Megan meets her new neighbor

The warm sun blazed down on Megan Ruiz as she jogged along the footpath back towards her apartment complex, Her ample 32 D sized breasts bouncing up and down her chest contained in a neon pink sports bra getting the attention of many men as she past by followed by a view of her curvy, bubble butt in her skin-tight Lycra black leggings, her long blonde hair tied back into a ponytail and her striking big, brown eyes and red, juicy lips made her the perfect eye candy for the men in her neighborhood.

She turned the corner entering her apartment building noticing a moving truck on the sidewalk and a couple of hunky men working away unloading boxes, she gave them a friendly smile and walked inside seeing the reflection of both guys staring at her ass from the glass window that surrounded the doorway that leads into the building, this caused her to grin turning around once more, letting the men know she had caught them staring, they quickly pretended to get back to work as Megan walked inside giggling to herself and headed towards the elevator.

A light sheen of sweat covered her soft white skin as she huffed and puffed waiting for the lift, as it opened a large quite burly, black gentlemen stepped out, he looked to be in his late 30’s, shaved head with a light beard covering his lower face, Megan felt instantly intimidated by his statue, he stood around 6’7 to her meager 5’4 maybe 290 pounds, dressed in a simple white polo shirt and blue jeans.

“Hello young lady, I’m James Simmons, just moving in,” he said in a deep husky voice and a clear American accent that very much appealed to Megan even if his looks weren’t traditionally to her liking.

“ Oh hello, I’m Megan it’s nice to meet you” the 20-year-old girl replied nervously playing with her hair as she looked up at the large man in awe

“ beautiful name, Megan, well it was great to see a friendly face, I think I made the right choice buying the apartment” James said reaching out with his big dark hand gesturing for a handshake, his eyes intently studying the young lady, roaming over her luscious body that was very much to his liking, if the back half was just as good as her front he would defiantly be looking to get to know this little hottie a bit better even if she was a lot younger than him.

Megan met his gaze feeling a tad nervous noticing the older black man clearly eyeing up her scantily clad body in the skin tight work out gear she had on, even with the mixed feelings she had about the man Megan’s politeness showed through extending her small pale hand out to meet his, James wrapped his massive dark hand around hers for the shake, firmly gripping it causing Megan to slightly tremble at his touch, she pulled back sheepishly, smiling nervously at the man before stepping into the lift and quickly pressing the button for her floor.

James chuckled at the girls reaction looking back over his shoulder seeing her voluptuous figure from behind for the first time, thick thighs that lead up to a perfect, juicy peach shaped ass encased in those black tights and a narrow waist which helped her booty pop out even more, “goddam” he whispered to himself thinking of having this exquisite young bitch bent over and him slapping that heavenly ass as he rammed his big black cock into her snatch over and over, the thought had him slightly hardening before the lift doors closed and she was out of view.

Megan opened her apartment door flustered at the interaction she had with James “ what an old pervert” she thought to herself taking a long gulp of water before stripping away her sweaty clothes and jumping into the shower to prepare for work. The sun was warm, typical of a Perth, Australia summer’s day as Megan trotted out of her building dressed in tight hip hugger blue ripped jeans and a short-sleeved back t-shirt that stopped just short of her waist showing off a few inches of her midriff and heeled black sandals, her long blonde hair was flowing free behind her shoulders and large hooped earrings completing the ensemble. She spotted James once again talking to the movers he hired clearly unhappy with the progress they were making, she strolled by the men catching James smirking at her as she passed,” god he’s so smug” she thought to take a look back, she saw him once again eyeing her up licking his big lips like she was a piece of meat he hungered for, she wasn’t gonna lie even a man like James ogling her curvy body was flattering, though she much preferred the attention the other two younger men he was talking too.

James gazed at Megan’s flawless curves as she sauntered away along the footpath, her glorious ass cheeks rising and falling with each step in those painted on jeans, the slightest hint of lavender coloured panties peeking above the waistline of them catching his attention making the older man groan, “ fuck me this bitch is bad” he said under his breath before continuing to direct orders to the two young men. He knew he had to get a piece of her before too long , it had been over a month since he got some pussy, having moved from New York to Australia to take up a position as an athletics coach for a big university here , things were chaotic and now his balls were churning for release and seeing this little Aussie beauty didn’t help things one bit, He had plenty of experience seducing young white girls and Megan would be the perfect first Australian conquest if things went as he hoped they would.

The sun was just setting as Megan returned home from a shift at a local Spanish cafe were she worked that was owned by her auntie Maria who had moved to Australia from Barcelona a few years prior, her mum and dad had moved here long ago and loved it so much they chose to stay. Megan strolled inside her complex stopping to bend down to open up her mailbox, unknown to her at the time James had also returned from a bout of shopping holding two large grocery bags in each hand, he was pleasantly surprised to once again see the girl, thanking God for his luck as he watched her bent over rustling through her mail, the lavender-colored panties once again peeking out above her jeans only now more so showing him that they were of a thong variety. He stopped in his tracks admiring her round ass for a moment before making his presence known, “ well hello again, three times in one day, aren’t I the lucky man” he announced causing Megan to quickly turn around, startled.

