MCU Spider-Man: Movie Night

This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what’s good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I do not own MCU Spider-Man or the characters from it. Comments are always welcome and appreciated so you should feel free to share.

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MCU Spider-Man: Movie Night
By Muhabba

(Pre-Captain America: Civil War)

Peter Parker was not like other teenagers. For one, he could swing across the city as the local hero known as Spider-Man. For another he was actually concerned about what time he returned home. His aunt had raised him since he was a boy and worried about him and he hated making her worry so he still hadn’t told her that he was trying to become a superhero. He reached his apartment and landed on the outside wall, his amazing abilities letting him stick to the dirty concrete.

Slipping quietly inside, Peter switched from his homemade Spider-Man uniform to his street clothes. He listened through the door and heard the TV was on which meant that his Aunt May was home which meant he’d have to come in from the outside. Slipping back out of his window, the teenage boy crawled to the window outside of the emergency stairs and then crawled in.

Walking to his front door, Peter unlocked the door and let himself inside. He saw his aunt lounging on the couch and she looked up and smiled sweetly at him.

“Hey, sweetie,” May called to her nephew, “I was afraid you’d miss movie night.”

Peter had completely forgotten about movie night. “No, no…” he stuttered, “The bus was running late.”

“It’s okay, the pizza just showed up a few minutes ago,” she said as she got up off the couch.

Peter waited for May to open the pizza and grab herself some slices. 3 slices. It wasn’t the first time he had noticed how much she could eat compared to her slender body. She was a bit taller than him with long legs and a slender waist. She had a slender chest with broad shoulders and long, dark brown hair. Basically the opposite of him with his short, stocky build and light brown hair that refused to be styled.

Whereas May could put away food like a woman half her age and not gain a pound, Peter spent twice the calories as someone twice his size because of his life as Spider-Man so he grabbed 4 slices of pizza and followed his Aunt back to their couch. He was hiding his strange new abilities, afraid of how his loving aunt would take the news, so he would sneak some food later when May wasn’t paying attention.

They sat comfortably next to one another on the couch and May quickly grabbed the remote. “It was my turn this week,” she said before turning the TV on.

Peter rolled his eyes. His aunt only had one taste in movies. “Not another romance,” he whined.

May jabbed her nephew in the side with her elbow. “If I have to sit through Star Wars you can sit through one of mine,” she said as the movie started.

“What’s this one called,” Peter asked before taking a big bite of his pizza.

“ ‘Only You’,” May said as she snuggled against her nephew’s side, “It stars Robert Downey Jr. and Marisa Tomei.”

“Never heard of them,” Peter whined.

“He reminds me of your Uncle Ben,” May responded before giving her nephew a quick peck on the cheek, “I think you’ll survive it.”

As the movie went on they finished their pizza and got more comfortable on the couch. During some scenes, Aunt May of course cried, eventually snuggling up more against her nephew with her head on his chest and his arm around her shoulders. Peter however barely paid any attention other than enough to answer, “Uh huh,” whenever May would ask him if he was enjoying it. He wasn’t sure how long the movie was supposed to last but it seemed to have been going for several hours now.

Peter stretched and May snuggled back in under his arm as Peter tried to nonchalantly look at the clock behind him. The teenage boy felt something press against his palm and moved his head around a bit wondering what it was. It didn’t seem to be part of the couch but he was sure that May could feel it too since she would move around against him whenever he fiddled against it. It was soft but still firm, almost like foam rubber but warm with a hard little bead in the middle. Whatever it was it was far more interesting than the movie so he kept worrying at it.

Whenever he moved it, the soft object would always return to it’s original shape. And as he fiddled with it the hard nub, just off center, got harder and harder. He circled the little nub with his thumb and then pinched it lightly with his fingers rolling it between his fingertips. May seemed enthralled with the movie, mouthing along with it with sighs and moans leaving Peter to investigate the strange object.

