Maria or Priya? Dan has the perfect Dilemma – Cure for My Ass Addiction

Having spent the whole of Saturday in bed by evening Maria was in a good mood. So much so we decided to go out for a movie and then dinner.

Unfortunately, as for me, I simply couldn’t get the thought of Priya out of my head. All through the movie my mind kept on replaying the events that unfolded in the toilet earlier on. Due to this reason I literally had a massive hard-on throughout the movie. Maria came in to contact with my strained pants a couple of times and just smiled at me as the poor thing thought it was for her.

Oh God!! Just when things were going so well with Maria, Priya had raised the bar and showed me how deep my ass fetish actually goes (pardon the pun).

Thinking about Priya was not the best thing when Maria was being particularly chatty after the movie as I kept on missing part of the conversation.

“What’s up? You seem a bit distracted tonight” Maria asked during dinner after I had asked her an umpteenth time to repeat her question.

“Oh nothing much, just a bit tired. Woke up a bit too early and couldn’t go back to bed.”

I wasn’t too sure if she believed my lame excuse but I was grateful she did not persist.

After dinner we walked around the town centre holding hands like most couples. Only issue was my mind was full of my girlfriend’s roommate’s tight dirty anus!!

As I kissed Maria good night she invited me back to her place again but I shot her down saying I had to do the laundry for the week. I felt like a right bastard as I looked at her crestfallen face but I was simply too confused at the moment to be with Maria.

My walk back to my apartment was torture as I was in a state of constant arousal and I had to pinch my hard-on through my pants a couple of times to control myself as I rushed back to my flat.

As soon as I got to my room I stripped down to my boxers and hit the bed; however, I was so aroused I could not sleep. Lying on my back I closed my eyes and the image of Priya’s cute brown ass appeared immediately. I moaned as I stroked my hard-on trying to imagine the smell and the taste of her beautiful pucker hole. I stuck my tongue out in the air pretending to taste her poop chute as I came hard soaking my fingers with my hot cum. I jerked off twice more that night thinking of Priya’s asshole before eventually sleep took over.

I woke up late morning on the Sunday feeling super fresh and energised. I decided I had to stay away from both the girls until my thoughts cleared up. With this in mind I hit the gym just after lunch before going for a long run. By dinner time I was tired but felt so much better.

With a clear mind I sat down and thought of everything that had happened in the past two weeks.

Since trying to break up with Maria, she was opening up a lot more with me and may be with the right kind of motivation I may be able to push her boundaries further.

On the other hand watching all our fucking was making Priya incredibly horny and this meant she was happy for me to experiment with her asshole when possible. If I play on her jealousy correctly I may get to put more than a few fingers up her bum hole.

I decided I shouldn’t feel guilty for the things I had done with Priya as I had not fucked her pussy and which meant technically I had not cheated on Maria.

Yes it was a fucking lame excuse! but I was barely twenty and I was not going to let this amazing opportunity go to waste.

I decided to hang out with my lousy roommates for a change and just chill in our apartment with a couple of beers.

On Monday morning I hit the gym again and by the afternoon I was ready to face the girls again. I went straight to Maria’s flat and let myself in and decided to surprise her. By the time she came home I had hot dinner in the oven and bath running for her with a bottle of wine next to it.

By : dansouthwest

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