. She let out a gentle moan through their engaged mouths.

She hadn’t meant to make that sound though. Melissa recoiled in embarrassment. One of her biggest fears leading up to this weekend was doing something embarrassing in front of Luke. Anything that could change his mind about making love to her. Without any sexual experience she was unsure what he would find attractive or a turn off.

Gently lifting her head to look in her eyes, in a reassuring voice Luke said, “Melissa nothing that you do could possibly affect how fucking attractive I think you are.” The way he had said ‘fucking’ was particularly erotic and reassuring for Melissa. “In fact, your nervous trembling and moaning is really hot.” A smile graced Melissa’s face and Luke was reminded again of just how pretty she was.

“I want you to relax. I know that’s a bit of a contradiction, as telling someone to relax can have the opposite effect, but I mean it when I say you can be yourself.”

Melissa nodded while noticing how Luke was looking at her; eyes wandering up her smooth legs, over her crotch (she wondered if her skimpy white panties were visible), across her flat tummy, lingering on her small aroused breasts and then to her blushing face. It was so exciting to be looked at in that way. She had wanted it for so long.

“How did all this come about Melissa?” Luke asked taking a sip from his juice with a strawberry in the other hand, “I had no idea you thought of me this way.”

She had wondered if they would talk about this. The situation that had led to her mother ‘hooking her up’ with Luke was quite embarrassing and she was once again worried that the story would be a turn off for the sexy man sitting so close to her.

“Did my mum tell you anything?” Melissa asked.

“Not much. But I have to make sure; do you want me to be your first time this weekend? To enter you, make love to you?” Luke paused. “Make you come?”

The words struck like lustful drums inside Melissa’s crotch. “Yes please,” she replied. To have it stated out loud, so directly, was shocking in the most exciting way.

Luke reached around Melissa, lifting her small frame from the hips and over his lap. Her dress was too tight for her to open her legs so with one hand Luke slid the hem up towards her hips.

The surprise of the motion made Melissa gasp. She felt his hand on her upper thigh, fingers stroking the outside of her ass and along the edge of her panties. She realized her underwear was now exposed. Melissa had chosen to wear some very thin lacy white numbers to go with the dress, bought on the same outing with her mother, but regretted how revealing they would be now. She had only been in Luke’s company around twenty minutes but she knew how wet her pussy would be. She could feel it.

That thought was soon forgotten as Luke lowered her down onto his lap. With her skinny legs curling in on both sides of his large muscular thighs her wet crotch pressed into his package. It was rock hard. Even through his shorts Melissa could feel it push against her sex; her labia parted as her sensitive clit rubbed against the inside of her panties. The sensation was overwhelming. With an uncontrolled moan Melissa collapsed forward into Luke’s arms.

“Mhmmm ahh,” she exhaled.

Luke felt her fragrant breath against his neck as he held her close, one arm reaching under hers to touch between her shoulders and the other gently taking hold of her now exposed ass. There was barely anything to her panties. They were white lace, from what he had seen, but he couldn’t feel any material on her little buttock so the thong must run down through her crack. A thin strip of material that would barely cover her private holes.

“That feels nice, doesn’t it?” Luke said softly in Melissa’s ear.

“Oh my…” Melissa struggled to articulate, “…god yes. I’ve never felt… this is my first time with someone,” Melissa lent back a little to look at Luke’s face, “with a man.”

“I know.” Luke’s face was so welcoming and handsome she could just melt into it. He continued, “We are going to take it slow. There are going to be so many firsts for you. Experiences that could go badly. But I really don’t want that to happen.”

Melissa was stuck for words and could only nod, hoping to convey how safe she felt.

“We never finished the story of how you came to be sat in my lap wearing barely anything,” Luke asked without pause. With the height difference their faces were level now that Melissa straddled him.

Melissa was struggling to think. Youthful arousal swirled through her blood. She was light headed. “Umm. Well I think my mum called you right? And said…” Melissa murmured as she nervously looked away.

