Making Michelle A Sex Slave

When Michelle woke up today she thought it would be just one of her normal days like usual. She never realized how wrong she was. Today it seemed like any other day to her until she noticed her new neighbor moving in next door.

At 35 yrs old, 5’ 10”, 150 lbs, blue eyes and a smile that was so damned misleading, Michelle was by no means unattractive. With her long blonde hair that was almost to her ass and boobs that made a lot of woman jealous, she knew she looked good, even though she was 20 lbs over weight in her mind, but she could get pretty much any man that she wanted. The worst part about her was that she was a total bitch to just about everyone. It didn’t matter who you were. If you crossed her at the wrong time, which could be anytime of the day, she was bound to treat you like shit. She was proud of herself though. To her being a bitch was the only way to get what you wanted in life and if someone’s feelings got hurt it didn’t matter to her.

When she finally climbed out of bed she stripped down and stood in front of the mirror admiring her body. It was almost an everyday ritual for her. She would stand there and push and pull her boobs together and apart, pinch them, rub them and anything else that she might think of. Next she would run her hands down over the rest of her body making sure to touch every inch of it. She was pretty much in love with herself.

Once she was finished, she would get dressed and then make herself some breakfast. Most of the time it was two eggs, two pieces of bacon with a slice of toast and some milk or orange juice. Today she decided to just have a bagel with cream cheese and strawberry jelly along with some cranberry juice.

Once she was finished with breakfast she would go outside so she could take her usual morning walk. Everyone she knew didn’t understand why she took those walks in the morning because it didn’t help her one damned bit even though she said it was helping her loose weight.

Michelle finally arrived back at her house about 30 minutes later and noticed that someone was moving in next to her. She just had to know who it was so she headed straight over there. Once she arrived at the new neighbors’ driveway she spotted Derek coming outside from carrying some boxes in.

Michelle started getting wet just from the site of him. She couldn’t believe that someone like this was moving in next to her. That right there began to give her all kinds of ideas.

Derek wasn’t expecting to find someone outside his house waiting for him but he was actually glad that he did. When he saw Michelle standing there he was already thinking about how he was going to get her in his bed after he had his fun with her.

Derek was 29 yrs old, 6’ 2’, 195 lbs, brown curly hair, blue eyes and a body that was damned muscular; he could get any girl he wanted, even if he didn’t want them. The one thing about Derek that nobody ever figured out was that he could read people very easily.

Michelle walked up to him and introduced herself. “Hi.” Michelle said with a huge smile on her face. “I’m Michelle. I live in the house next to you.” She extended her hand out to Derek who immediately took a hold of it with his.

“Hello, I’m Derek. Well as you can see I’m just starting to move in over here.” He kept looking over her whole body. He could already see that she was one of those girls who thought she was better than every other girl around. That right there he didn’t like. He knew right away that he was going to have to change that in her.

“Well I hope you like it here. It’s a really nice neighborhood to live in. You just have to watch out for some of the people around here.” Michelle said to Derek while looking all around her as if someone might hear what she was saying.

Derek thought to him self. “Yeah I would say that one of them is standing right here in front of me.” She might be able to fool other people but she sure as hell wasn’t going to fool him.

“Well I guess I’ll have to keep an eye out for them. Well I better get back to unloading the rest of the truck. If you’re not busy tomorrow maybe you can come over and have dinner with me.

Michelle wasn’t surprised that he was already inviting her over for dinner tomorrow night. She was completely certain that it would happen. She didn’t know that he had more in store for her than just dinner and maybe some sex. Oh hell no. There was definitely going to be more. He just had to wait and see how long it would take to control her.

Once she was back at her house she got ready to go to work for the next 10 hrs. The whole time she would be wondering what tomorrow night was going to be like.

