Me and Cousin Jenny

I was just turned ten when dad died and we had to move. It was a pretty tense time. Mom got one of her sister-in-laws to find us a small house, but it was a long way by train from my current home and everything was a turmoil.

Mom was very religious, so I remember the tears, having to wear black, visiting the grave, church, praying and food was also scarce, without dad’s income, things were tough. Mom refused to stay with her sister-in-law near where we were moving to until we could move into the new house. Instead we had to stay in a dingy hotel “to protect me”. This was the thing. According to mom, all girls were tools of Satan. They would lure boys and men and once they had lured them, they would infect the boy with a disease which was incurable and when he died the boy would be cast into the burning pit. Mom used to read me the story of Eve and the garden of Eden, almost every day. As I grew up, I was very shy, I wasn’t allowed to talk to girls and according to mom, most boys and men were evil and diseased as well. She would boast how lucky she was to find a man who was “pure” to be my father.

After a few days we moved into a new house. It was very small. I had to start at a new school. Mom had a bible meeting on my first day at the new school. I had to find it on my own. When I got there I saw my aunt Gladys. She was waiting for me. With her was a little angel. I had never seen such a beautiful girl.

“Hello, Jerry, this is your cousin Jenny. It’s her first day at school today,meshes just turned six. Please look after her for me. Best not tell your mom, though. Jenny, cousin Jerry will help you if you need anything, won’t you Jerry?” I just nodded. My face was bright red and I couldn’t speak. My heart was racing. To my horror, the little girl hugged me. I thought I was going to faint. I didn’t know anyone here at all apart from Jenny. She hung around me at break and lunch. She was full of life and absolutely gorgeous. For some reason, my dick would start to get hard when I was near her. On the second day, three of the bigger boys got her in a corner and they were pinching and teasing her” I wasn’t brave, I just felt outraged that anyone could torment an angel, so I rushed to her aid. There was a scuffle. I came out on top, but I had a big bruise on my face and a cut lip. Jenny was all over me, thanking me. It was horrible. There was this uncomfortable bulge in my pants and I was sure that everyone could see it.

For a few weeks she hung around me at breaks and lunch, then she started to have friends so her nearness to me drifted away. I made friends with one of the boys. His dad owned a gym and a karate club, so I persuaded my mother to let me go to karate. She was far too busy with her bible studies and ‘The Work’, to bother too much about what I did.. I started working out several evening every week. Every so often I would see Jenny. Usually with a crowd of boys and girls, every time I saw her she got more beautiful. At weekends, I started fishing. I would take my fishing tackle on my bicycle and spend afternoons by the lakes and rivers.

In spite of being warned that ‘playing with myself would be a sin before God and sure eternal damnation, at night, alone in my room, I would jerk off thinking about Jenny, my friend George, lent me his camera one afternoon and as luck would have it, I got a picture of Jenny in very short white pants and a tight tank top sort of thing which showed two small boobs, her gorgeous long muscular, golden brown tanned legs, her long wavy hair which cascaded over her shoulders like spun gold. Pity the pic was only on black and white, but from that day on, I would keep it week hidden and look at it whilst I jerked off.

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