Me and My Cousin Sex Story

My name is justin. I was very interested in sex when I was 17. Now, present tense. 😉

I sat on the old armchair in my basement, staring at the old TV. I had bought a new game for Xbox, and it had some pornosh themes to it. Gazing at the female commander’s breasts, I imagined myself squeezing them and began to get hard. Since I don’t usually masturbate, I turned off the console and went upstairs. Snapping a can of pepsi open, I sat in the sunroom and played with my bird and watched rain patter hard on the windows.
“Hey,” the voice of Tyler, my roomate at the time, from the front door. “Raining like shit, my car ran out of gas too.”
“Ha, sucks for you,” I laughed and took another sip from my pop. The phone rang and Tyler answered it. I pet my bird and fed him another sunflower seed.
“Yo Justin,” Tyler called. “Its your cousin, she wants to talk to you.”
I instantly hardened. My cousin was the sexiest thing I have ever seen. 5’6, with golden skin and rippling cocoa hair, her deep blue eyes penetrated your soul, or in my case, my cock.
I fumbled my bird onto his perch and took the phone.
“Hello?” I spoke in the speaker.
“Hey Jay,” came the joking, beautiful voice of Katee. “How are things with you?”
“I’m- I mean fine,”
“Good. Listen, are you busy Friday?”
I glanced at my calender. I should be setting up in my new college dorm then, but I didnt care.
“Hmm, no. I mean yes, I’m free on Friday.”
“Hot. You. Me. All my friends. My place at 9:30, mkay?” she said smoothly.
“Yeah, yeah sure” I agreed.
“Great, see you then,” she said, and hung up.All I thought that week was Katee and her party. It seemed like months before 9:00 came on Friday. I drove on the highway with a half full Big Gulp in my hands and dressed in my best casual outfit.
When I arrived, I heard a stereo thudding and cars were parked in front of Katee’s apartment.
“Hey!” Her voice called from the kitchen, and I moved through crowds of friends to see Katee smiling her dazzling smile.
“Have a beer!” she said genially and thrust a bottle of golden beer in my hands.
“I’m 18, I can’t drink.” I confessed, but she grinned.
“No one knows that,” she said slyly and popped the bottle open and I took a few sips.
I sat on a sofa in her living room and chatted with her friends and ate some chips.
After my second beer, I got up to use the restroom upstairs. I forgot to knock and opened the door. Katee was crouching over the toliet, her perfect shaven honeypot exposed clearly. I turned away to close the door but she giggled. She walked over to me and touched my face.
“Hows the party, cuz” she asked sarcastically. I was staring at her pussy, transfixed. She took my hand and plced it on her pussy, suprised, I began to finger her and pressed my lips to hers.

Katee’s lips curled into a smile and unbuttoned by shirt. “I want you,” she whispered into my ears, and then kissed them. I ripped off my faded jeans and wrapped my arms around her.

“Take off your top,” I said, and she tore off her purple and pink tank top to expose a lacy bra with a latch in front. I fumbled with the latch and stared down at her pink erect nipples. Without another word, I took her tits and rubbed them and flicked my tongue on her nipples. She groaned with pleasure and stroked my head.

By now, my cock was exploding out of my briefs, so Katee bent down to take them off. My 9 inch cock, usually about 8, sprang out and Katee’s eyes and grin widened. Her tan hand softly began to pet the head, and I almost came. Her hand pumped my now purplish cock, wanting cum to squirt out. The real fun began when her mouth curled around it and her tongue swirled around. I was out of control now. ” I’m gonna cum,” I managed to grunt and she pulled her head out and waited. In no time at all, my semen rushed to the cock head and began flowing out. Katee watched as almost a cup of seed spurt all over her naked body and golden face.

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