He tried to look over his aunt’s head at the object but now she was moving around more on the couch and against his chest, almost like she could feel it too. He grasped it more firmly, letting the nub rub against his palm. May groaned out oddly and he thought that whatever he was playing with was distracting her. Maybe it was a pillow that had found it’s way up on top of her.

Trying not to disturb his aunt, Peter angled his head back as far as he could until he could see around May’s head at whatever he had found. Expecting to find his hand grasping a pillow or possibly part of the couch cushion he instead found his hand resting on top of his aunt’s breast. His eyes went wide with shock and he immediately whipped his head back around to look at the TV before May noticed him.

The super powered teen tried to softly remove his hand from his aunt’s breast but his sudden nervousness activated his powers. As Spider-Man, Peter could stick to walls in order to climb them. He could, in fact, stuck to anything including his aunt’s top. The material stuck to his fingertips and he quickly dropped his hand back down, his palm covering May’s breast. He was literally stuck. He tried again but the material continued sticking to his hand and as he moved his palm around he could feel Aunt May’s small, firm breast moving around with him. She moaned out softly and he quickly dropped his hand back down. And then May looked up at him.

“Aunt May I’m so…” Peter started his apology before May placed a finger on his lips.

“Shhhh…” May whispered up at her nephew, “It’s okay.” She moved around a bit on the couch, pressing her firm breast farther into Peter’s surprisingly strong grip as she placed her free hand on his surprisingly muscular thigh and then leaned up towards his cute face. “Have I ever told you how much you remind me of your uncle?”

Peter’s eyes shot wide open in shock. “I look nothing like Robert Downey Jr.!” he gasped as May pressed her lips against his. Her tongue traced his lips as she stroked his inner thigh with one hand while wrapping her other arm around his shoulders. She moaned into his mouth causing him to squeal in surprise as she pressed her slender body against his. His hand stayed stuck on the material of her shirt as she rubbed herself against his body, raising herself up. Her hand found his slowly growing penis through his jeans and he squeaked out in surprise again.

As her nephew squeaked out in surprise, May used the opportunity to slip her tongue into his mouth. Her tongue quickly found his and she felt him respond automatically to her moist caresse. She rubbed her chest against his as she massaged his prick through his pants, his hand never leaving her breast. She broke the kiss long enough to straddle Peter’s lap but stayed close enough that the tips of their noses touched as she stated deep into his eyes. “I’ve been so lonely, Peter,” she whispered, “All alone raising you. I’m so happy that you feel the same way that I do about this. I’ve dreamed this before. For so long.”

Trapped in confusion, Peter couldn’t speak. Rather than thinking that him touching her breasts was an accident, his aunt apparently thought that he was coming on to her. Granted, they only had each other since his Uncle Ben had died and he had been feeling lonely without him, Peter hadn’t really thought about how lonely May would be feeling without her husband. Apparently lonely enough to completely misconstrue his innocent grope.

“Just this once, Peter,” May told her nephew as she ground herself down against the pulsing bulge in his jeans, “Just this once it’ll be okay. Just one time and no more, okay?”

Peter couldn’t move and couldn’t speak but apparently Aunt May considered silence as consent. Her lips quickly found his again and her tongue once more delved into his mouth. She ground against him again, rubbing the heated juncture of her thighs against his erection. He tried to pull his hand away from her chest again but his spider-strength nearly pushed her off of the couch. He quickly grabbed onto her to keep her from falling and now his other hand was stuck on his aunt’s well-formed rear-end.

“Oh, Peter,” May moaned, surprised by her nephew’s forcefulness. She rubbed herself against his chest one more time before reaching between their bodies. She quickly unfastened his pants and reached in, searching out his cock. She gave it a welcoming squeeze causing Peter to buck against her. She smiled at his response and the feel of him in her hand. “It’s been so long,” she moaned, giving him one last squeeze before sliding sideways off of his lap.