“ Oh hi James, you scared me a little” she gasped out holding her right hand to her chest taking in a deep breath

“ I’m sorry little lady, I guess you don’t get many black men around these parts” he snickered at her meaning it to be a joke

“oh no that’s not what I meant…. I just mean… anyone would have scared me like that..” she blurted out feeling a bit embarrassed and defensive

“ Don’t worry Megan, I was just teasing” he smiled at her before it turned into more of a grin

The girl gave a nervous giggle before turning back around to close her mailbox, she didn’t consider herself racist but she had to admit James’s look did have quite the effect on her at the time and she felt a tinge of guilt when James called her out on it, even if he was just joking, she locked up the box and twirled around once again facing the large black man standing a few feet away from her,” looks like you have been shopping” she said trying to sound more friendly as the guilt still sat within her.

“Yeah, just some things to keep me going, and a little something to celebrate the new home with” he smiled holding up the bag with a few bottles of wine and champagne in it, he studied the young woman closely seeing her nervous appearance knowing his earlier comment of her being scared of a black man must have resonated, it wasn’t the first time, from his experience a lot of young woman didn’t like to be considered a racist and James used that fact to seduce many of them into his bed, even if he didn’t have the looks he knew psychology, being a athletics coach it was important to understand an athletes psych and he used it in daily life to get ahead, “ why don’t you join me Megan?, I don’t know anyone here and it wouldn’t be very pleasant to celebrate alone, don’t you think?”

Megan looked down sheepishly as she heard his suggestion, clutching her hands together at her front, she didn’t feel like it was such a good idea, knowing that his intentions weren’t the most innocent judging by the way he was staring at her in hunger the other times the two crossed paths, she was searching for an excuse to politely say no when James once again spoke.

“ I understand if you say no, you probably don’t have a drink with many older black men,” James said out aloud smiling at the conflicted young woman hoping it would help make her decision.

Megan gazed over at James meeting his eyes with her own, seeing his friendly smile she found her self annoyed that she had these ill thoughts towards him, maybe it was just because he was black, she thought, kicking herself on how she could be so intolerant, “ OK James, id love to help you celebrate, just let me get changed and I will meet you at your apartment” she replied with a little more confidence and a warm smile. James’s cock twitched upon hearing her answer knowing it was only a matter of time before he had it buried deep inside this stunning beauties tight pussy, he took a few deep breaths trying to contain the excitement not wanting the young girl to see his more devious side, that time would come very soon he thought to himself with a tiny grin. They both headed towards the elevator making small talk as Megan got out first giving James another view of that voluptuous booty he would soon have his big hands all over, “apartment 31, see you soon baby girl” he called out just as the doors of the lift closed.

James readied his apartment for Megan’s arrival, putting out an impressive antipasto spread and a couple of bottles of wine set up on the balcony that overlooked the city of Perth and the Swan River, the sun was just about set, hitting the water and making for a spectacular view, but there was only one view he had on his mind right now and that was one of Megan’s gorgeous body naked before him as he rammed her with 9 inches of his black manhood, the wicked thought had him daydreaming for a moment until a knock on his door snapped the man out of it, James hurriedly walked towards the front door opening it up to find the young blonde holding a bottle of whiskey and sporting a big smile as she waited for him to invite her inside. James was busy scoping out her dress she had changed into, a red, multi colored floral print, summer dress that clung nicely to her generous curves, the hem was just above mid-thigh and the slight V neck showed of a modest amount of her ample cleavage,” dam girl, you look very nice, love the dress” he announced looking her up and down with an approving nod, “ come on in beautiful”.

Megan was still a little doubtful if going around to James place was a good idea, after all, he was a stranger, but not wanting to be rude and the thought of James thinking it was because he was black made up her mind for her, “ what could it hurt, its just a few drinks to make him feel welcomed” she thought as the young woman pulled the red, summer dress over her matching red Calvin Klein cotton bralette and thong panties set, she gave her self a once over in the full length mirror that hang by her closet deciding to let her long blonde hair flow free rather then tying it into a neat ponytail as she often did when at home, she grabbed a bottle of whiskey that was meant to be a gift for her fathers birthday in a few days as a house warming gift making note to replace it. and stepped out her door heading towards James’s apartment. She knocked on his door making sure to smile as it opened, her nervousness instantly came flooding back as she gazed upon the older mans face clearly looking her over again like he did this morning in that ‘ I want to get my hands on you’ type of way , she tried not to grimace as he complimented her and stepped inside when invited.

James made room, stepping to one side as he smiled watching her enter his new apartment, he closed the door behind her and took a good look at her from behind, the dress was made up of a thin, light material that guided itself perfectly along the arch of her lower back and around her plump rear, he couldn’t get enough of staring at it but put those thoughts aside as he ushered her out towards the balcony area with a firm hand on the young woman’s back, “ I have a few things set up out here” he communicated in a soft tone into the girls left ear which sent a chill up her spine.

