Mary’s Train Ride

Mary had always been a bit of a tart. In fifth grade, her little brother Andy, then in fourth grade, had caught her with a boy behind a tree on the school grounds. They had shooed off her brother and her boyfriend had gone back to what they were doing until the bell rang ending recess. Despite this and many other playful encounters with boys, at 15 Mary was still a virgin, but a virgin with urges who loved spending time with boys flirting and petting whenever she could.

She especially liked to spend time with older boys, the seniors at the high school she attended. They liked to do wild exciting things and Mary enjoyed the attention they showed her. One night she had been out drinking and making out with one of the seniors, Mike. He had gotten her half naked and almost ready to fuck, but had ejaculated as she stroked his cock and ended their play. She had stayed out late that night, too late and when she came home after midnight smelling of beer was caught by her mom. Mary was grounded for a month, no dating, no parties, no after school anything! Her life ceased and she began trying to find ways to release her pent up energy. She tried masturbating and it helped some but she still felt the urges. She even experimented inserting various object into her pussy while she rubbed and it felt good though she had pain a couple times. After two weeks she was so hot she couldn’t stand it, she hatched a plan to get out of the house and see some boys. “Mom, can I take Andy to the movies tonight? He really wants to go” she pleaded. Her mother thought better of it but relented.

As they left the house she explained to her now 14 year old brother that they were not going to the movies, but would be going to have some fun with a friend or two. She had called Mike and told him to meet them at the park which was on the way to the theater. Andy could come along and he would get to drink some beer and hang out. He agreed it was OK. He liked to hang out with his sister and her friends. When they got to the park, there was Mike along with three other seniors, Pete, Jim and J.L. Mary was a little surprised but Mike explained that the four of them had already made plans to hang out before she had called. He couldn’t very well blow off three buddies for a sophomore. In reality, Mike had called the others after Mary had called him relating the story of how close he had come to fucking her on their last date and figured they could give Mary a “Train Ride”. Of course his three friends had jumped at the prospect so here they all were together at the park with a couple cases of beer in the trunk of Mike’s car.

“We can’t hang out and drink here” Mike told Mary “too many cops around. We’ll get busted. I know a place out by one of the canals, it’ll be fun. By the way who’s the kid?” “This is Andy, my little brother. He’ll be coming along. He wants to have some beer too. Don’t you Andy?” she replied, hoping the boys would let Andy come. Otherwise, she would have to take him home and wouldn’t be able to have fun with Mike. Mike thought about it. He didn’t like the idea of dragging a kid along, but he figured a couple guys could keep him occupied while the others were having a good time with Mary. An evil thought came to him and he grinned. “Are you cool Andy? You wanna hang out with us tonight?” he asked Andy. The 14 year old nodded, smiling. “OK then, everybody hop in. Andy you sit in the middle up front. Pete you drive. Mary you climb in the back with J.L. and me”. He went to the trunk and grabbed a couple six packs and returned hand each of the six a beer. He opened his and took a swig sliding in beside Mary while J.L. slid in on the other side. “Let’s head for the bee hives, the back way” he told Pete as they pulled away from the curb. This longer route to one of their favorite spots would give him time to get Mary going.

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