Man arranges date with a black man for his wife

Angie finished drying her long red hair and looked at herself in the mirror thinking how good she still looked at thirty. Angie turned and looked at her profile in the mirror checking out her firm round ass and tiny waist along with her 38 D cup breasts.

Angie placed the palm of her hand near her cleavage tracing the line on her skin from the sun that afternoon. Angie had pale skin, which was speckled with red freckles and had to be very careful not to get too much sun otherwise she would burn.

She tossed the towel onto the bed and opened the dresser drawer and starred at the stack of panties that filled the drawer. Angie looked at the dress hanging on the back of the door which she bought special for her date that night and decided not to wear any panties at all.

The green dress she bought clung to her body and the panty line showed and looked ugly and if she had taken more notice when she tried it on she would have picked another material to wear.

Angie brushed her teeth leaning over the sink watching her large full tits giggling as she moved the tooth brush around inside her mouth. She couldn’t believe she was actually getting ready for a date with another man.

Angie got angry every time she thought about the mess her husband Walt got them into with his gambling. Walt had made a bet with someone at a poker game and when he told the man he was short of money and couldn’t pay off the debt they had made another agreement with the man.

Walt had said the man was very angry with him and Walt had to come up with an idea to keep from getting himself beaten up because Walt said he was at least 6′ 7″ and massive in size. In addition to this big man, Walt said he had a couple of big body guards with him that night and they looked very intimidating and Walt was afraid for his life.

The man’s name is Bruce and he had mentioned to Walt before the game that he loved redheads’ so that gave Walt the idea that he could fix Bruce up with a redhead just like he had mentioned.

Walt told Bruce that he could arrange a date with a redhead just like he had mentioned before the game and said it was his sister and he would make all the arrangements.

Walt didn’t tell Angie what had happened until the next day and Angie could have choked him on the spot. Angie was so angry with Walt and made him promise that he would stop gambling. Walt was in tears the night he explained everything to Angie and had said that he was sorry and he would never put them in a situation like this again.

Angie stood in front of the mirror applying her lipstick than looked at the amount of cleavage that was showing and tried to pull the dress up further but tugged it back down. She had wished she had picked out something that wasn’t so revealing.

Angie wanted to be nice to this man but at the same time didn’t want to give him any idea’s that he could go further than dinner and maybe a little dancing tonight. Once finished, Angie walked into the bedroom and slipped her wedding band and diamond engagement ring off her finger and placed it in a small drawer in her jewelry box. She would be Walt’s divorced sister for the night and get it over with.

Hopefully Walt would learn his lesson with this and give up gambling like he promised and maybe some of those nasty friends that got him into this situation. Angie walked out into the front room and saw Walk pacing the floor and sat down on the sofa without saying a word.

Walt turned to face his wife and said. “Honey. Please don’t do anything to piss off this guy tonight because he has many friends and I’m afraid of what he could do to us.”

By :Karenkay

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