Mamaji fucked me after I Crossdressed in my Maami’s Saree

From my childhood days, I have been fond of wearing ladies’s clothes, especially sarees and salwar kameez. I started by wearing mom’s blouses and when I grew up and attained the age of 16, I started wearing bra panty, blouse petticoat etc. I liked the feeling when the soft material of the petticoat and blouse touched my skin. Now I am 24 and I have a lot of experience in Crossdressing. Now, I can dress up completely as a woman with wig and make up. Due to my summer holidays, I came to my relative’s place for a whole 1 month. My grandmother, my maamaji and maami stayed in a duplex bunglow.

I was very much attracted to my maami as she had a curvy figure. Her height was 5 ft 3 inches, she was a bit healthy and had a figure of 36-32-36. She had white complexion and was 38 years old. She always used to wear sarees with tight blouses which had quarter length arms and had deep back cut and neck cut. I always admired her and always wanted to wear her sarees and feel like her. Many a times I would crossdress and imagine myself as her.

My mamaji was very close to me and we were more like friends. Both of us used to smoke together. Once mamaji told me that he had brought some marijuana (Gaanja). We were waiting for maami to go to mandir as it was festive season. She would be out for 5 hours and thus we would get a chance to smoke marijuana.

Maami got ready in a orange saree and she was looking damn hot. I got an instant hard on by looking at her. However she went to the temple and me & mamaji sat on the bed and started crushing the dry marijuana. We mixed the marijuana in tobacco and made a big fat joint. I lighted the marijuana and started smoking. After taking three drags, I passed on the stick to mamaji. Both of us smoked the whole joint and we were in trip.

The effect of marijuana took over our brains and the whole conscious system. We were enjoying the effect it had on us. I opened my laptop and thought of playing a trippy video. However mamaji asked me to play a porn movie as he wanted to learn some positions. I was quite amazed by hearing his words. I started feeling horny and suddenly remembered that this is a golden opportunity for me to try maami’s clothes.

I played the porn video and after watching it for 5 minutes both of us were horny. I told mamji “Sometimes I wonder while watching porn, if I were a woman for one day, wouldn’t that be wonderful?”

Mama ji smiled and said “Wao, what type of woman would you like to be?”

I told “A curvacious Indian woman, just like maami.. oh my god, due to this marijuana, I have already started feeling like a woman.”

Mama ji said “You would look very sexy if you transform into a woman.”

I said “Mama ji, I would really like to explore myself now. Can I go ahead and wear maami’s clothes? I want you to see my as a woman. You wanted to try some positions, and I want to be lost in womanhood when you try those positions on me”

Mama ji said “you have given me a hard on, come, I will dress you up in maami’s clothes.”

Both of us went to maami’s wardrobe. Mama ji said “I will dress you up in those clothes in which your maami feels very sexy.”

He opened the wardrobe and asked me to remove my clothes. I removed my clothes and mama ji took out a brown coloured soft cotton panty. I touched the panty and it made my penis very hard. I wore the soft panty and it felt very good on my ass and my skin. I placed my erect penis in between my thighs and wore the panty completely.

I started feeling like a woman getting ready to be fucked. Then mamaji gave me a black color padded bra. I wore the bra and hooked it from behind. I placed mamaji’s underwear in each of the bra cups to make fake boobs. Then mamaji took out a light green color blouse and the same color petticoat.

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