Marcie, my next door neighbor and my moms friend

This all started when I was in high school. I lived alone with my mom, and we moved my junior year. As we were getting settled into the new place I became aware of the neighbor. He name was Marcie and she was a the perfect milf. 36 years old, two kids and a husband. She was brunette, dark brown eyes, not to skinny, with slightly wide hips but a nice plumb ass to go with it. Nice full c cup boobs. Let me back up and tell you about myself.

At the time I had just turned 18, 6 foot tall, 140 lbs, dark brown eyes. I was dating one of the hottest little blonde girls In High school and fucking her every chance I got. But there was something about this sexy older woman across the street. I was infatuated with her. Just seeing her pull in her driveway would get my dick rock hard. She would come over to talk to my mom and I would eye fuck her constantly. I wasn’t bashful about it at all. I’d stare her in the eyes and smile, and then look at her tits and then look back at her and grin. She would just smile back at me but make no advance, I mean my mother was in the house. When ever I would catch her mowing the lawn I would go in my room and jack off to her tits bouncing around as the mower hit the bumps. As I got to my senior year I was about to turn 19 and I had still only been with the same girl friend, but I had developed a HUGE MILF FETISH.

I could not get enough to fill my desire for fucking older women from porn. I only went to high school half days, so I was home around lunch everyday. On a hand full of occasions I would see her pull her blue aura into her garage and shit the garage door in The middle of the day. I had to try so I would go over and knock on her door with absolute no game what so ever.

She “ hey what’s up?” With a questioning look on her face.
I would respond with a studdering stammering “nothing, I was just bored home all alone, was wondering what you were doing Home in the middle of the day”
She would respond with “I had some pot time to burn so I slipped out of work a little early”
I wouldn’t have anything good to say so I’d just retreat with an apology for bothering her.

This happened a few times until one day I saw her pull in, and I gave her a few mins to get her stuff inside and I walked over there and knocked. But she didn’t answer. So I walked home really confused, had she left and I didn’t see her? Was she just tired of being bother and not answering? Do I went home in my sexual frustration popped in a porno and started jacking off on the lazy boy chair with my back to the wide open front door. Just the glass storm door was all that was closed. I sat there for a few minutes enjoying myself still wondering where she was or what she was doing. When I saw her reflection in the tv, she was standing a few feet behind me at the door. I quickly hit the off button, and jumped up tucking my hard on back in my pants. And answered the door.

I was already flustered and asked her what she was doing.
She responded “I had a rough morning and I ran myself a bath when I got home, I heard a knock and figured it was you….”
I responded “ya it was me, just bored, wanted to see what you were doing.”

She asked to come in and I offered her a cola. She was totally teasing me for about 15 minutes before she went on her way home.
She got a divorce shortly after that and they sold there house. It was a full year later before I ran into her again. I was then 20 years old and I ran into her at Wal-Mart with her knew husband. At this point I was a freshman in college and had a lot more confidence with women. I walked up to her again and checked her out as I asked how things were going. After quick small talk I went about my day.

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