Man is used by two men & a woman

I am a mid 30’s fairly attractive male who has always been Bi-Curious. I prefer women but have always wanted to suck a cock. My biggest fantasies are a MFM threesome and to be used and dominated by a group(female or male). I have seen many guys sucking other guys off and getting it up the ass at Adult Bookstores but have always chickened out.

Well, one night I got up the courage and decided to go down to the Adult bookstore. I got out of the car and went inside. I got some tokens and went back into the arcade. It was very busy tonight and I heard some guys talking about a couple who had just gone into a booth. I walked down to the last booth and went inside. I locked the door because I was feeling very nervous. I figured the best way to get over being nervous was to strip naked right there in the booth. I unlocked my door and peeked out and then shut the door again. I was stroking my hard, shaved 7″ cock when the first guy walked in. He was a clean cut younger guy who was shocked at me being naked. I knelt down on the floor, felt my knees get wet with cum on the floor and unzipped his pants as he put more tokens in. I pulled out his semi hard cock and put it in my mouth while I played with his balls. His 5″ cock was kinda small but it fit perfectly in my inexperienced mouth. I was licking up and down his shaft when his cock started throbbing and shot all over my face. I licked him clean and thanked him.

I was still on my knees when the door opened again and another guy walked in. He whipped out his cock and started strokin it. He didn’t want me to suck on it but wanted to jerk off all over my face. I agreed but I was disappointed. He came in about 2 minutes splattering my face with more cum.

Just as he opened the door 2 guys were standing there waiting to come in. They said we are going to fuck you and cum in your mouth. I was shocked, they were dressed in suits and looked very clean cut. I said “I’m your slave boy”. They locked the door and took off their clothes. The bigger guy came up in front of me and stuck his soft cock in my mouth. I greedily sucked it in as his friend went around behind me and was lubing up my ass and probing with his slippery fingers. He started swatting my ass with his hand and then I pulled off the other guys cock long enough to ask him to please use a condom. He said “No Problem Bitch” He put on the condom and I felt his huge cock slowly enter my virgin ass. I moaned loudly into his friends cock. It was only then as he slapped my ass with his hand that there was somebody else there taking pictures. I looked over and it was a plump woman taking pics and fingering herself while standing in the corner of the large booth.

My already hard cock got even harder realizing that a woman was witnessing my first sexual encounter with a man, let alone 2 men. As he kept fucking me, the bigger guy wanted to switch places. They switched and I felt his much smaller cock enter my ass(I hoped he put on a condom). I was sucking the other guys 8″ cock with wild abandon while getting fucked in the ass. Soon they both started beating my ass with their hands until it was burning. Pretty soon he pulled out of my mouth and shot his cum in my hair and on my face. The other guy then pulled out of my ass with a plop and pulled off his condom as he too shot onto my face.

I then felt the woman’s hand on my cock, stroking me while she put a dildo in my ass. Both of the guys were making me clean their cocks off when I moaned as she milked a huge cum load from my cock. She continued to milk me dry until she got all the cum out and then she brought a cup to my mouth that turned out to be filled with my cum. I started to turn away but the big guy slapped my ass and I opened my mouth for her as the camera was going off again. I swallowed all of my own cum and realized then that I loved cum almost as much as I loved the taste of pussy.

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