Married mom and son share a wild night

Before I start my story, here is little about my family. I am now 22 and this happened when I was 19. I am 5’10’ medium built, mom is 42, She is 5’1″ with long black hair and dark brown eyes she has very good figure of 34D, 27, 36. Yes, she has a nice rounded bottom.

My dad is a very successful businessmen and often out of country for months at time. Mom was housewife and raised me by herself. Mom and dad loved each other a lot and had very active sex life when he was home which was not often.

Since I gained my knowledge about the sexual world, I always look at mom as some sex kitten. I am sure most boys do. I used to masturbate a lot thinking about mom. Since dad was out of town a lot, mom and I got to be close. We could talk about any topic at all and she was always very open-minded.

One day we were in kitchen table having dinner and topic of my girlfriend came up. She asked me “How is your love life are you still with Carol?”

I said “Well yes I am still with her, but its not going so good. ”

She asked “Are you at least getting laid?”

All I could say was “Mom!”

Mom smiled some and then responded breezily, “Don’t be shy! Its ok, remember we are best friends and we can share anything.”

I was still not comfortable talking about it but she wouldn’t let it go.

Finally, she said, “You’re at least getting fucked, aren’t you?”

I was very much surprised that mom used work fucked. While I was growing up I never heard her use any kind of curse words. Hearing her talking like that gave me some courage.

I said “Ok, since we’re being open and I have to tell you then about my sex life and you must answer my question about yours, deal?”

She agreed, and then said, “Now tell me are you getting laid.”

My answer was “I do get to have sex with her but not as often as I would like to.”

She said, “At least you get it!”

I said, confused by her answer “what do you mean by that?”

She responded, “You know your father is gone a lot so I am home alone. I have not had sex with anyone for more then month now.”

I said, “Why don’t you find boyfriend?”

Her response was that she didn’t want to be known by the town as ‘easy’.

The chat went on for while and mom opened up more and told me she had a high sex drive and liked to do it as often as she could. The only problem was there was nobody that she could do it with, so she just uses her dildo and masturbates but its not as good as real thing.

I asked her “What does she enjoy most in sex?”

“Well I like to enjoy every aspect of sex. I love oral and to get fucked hard. ”

I was little shocked and excited as how open and language she was using. I told her that I enjoy both of those things as well specially getting blowjobs.

She said, “All men enjoy that, I can tell you I am very good at it.”

Hearing her I was getting excited and needed some relief of my own, as I was trying to hide bulge in my pants from her. I told her that we would have to continue this conversation later as I am getting tired and got up off chair started to go to bed. “It was very nice to talk openly with you without worrying about you getting upset. I enjoyed our conversation a lot.” I said

She said “Likewise and I see that it has done something for you, and from now on we could share things like that since you are not a kid anymore.”

I ran upstairs and took all my cloths off and jumped in bed and started to masturbate thinking about her and how she likes it. Soon, I was shooting cum all over me as thought of our conversation with mom and me were running in my head.

When I was finish I went to bathroom to clean myself, and I heard noises coming out of mom’s room like someone was crying. I peeked in door and was very much surprised!

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