May tugged Peter’s pants down enough to free his straining prick, his hands still on her body as she sat on the couch beside him. She smiled wider at her nephew’s need to touch her, to hold her so possessively. She shrugged down her own pants and panties, wiggling out of them with Peter’s help before straddling his hips again. “Just this once, Peter. Just this once,” she moaned again.

As his aunt gripped his raging hard-on as she straddled him, Peter tried to shake her pants loose from his hand but they remained stuck on. He was trapped beneath her body, unable to move except to use his spider-strength to force her off but he was too scared of hurting her. His powers were still new and he didn’t have the best control yet. She rubbed the tip of his penis against the slick entrance to her vagina and he moaned in unsolicited pleasure. He cursed his teenage hormones as Aunt May slipped his sensitive tip inside of her, both of them now moaning.

As May started sliding down the teenage prick, she wrapped her arms around her nephew’s head and pulled him to her chest where his hand was still massaging her tit. Even with her top still on she rubbed herself against his face, far to busy enjoying the feel of his cock slowly filling her to stop and strip the rest of her clothes off. She let gravity pull her down on it’s own, enjoying every slow inch of Peter’s throbbing cock. “So good, Peter. So, so good,” she moaned in pleasure and relief.

“Humph!” Peter moaned around his face full of his aunt’s breasts. His erection throbbed and pulsed in pleasure as his aunt took him inside of her and no matter how much simple biology was affecting him it felt out of this world. When his hand was on his aunt’s breast, it had been simple biology that had first excited him, and when his aunt had squeezed his penis it had been simple biology that immediately filled the shaft with blood bringing him to fill erection, and when his aunt had ground herself against him it had been simple biology that made the act pleasurable. But with his aunt’s hot, tight vagina slowly swallowing and gripping him as her body slid down his hard-on, the pleasure he was feeling was behind simple biology. It was pure bliss.

As Aunt May slowly slid down his virgin erection, Peter moaned into her chest. The hand stuck to her top began massaging her breast through the material, his thumb circling her hard nipple. The hand stuck to her pants once again slid over her firm butt, squeezing the firm flesh through the material and causing her to moan out above him. He nuzzled against her free boob with his nose before licking her nipple through the top and sucking it, and her shirt, into his mouth. Her hot sex felt like a tight fist wrapped around his penis as she took the last of him in. She cried out above him, her vagina rippling around his length and he knew that she had just orgasmed. As his aunt rode out her own orgasm, Peter suddenly came as well, filling her tight hole with his thick ejaculate as he grunted.

As May’s orgasm began to recede she began rolling her hips, fucking her nephew. She tried not to think about how wrong this was, all she tried to concentrate on was the feel of a hard cock penetrating her after so long. As she rolled her hips sensuously she slid up Peter’s pole and then slid back down, riding him as he began thrusting up into her. His prick was still rock hard after him having cum and she was secretly thankful. She may be deluding herself into thinking it was okay to be doing what they were doing only once but it appeared that Peter was more than capable of drawing it out.

With one hand filled with Aunt May’s shirt and his other hand filled with her pants, Peter couldn’t get her top open. While May may have been thinking about ways to make what they were doing okay, his brain was lost to puberty and the absolute need to explore her body. He rubbed her pants over her firm, clenching rear-end and rubbed her one breast through her top az he struggled to suck the nipple of her other boob. With his spider-strength her shirt finally ripped open to reveal her plain bra holding her small breasts. He looked up at her and mumbled, “Sorry, Aunt May,” as he continued to uncontrollably thrust up into her and she continued to slide up and down his erection.

“Let me,” May said as she continued rolling her hips and raising herself up and down Peter’s cock. Never stopping, the older woman unbuttoned her top and let it slide down her arms while reaching behind her. She unfastened her bra and let it slide down her arms the same as her top and was amused when Peter wouldn’t let go of her tit long enough to take her shirt off. She giggled at the teenage boy’s enthusiasm.

