Malini having sex with milkman

When Malini got married to Devender, people who attended their wedding said the match is not alright. Because Malini was a cute short statured, delicate beauty, whereas Devemder was a seven footer, with large limbs fit for a basket ball player or a boxer. Malini had done her graduation in Hindi and Devender also did his grad. and was working in a govt. office.
He liked to eat good and tasty food and malini was an expert cook. But in the bedroom he was a brute. He never talked to her small niceties or did anything by way of foreplay. When he feels like sex, he just sticks his penis into her cunt and fucks her. Malini may cry and try to push him down, but to no avail. It is not that he did not like her. But that was the way of his doing.
Malini was scared when comes sticking his huge monstrous cock to her for fucking. As per the advice of her friend, Malini wanted to change her approach. She was told to try oral sex on him and then when both are sufficiently aroused to ride on him and do the act in the reverse cow girl posture. That day she started to meddle with his cock and put in her mouth.
She had to over strain and somehow with the aid of her tongue she made Devender to moan. Finally she got on his with her legs on either side and took the head of his cock in her cunt. Within a short time both of them reached their orgasm. Malini was happy for having found a solution to her problem. She decided that she will follow the same procedure in future.

By the time she returned from the bath room he was in deep sleep and did not know when she wiped his limp cock of all the fluids. She also slept off in contentment. Next day her milkman who used to supply milk told her that his cow has gone dry and hence he cannot supply milk for a while and he recommended the name of his friend, Ram Singh to supply milk daily.
Malini asked him to come for discussion. Devender thought all this trivial things are the business of the land lady and he should not interfere. Ram Singh, a robust young man, came on the following day and price, quantity and time of delivery were all fixed. The problem was that he will come in the early morning at 5 am and ring the bell and Malini had to bring her vessel and collect the milk.
Malini stayed in the upstairs of the two flat tenement. There was a staircase and a staircase room in the ground floor with is locked from inside. The staircase room is a multi utility area where the scooter is parked, cycle and unwanted storage materials are all dumped there. There is a bell switch outside which is connected to the bell in their sitting room upstairs.
On the first of the month, RamSingh came with his cans of milk in his cycle and rang the bell. Malini took some time to get awake from her sleep. She was naked and lying embracing the naked body of Devender. Cursing the intruder, Malini got up and searched for her nightie and wore it and took the vessel from the kitchen and went down.
Being the first day, she forgot the key and she had to climb up and bring the key. In the meantime, Ram Singh had rung the bell at least half a dozen times. Malini sleepily showed him the vessel and Ram Singh poured the required quantity of milk and was watching her beautiful sleepy face cursing for having been disturbed from her deep sleep.
Ram Singh noticed her erect boobs and the cleavage because she did not fasten the buttons properly when she threw her nightie on her. Ram Singh was impressed by her beauty. Next day when Ram Singh rang the bell, Malini got up and searched for her nightie and could not find it.
Then she remembered that it was totally damp from the previous night’s sexual adventure and has been put in the bathroom for washing. She took the dhothi of Devendra and wrapped it around her and with the vessel and key ran downstairs before Ram Singh repeats his ringing.
When she emerged from the darkness with a dhothi clumsily wrapped around her, Ram Singh imagined what would have happened, poured the milk and then took boldness to uncover one her prominent boobs and bend low to kiss it, lick it and then suck it. Malini was shocked. She took two steps backward into the darkness. Ram Singh followed her.
The act of Ram Singh sent electric waves all round her body. Ram Singh under the cover of darkness took courage to suck the other boob. Poor Malini, stood there dazed at the sudden stoke of luck. She did not resist the attempt of Ram Singh. She kept the vessel on the step and revealed both of her boobs to Ram Singh for continuing whatever he was doing.
Ram Singh with his rough hands massaged one boob, while he was sucking the nipple of the other boob. Malini was in the seventh heaven, with her pussy flooded and flowing. The dhothi was unfolding and Ram Singh’s other mischivous hand was probing other centers of pleasure. Malini suddenly realized the danger of the happenings.
She just pulled herself away from the hands of Ram Singh and ran away. Ram Singh with his cock fully risen was looking staring at the empty staircase wondering where he had gone wrong in his calculations that the fruit which was no near had slipped away from his mouth. He consoled himself that he had to meet her on the following day also. Let us see in our next post what happens.

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