Married couple party on the wild side

With New Year’s Eve fast approaching, my wife Karin and I decided to go to a large party that was being held in the downtown Hilton hotel. That sounded great, and Karin asked me if we could try something different. When she told me, my jaw just about hit the floor.

“I want us to go as girlfriends, I can make you up so you’d be such a beautiful lady, and then we can go to the party, no one will be able to tell that you are not a guy. Place yourself in my capable hands, and I’ll make you up as pretty as I am. I’ll be there all the time with you, and I can just say you’ve got laryngitis, so you don’t have to try and speak in a higher pitched voice. Please baby, it’s a fantasy of mine. And, aren’t you intrigued about seeing life through my eyes?”

This sounded like something I was not exactly up for, but when Karin dragged me off to bed, my cock was up for that. She was wild in bed, she made me fuck her 3 times during the night, each ride her snatch was a hot, steamy swamp of juices, her howls and cries of joy were non-stop, as her rippling cunt eagerly sucked my cock dry three times.

After that kind of ‘persuasion’ I decided what the heck, it might be interesting. In the morning, just after we woke up, I told her that I’d go for it, Karin grinned, and gave me a morning blowjob to show her appreciation. Standing up, my cock morning hard, and my sexy wife Karin, naked and on her knees, she cast her eyes up, looking into my face as she took my prick into her mouth and sucked me. Karin had told me how she loved seeing the look of lust filling my face, the sensation of the softness of my skin over my hard cock sliding in and out of her mouth really got her going. I grunted as I felt a rush of saliva around my cock, as Karin eagerly applied her cock sucking ability, making me moan and grunt as my prick rode the hot wet rush, in and out between the tight grip of Karin’s crimson, wet, sucking lips. When I felt her hand come up, fingers playing with my balls, gently caressing my sack, I felt the lurch, Karin’s mouth tightened down as she felt my prick ready to blow. With one last thrust, my cock was exploding between the tight grip, moaning with pleasure as streams of hot jism jetted out, filling her mouth, then the feel of her swallowing my hot cream, her face was full of bliss as she felt my load sliding down her throat.

The week leading up to New Years, I got my hair cut very short on the 29th, on the 30th of December, I had to get my legs waxed, and the pain was worth it, as Karin rewarded me with a hot, steamy blowjob when I got home. Having her nude body on her knees, caressing her blonde curly hair as she whimpered with passion, sucking and slurping wetly over my prick, while my cock glided between the hot, sucking wetness of her tight crimson lips, her hand grasping my balls, coaxing me to give her every drop. I was happy to paint her tonsils with my load, growling with pleasure as she sucked every drop out of my cock.

It was now Dec. 31, and the afternoon was almost like getting ready for an excursion that made me think of the Apollo missions, when the astronauts would step out onto the moon, that vast, unexplored landscape. Karin and I was preparing my own excursion, making sure that my face was shaved as close as possible, I was worried that some facial hair would show through.

Karin cooed, “Not to worry, my cosmetics will hide anything that might give you away.”

I sat at her dressing table, and it was a surreal experience to feel my face covered with cosmetics, foundation, blush, my eyebrows were shaped, mascara, eyeliner, until Karin looked my face over carefully, looking for any trace of my maleness not being covered. Satisfied, she covered my head with a hairnet, took out a shoulder length blonde wig that she had bought, which was carefully fitted to my head, and pinned into place with bobby pins. I could see a devilish smile on her face as I was transformed. I had not been allowed to look in a mirror, until now. She brought out a mirror, and I saw myself. Holy shit, I almost couldn’t believe what I saw, a hot, blonde face was looking back at me, that’s MY face, I was stunned at how good I looked.

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