“wow looks like you put in a lot of effort James” Megan replied quite impressed but still feeling a bit of hesitation as she turned around to face the much older gentlemen, “ here you go, a little house warming gift, I don’t know if you drink whiskey, but my dad loves this stuff and I didn’t have anything else” she said holding out the bottle for the man.

James graciously took the bottle spinning it around in his big hands inspecting it curiously,” well that’s very kind of you Megan, I love whiskey and your dad seems to have great taste” he spoke back smiling down at the shorter woman who seemed to look relieved as he gave the gift a positive reaction, “ why don’t you take a seat”

“Oh thank you” Megan replied as she carefully took a seat on one side of the large greyish outdoor lounge, smoothing out her dress and tugging the hem lower to show some modesty as she watches the burly older man taking a seat on the other end.

“ so do you prefer white or red wine Megan, I have a Chardonnay and a Shiraz” he offered scooting forwards on the couch to open up the two bottles that sat on the wicker coffee table with little effort”

“ id loves some of the Chardonnay thanks James” she responded brushing away a few stray strands of her blonde hair which had been blown astray by the evening breeze with her right hand.

“ here we are little lady” James said handing out a glass of wine which she took graciously, he shifted in his seat turning slightly to face her holding up his own glass, “ cheers, to making new friends” he announced getting a good look down her dress as he towered over the petite woman resting his right arm along the top of the lounge

“ cheers” Megan spoke back with a sheepish smile seeing the man getting more comfy closer to her, a confident grin on his face as he watched her while taking a sip from his glass, her discomfort was showing as she pressed her thighs closer together before taking a long sip of her own hoping the wine would calm her uneasy feelings

“ is everything alright Megan? you seem to be a little nervous or something” James asked while continuing to admire the young woman’s god given features

“ oh… I’m OK, sorry it’s just still a little weird being here with a man I only just met this morning and…”

“and he’s black and older?” James abruptly said stopping her final words from spilling out

“ oh.. of course not, I don’t mind that your black” Megan replied looking away into the distance feeling a little ashamed even if what James had concluded wasn’t at all true

“it’s quite alright Megan, I understand, I’m sure you don’t get a lot of black men around these parts”

Megan quickly turned back to look James in the eye feeling more defensive than she had been in some time,” look James you being black isn’t a problem for me, I know plenty of black guys” she blurted out crossing her arms over her voluptuous breasts with an annoyed expression.

“ I’m sorry if I offended you Megan, its just that this isn’t anything new for me, a lot of white women feel nervous around black men, but I’m glad you’re here to help me celebrate” he responded placing a hand on her knee

Megan looked down seeing the older mans big hand on her bare knee, she had to admit the contrast in their skin tones very much appealed to her and she didn’t know why, but never the less she made no motion to stop his touch, she just watched as he slid it along the exposed naked flesh, slowly up and down tenderly as she let out a small moan which didn’t go unnoticed by the stocky black man, she came to her senses and lightly shook her knee making it known to James to remove his hand.

“ I’m sorry baby girl, just making sure your OK”

“ I’m fine thanks, James, I just don’t like being accused of being racist” she hit back with an annoyed tone

“ of course your not let’s just forget about it and have another drink OK, we can’t let this expensive wine go to waste” James cheerfully declared reaching for the bottle and holding it out gesturing to top up Megan’s glass

“ Alright, why not” the girl replied holding out her glass as James filled it back up,

The two chatted away into the evening as the sun fully set and the bright lights of the city skyline lit up the night sky, Megan was feeling a lot more at ease thanks to the wine and listening to James tell her stories about his past and how he came about moving to Australia, she learn’ t that he was 39 and was a former 100 meter sprinter but thanks to a bad knee injury his career was cut short and moved on to coaching, he was married once very early on in his 20s and had a daughter who was in her early teens. The marriage lasted a decade, James giving the reason they were just heading in different directions but the truth was she got sick and tired of him cheating on her and the final straw was when she had caught a little white tart sucking her husband off in his office.

James was very much enjoying the way the night was progressing it took all his patience at the time to not try and move his seduction forwards but not only was this young woman stunningly beautiful and had a body he wanted to explore, he was also impressed by her wit and charm and very much enjoyed just conversing with her, they had finished the bottle of chardonnay and James brought out the champagne he had sitting in his fridge to chill.

“ I almost forgot about this, we can’t celebrate without some Cristal” he broadly smiled, opening the bottle up with a loud pop

“ oh my” Megan giggled out feeling a little tipsy but couldn’t say no to a glass of the expensive bubbly, she got up of the lounge holding out her glass for James to fill

“ here you go little lady,” James said while pouring the champagne into her glass with a sly grin, he noticed her stumble a bit as she got up, no doubt the multiple glasses of wine having its effect on her, he filled up his own glass and they both toasted to his new apartment. The two made there way over standing by the railing of his balcony staring out at the view of the river and the bright lights of the skyscrapers in the distance.

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