“She said that her daughter, the beautiful girl I had met at the tennis club, was maturing early. In a sexual way.” Luke finished her sentence with a grin that only made Melissa blush more. “She thought that her daughter was ready for her first time and thought it should be with someone you both liked and trusted.”

Melissa self-consciously chuckled at how silly the situation was but also at the shame of how it must’ve made her look in Luke’s eyes. Her mother had set this up and Melissa knew it wasn’t considered proper behaviour by almost anyone’s standards.

Luke continued, “What I want to know is how your mum found out about your crazy teen horniness?” As he said this Melissa could feel Luke’s strong arms push and pull gently on her ass and back. Her eyes widened suddenly. The motion had the desired effect.

Melissa felt her burning damp mound rub along Luke’s shaft an inch or so. Backwards and forwards. She realized that his cock was aligned with her crotch to allow the movement. It must be huge. A squeal escaped her lips and she instinctively looked down to where his full mature package met her small, unshaved virgin pussy.

Then she saw it. Peeking out the top of his shorts, straining against the button and zipper, was the tip of his erect penis. It was flushed red and she caught in that instant a view of the hood and top of his foreskin. Melissa looked up with a pang of embarrassment. That was his dick. The first she had ever seen in the flesh.

Luke only smiled, “Well look at that. No need to be embarrassed. You are responsible for getting it hard after all.”

“Really?” Melissa asked with excitement in her voice.

“Fuck yes. You are beautiful and sexy and holding you like this is exhilarating.” Luke’s words washed over Melissa adding to the building tension in her sex. She began to move her hips herself, matching his pace. “Your body feels so soft and delicate to touch but I can feel the excitement right under your skin.”

Melissa quickly grabbed his flexing bicep and with her other hand leaned on his pecs.

“So did your mum catch you masturbating or something?” Luke continued the line of questioning even though he knew the young girl was lost in ecstasy.

“Ah kinda,” she managed to get out. “She said that she noticed how much I was in my room after school… that I would… sneak off looking embarrassed after dinner.” Melissa was breathing heavily, now rubbing her sopping panties along the full length of Luke’s shaft.

Now, for the first time of her own volition, she lent in to kiss Luke. It was messy and passionate. Her motion rubbed their lips and tongues together haphazardly. One of her hands reached up to hold the side of his face. She felt the strength and confidence in him. Her breathing became a rhythmic moan, high pitched and innocent.

Luke felt the heat growing in his member. Melissa’s entire crotch was on fire which was easily felt through their clothing. Glancing down he witnessed a forbidden sight. With her dress bunched up around her hips, the young girl’s panties were all that clung to her unspoiled mound. They were stained dark which had the effect of revealing a thin patch of first growth pubic hair beneath. The lips of her fragile cunt were almost spilling out the sides of the fabric.

“Were you in your room touching your wet pussy, thinking of me?” Luke inquired.

“Yes!” Melissa blurted out followed immediately by a long groan. “Mum found a picture I printed… of you…” Melissa’s words were interspersed with louder and deeper moans. She had never felt anything like this before. Compared to her own fingers and the other household objects she had used to pleasure her young clit, rubbing herself on Luke’s strong body was otherworldly.

“Mum came into my room after I had… come. I was… in the bathroom.” Melissa’s pace quickened. She could feel it building. “She said… my sheets had a big wet patch… then she saw the picture… and my hairbrush.” That was all Melissa could articulate.

The girl on his lap was grinding herself towards climax. Luke could see and feel her lost in the throes of pleasure. With his arms holding her close and safe she pressed herself onto his chest, her head tucked in over his shoulder.

Melissa gasped and squealed through her last few breaths before she was hit by it. Burning waves of release shook her small body. Grasping Luke’s broad chest she shuddered as the orgasm took her, her hyper-sensitive pussy pulsing with contractions. Then she felt something entirely new to her.

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