Meeting submissive Sandy

Damn – I realized I never sent this—I moved this to a thumb drive and now sending it from an internet café— hope you like it, even though it is late- Happy Neew Year

Hi – I am Janie and wanted to tell a story of what happened the other day during the storm that hit the east. It is wild just because of the name of the girl I met I think, but still pretty wild.

I live in an apartment building that has 4 floors and 6 apartments on each floor. I am 24 and live alone, as I have a nice job at a law firm. My sex life is pretty normal I guess, I date, fall in love some times, and masturbate regularly.

Anyway, I live on the 3rd floor and when Sandy hit, our area got blacked out. I was making due the best I could, but by the 5rd day our building was getting really cold. My work place building was normal and I almost wanted to stay there over night.

So I was walking up the stairs with my flashlight when I came up on another girl. I had never seen her before, but I guess that wasn’t too unusual, I didn’t live here that long and many people came and went.

She was wearing a coat, as we all were these days, but she looked nice and was about my age. We started talking and she says. “Hi there, I can’t take this fucking cold, I am from the south, and this fucking sucks.” I laughed a little and replied, “I’m Janie and yes I am cold too. “

She smiles and says “don’t laugh, but my name is Sandy.”

Well of course I had to laugh and said “well I hope you are nicer and not as cold as the last one we met.” After I said it I felt like it might be a pick up line and that I was coming on to her, I have never been with a girl and panicked a little as I heard my tone.

Sandy looked back at me and said “Oh, I can be hot but maybe not any nicer.” I just smiled not knowing if she was just kidding off of my semi come on. “Hey look I have some food in this bag, and I have a camping stove so go change into something more relaxing and come up, I’m in 4G.”

I went to my apartment and was actually thankful not to have to be alone, with no lights, internet or tv or heat!!!

I got to Sandy’s apartment and she let me in. We were both now in jeans and sweaters. I could tell now that she was prettier than me, but my boobs were bigger, I don’t know what that has to do with anything, but figured I would tell you.

I had brought a bottle of wine with me and we drank and ate dinner. After cleaning up with cold water Sandy looks at me and says “I cant believe how fucking cold it is.” Oh, if you haven’t picked it up at this point, this girl didn’t go two sentences without using the word – fuck.”

She opened her arms to me and says, “Come here and help warm me up.” I didn’t think anything of it and stepped in and we hugged each other. We did that thing where you rub the other person’s back hard to help warm you up.

I felt like we had done this long enough and started to pull away. She grabbed me a little harder and said in a surprisingly firm voice “I didn’t say we were done!”

I pulled my head back to look at her and she turned into me and kissed me on the lips. I didn’t open my mouth and tried to turn my face away and tried to wiggle away. She held firm. “Stop this act, you know you want me” she said in the same firm voice.

“I’m sorry, I am into guys.” I replied.

“I don’t care if you are into fucking cock, I am cold and you are going to heat me up. Your answers to my questions over dinner let me know all I needed to know about your submissive personality, now kiss me back, now!” she stated.

I was totally confused at what she had just said and while I was pondering her statement she kissed me again and for some reason I opened my mouth.
With the storm and the power out and being scared alone in my apartment my emotions let loose and I started kissing her back.

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