Peter still couldn’t get his powers to deactivate long enough to lose his grip on his aunt’s shirt and pants but she had at least revealed her breasts to him. They were the first pair he had seen that weren’t on a computer screen. They were small and firm with a near perfect tear-drop shape and topped with hard nipples. With his grip on her shirt he managed to pull it and her bra off of her arm and get his first look at her naked body bouncing up and down on his lap. She was in excellent shape for her age and her firm boobs jiggled enticingly with every thrust of their bodies.

“Oh geez, May!” Peter gasped as he suddenly orgasmed again. His body shook with the force of his orgasm as he shot his thick load into his aunt’s vagina. He barely noticed as her pants and top finally fell out of his hands.

As her nephew filled her with his hot seed, May came as well. Her needy cunt gripped and rippled around Peter’s cock, milking him of his hot cum. Her pussy gushed with the force of her orgasm and she slumped forward and rubbed her body against the teenage boy. She felt him wrap his arms around her and hug her naked body to him as they both rode out their mutual orgasms, perfectly content.

The gravity of what she had done began to finally occur to May. She had just molested her under-age teenage nephew. Incest was the least that she was guilty of now. She had no idea on how to talk to him about what they had done. She had tried to tell herself that one time would have been okay since Peter had initiated the encounter, fondling her while watching the romance movie. But even if her nephew had started it, she had gone along with it. Yes, she had said only once but now that once was over and she would have to find a way to live with what they had done. She sat up on the young boy’s lap and moaned as his still hard cock shifted inside of her. She looked lovingly into Peter’s eyes and smoothed his hair. “It feels like someone’s not done quite yet,” she said with a warm smile.

“I don’t… I don’t… what?” Peter stammered.

May smiled down at Peter as she got off his lap, their combined juices sliding down the insides of her thighs. She held the teenager’s knees apart as she knelt on the floor between his legs and finally got a good look at her young nephew’s cock.

“May, I… I don’t…” Peter stammered some more.

“Shhhh…” May said as she slid her hands up the tops of Peter’s thighs, “I want to taste you. I want to taste us.”

Peter had no way to respond to that. All he could do was sit dumbly and watch as his Aunt May took his penis into her hands. He groaned as she tugged at him, amazed at how much better it felt when she did it rather than when he did it. When she reached the tip of him she twisted his bell-head in her hands, rubbing her palms around him before sliding back down. Twisting her hands around his base she went back up again as he watched in mute silence, barely even breathing.

When she slid her hands back down Peter’s shaft, May leaned forward and licked his sensitive cock-head. The teenage boy jerked uncontrollably as her tongue circled his tip before she took it into her knowledgeable mouth. She sucked hard enough to hollow her cheeks as she swallowed her nephew’s prick, her eyes locked on his adorably confused face. She took half of him into her mouth, massaging his shaft with her tongue as she continued tugging on the base. She eased back up until only the tip remained, circling it again before swallowing him back down and rubbing his sensitive tip along the inside of her check.

“Oh geez, Aunt May!” Peter gasped out. He had orgasmed twice already and each time his head a cleared enough for him to realize how wrong everything was. But each time, May had done something else and he found himself unable to stop again. His aunt took half his length into her unbelievably talented mouth, massaging his penis with her nimble tongue. With one hand she jacked the base of his erection and was massaging his testicles with the other hand. He wound his fingers through her long hair but his powers made the strands stuck to his fingers, yanking her hair.

“Oh, Peter,” May cooed around the top of her nephew’s cock. He was being so forceful as she blew him. And it was turning her on again. Now she found herself thinking that if she was only going to allow them to do this one time there was no reason not to draw it out as long as she could. She took his prick back into her mouth, her lips meeting her fist before sliding her mouth back up and allowing him out. She continued jerking him off and juggling his balls as she licked down his shaft to the base and lifted his sack up. She drew one of his firm orbs into her mouth, licking it thoroughly before sucking the other one in. She lovingly massaged his entire ball-sack with her tongue before allowing him to fall out of her mouth and then licked back up his shaft.

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