Meeting my wifes sister

A loud knock at the door wakes me up. I look out the window and see my mother in laws Cadillac. I stumble to the door to let her in. And to my surprise she was not alone.

“Deb you know I have to work tonight!”

“Yea I know. I have some one for you to meet. This is Crystal. And she needs a place to stay.”

I look her over. Red hair like her mother. big tits like my wife. An awkward silence takes place. As both of them were checking me out. In my gray boxer shorts.

“I better go put something on.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Debe says.

They follow me inside. I go to the fridge and get us all three a beer. The girls sit on the couch. I sit in the recliner.

Crystal had been living in California with her dad. Later I found out. Her step mom caught her sucking her step brothers cock. And of course she got all the blame. And he was doing nothing wrong. Her dad said she was a whore just like her momma. And he kicked her out.

“We just came from the grocery store. Misty is going to work with me. Crystal will take over her job on the 2nd. shift.”

My mind raced with the sexual possibilities of this sexy thing being at home with me all day. Crystal sits with her legs crossed. Wearing a pair of red pumps, blue jeans and a tee shirt. She dresses like my wife to. She could all most be my wife’s twin. 8 years younger and a slim, athletic figure. Wife is more the BBW type.

I finish my beer and get up to throw away the can. My cock is sticking straight out. Straining against my shorts.

“Come here stud!” Debe says. Standing in front of her. She grabs the waste band of my boxers and pulls them down.

“Look what he fucks your sister with.” Crystal reaches for my throbbing cock and gently strokes it.

“Damn! He does have a big one.” She guides me in to her mouth and gives me a deep throat blow job. Her mom looks on with approval. She comes up for air.

“Take over mom. I got to have that cock in my pussy.” Debe takes over the blow job. My eyes were on Crystal. She takes off her shirt. She was about a 38D.,Just like my wife was at her age. Impressed but also surprised. She was not wearing a bra. She slides her pretty bare feet out of her sexy pumps. Then stands and drops her jeans and panties. Her pussy was clean shaving. Also like my wife’s.

She bends over the recliner. Spreading her legs. Her pussy lips fall open. I pull my cock from Debs mouth and press it in to her daughters sex hole. Crystal tightens her abs and pussy muscles around my cock. I grab her hips and fuck her.

“Oh Deb She’s awesome!”

“You like?”

“She so tight!” I work my cock in and out.

“fuck me hard!” I start ramming my cock in to her.

“Ahhhh!…Yes!…That’s right!” I pound her harder and harder. My balls slapping her pussy with every thrust. Finally unable to hold back I go balls deep inside her and explode filling her with my seed.

I pull my spent cock from her pussy and collapse on to the couch. She then slips two fingers in to her cunt and scoops out the sticky goo I just deposited. She teasingly sucks it from her fingers then smiles.

“Well can she stay?” Deb asks

“Hell yea!”

“Crystal honey we better go. He does have to work tonight.” I watch her get dressed.

“I’ll bring her and her things over this weekend.”

“Sure thing. Looking forward to it.” They leave I never could go back to sleep. I jerked off 3 more times before going to work.

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