Mardi Gras With Mom

It’s usually the most exciting time in the “Big Easy” and this weekend was no exception. Mom and Dad always made a trip down there every other year when they could afford it. Last year my parents had gone through an ugly divorce and my father had been found cheating on my mom with one of his clients. In the end, mom got most of everything and a huge chunk of money. She wanted to go and have a vacation with her only child, but still have the chance to scratch “her itch”.

Before I go any further, I should tell you my moms “a babe”! She’s 5’8″, brunette, bright blue eyes, with a measurement of 38-27-36( I heard her describe it once jokingly to her sister). If she has any fat, its well placed. Once when I was younger I saw her come out of their bedroom holding just a towel in front of her tanned light skin and her inside thighs were leaking a white fluid. To this day I still get a woody remembering it.

Anyway, back to the start of my sexual education. Mom had taken me down to “The Big Easy” to get into the festival mood. We had planned on being down there for a week of parades and sight seeing. Shortly after the second day, about 4 p.m., we had walked around and ended up on one of the corners of Bourbons Street. Being a 18 yr. old jock with raging hormones and a nice 9in. cock, I was in no rush to turn around. Mom noticing where we were and tried to talk me into turning around and going back the way we came because we could get more beads from around the parade area. “We have plenty of time to go back mom…let’s try this way once.”

“Well, I guess your old enough to see what happens,” replied mom.

I was so horny walking down those streets seeing all ages of women showing off their tits and ass. People flashing all parts of their body. I even saw a couple off in the corner doorway doing it against the window panel ( they were both facing each other with her legs around the guys waist and moving hard against each other). Mom saw this also and had a blush on her face when I turned to look at her. “People are a little wild this year!” mom replied.

A guy walked up to mom and had asked her to show her tits. I’m thinking it had to do with the fact that mom had worn a white tube top and was pushing her cleavage up well. Mom looked at me and smiled saying “Hold my drink and stand close to me please.” With a bit of negotiating about which beads and a few jealous teasing looks. Mom lifted her top to chin level showing her almost perfect tits( they had a little sag, but no tan lines). Mom seemed so overjoyed about having all the guys looking at her body. She even jumped up and down shaking her tits for more worthless beads. After that mom and me must have walked up and down that street 20 times at least. Her showing off her athletic tan body and me every so often whipping out my hard penis to older women. Mom had also taken notice of this too, but said nothing then, just smiled with a twinkle in her eyes.

“Kid…isn’t it past your bed time?” she joked.

“Wow, I can’t believe its almost 3a.m. except for all the beads around our necks and body,” looking for my watch face under all bead wraparounds. “But I still feel so…alive…I just don’t want to quit!”

“I think we should, its going to be along day tomorrow also.” Mom winked at me.

As we went back to the hotel we were staying at, mom kept her arm around my body, pressing her big breasts and tight ass against me. I opened the door to our room and walked up to the chair pealing off all the beads we had “acquired”. Just as I was down to my jocky shorts, which didn’t hide my stiff cock, I noticed mom had not closed the bathroom door and was stripping in front of the mirror and me. Holding her breasts up with her hands and admiring their form. She quickly pulled and twisted her nipples till they were hard and reddish. Turning the light off in the bathroom and walking with a bounce in her step to her bed. Mom glanced at my erection and smiled, “Just how long has it been that way?”

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