Man meets women in a bar, they humiliate and force him Bi

Recently I was out of town on a business trip and sitting in my hotel room viewing porn on my laptop. I decided it was time for a break, so I put on my clothes and headed downstairs to the lounge. I sat at the bar and noticed these 2 late 30’s women at a table laughing, obviously drunk and talking loud. They were ok looking as one was skinny and fairly flat chested and the other was somewhat overweight with big tits falling out of her top. I had just finished my first drink and my second was set down when the ladies invited me to their table. We started talking and I found out their names were Jodi and Ann and they were in town for a convention but preferred to “party”. They explained to me what “party” meant to them, which was drink and find some guys with big cocks and lots of stamina to have sex with. The conversation at that point quickly turned sexual. I figured this would be the perfect time to humiliate myself since I enjoy being humiliated. I told them that even though I have a thick 8″ cock that I cum real quick usually in less than a minute. They laughed and said oh my god there is no way your cock no matter how big is worth fucking for less than a minute. I also admitted to liking to eat my own cum but usually chicken out and that one time I put my wife’s 6″ dildo in my ass.

I could tell they were getting turned on as well as enjoying my beet red face. They kept saying you are kinky and I bet you would even suck a cock. I admitted to having a fantasy about sucking cock but I have never been able to follow through with it. I told them that I told them that my wife never has sex with me because of how quick I cum. They were quickly laughing and giggling at that saying that she is probably fucking someone else when I am out of town. I blushed even deeper but I was rock hard. They were talking real loud about what I liked to do as they told me to order another round. The bartender looked away from me as I ordered the drinks so I was sure he had overheard us and I am sure my hard cock was obvious. They told me how pathetic that was and that had I not told them that they would have slept with me because they were both horny. They did however invite me to their room for a girl show but only if I went down the street and bought them a bottle of Don Julio tequila, stopped by the adult store and bought a suction cup dildo about the same size as me. I quickly agreed, paid their bar bill and left.

I arrived at the room and the 2 of them were already naked. Jodi was a bigger lady with huge tits but some flab as well and Ann was very skinny and shapely except for virtually no tits. They ordered me to strip and my hard cock sprang free. We each took a shot of tequila and Ann started squeezing my cock talking about how unfair it is for me to get a big cock and not be able to use it. They teased it, flicked it with their finger and one of them playfully kicked me in the balls while calling me a loser. They then told me the only way I would be allowed to stay is if I agreed to do what they say and pay them at least $150. I agreed, opened my wallet and Jodi grabbed 2 $100 bills.

They first wanted me to cum for them and that I better not chicken out eating it. Jodi had an idea for me to position myself so that my cock was over my mouth. I did as I was asked and they were so excited when my tongue could touch my cock. They quickly poured themselves another shot as they watched. I came in under a minute right onto my tongue and all over my face. I have always been a large quantity cummer but not having cum for several days, it was a huge load. I ate it all scooping it off my face. When I finished they pointed to some on the hardwood floor of the hotel room and said eat it. I said I didn’t feel like it and Ann pushed my head down and I licked it off the floor as they laughed. We each had another shot of tequila and they told me to lick their asses. They tied my hands behind my back and my feet together using the ties from the hotel bathrobe so I would know who was boss. I was not allowed to lick or touch anywhere but their assholes. I dove into Jodi’s nice big ass first, I spent 10 minutes licking, rimming and tongue fucking her and then it was Ann’s turn. I had been licking Ann’s tight ass for at least 15 minutes when there was a knock and Jodi opened the door. Ann pushed me back and I fell over as she got up and greeted the guy who was stripping his clothes off.

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