The next day Derek had everything in its place in his new house. He had thought about yesterday when Michelle came over. Apparently she never noticed that for the last week Derek has been over there getting some changes made to some of the house. One of the things he changed was one of the bedrooms which he painted completely black and red. The carpet that was in there was replaced with a deep plush red carpet. The window’s he covered with red curtains that where then covered with black lace panels. In the center of the room he set up a 4 post bed. This wasn’t your usual 4 post bed. This one had connectors fastened to each post. Each connector was about a foot apart from the next one. There were 4 to each post. When he made the bed he put red satin sheets with black satin pillow cases.

Over along the opposite wall from the bed was a tall cabinet. On the top part were 2 doors that swung out away from each other. Inside those doors were his tools for pleasure and pain.

On the right and left side of the cabinet hung razor straps, a split leather slapper, crops, canes and ticklers.

On the very back wall of the cabinet hung an assortment of wrist and ankle restraints, collars and other assorted items.

Sitting in the center of the upper part of the cabinet Derek had a small metal box that he kept an assortment of nipple clamps in ranging from a set of Japanese nipple clamps that would tighten the more you moved around or pulled on the chain, to spiked, weighted and vibrating ones that you could adjust the speed of them.

In the one drawer he kept an assortment of erotic leather clothing for the one being punished. Then in the other drawer were the masks, hoods and other assorted leather garments that he might decide to wear if he chose to.

Finally, the room was just the way he wanted it.

At 6 pm Michelle headed over to Derek’s house. She wasn’t exactly sure of what to expect over there. She could already smell the aroma of the food that he was cooking and which assured her that dinner was going to be really good. She arrived at the door and rang the bell.

When Derek opened the door he was amazed at how beautiful she was. He almost forgot his plans for that night.

Michelle was wearing a light blue dress that wasn’t cut very low but with the size of her breast’s it seemed lower than it really was. The dress was just long enough to come too just above her knees so it left her calves completely exposed.

Finally he snapped out of the trance she seemed to be putting him under and went back to how that night was going to be. He immediately knew he was going to enjoy this evening.

Derek welcomed her inside. “Come in Michelle. Dinner will be ready in about 15 minutes. If you want, you can have a seat her in the living room. I hope you don’t mind but I took the liberty of just going ahead and making dinner without asking you exactly what you like.”

“Oh that’s just fine Derek. From what I could smell from outside it smells delicious. There really isn’t a lot of food that I don’t like so I’m sure I will love what you made.”

“That’s good to hear. By the way, you look really beautiful tonight.” Derek said while looking at her breasts and imagining the things he could and would do to them.

Michelle actually felt herself blush but she knew that with the make-up she was wearing there was no way Derek would be able to notice. “Well thank you Derek. You’re just too sweet.” Michelle gave him the look that she would give men. It always seemed to make them forget what they were doing. She could see it was having some affect on him.

Derek could feel himself getting pulled into her trance and almost had to slap himself. “Damn. I’m the one who is supposed to be controlling her. Not her controlling me. Derek started looking Michelle completely over this time instead of just her breasts. Just the thought of what he was going to do to her tonight was getting him aroused. He had to excuse himself for a few minutes so his cock would go back down. If it would have gotten any harder he would have been in the bathroom or his bedroom stroking furiously.

When Derek came back into the living room he announced that dinner was ready and offered her his arm and then escorted her to the table where everything was already served on the plates and the wine had already been poured in lead crystal glasses.

Once dinner was over and everything washed and put away they went and sat in the living room on the couch. Michelle noticed a slight change in the way Derek was acting. She noticed that he was starting to get a little more forceful in what he was saying to her. Like instead of asking her if she wanted more wine he would just tell her to drink some more. After several glasses of it she was starting to feel light headed.

Derek noticed how the wine was starting to affect her and started to move forward with his plan. He reached over and pulled her towards him. His mouth just inches away from hers. He could see that he startled her by the look on her face but she never attempted to pull away from him. It was very apparent that she wanted to fuck with him but before any of that would ever happen she was going to have to be a good slave and do what she was told.

Derek stood up from the couch and commanded her to stay where she was. He was only half way to the hall that led to his special room when he heard her get up off the couch. Derek turned around towards her. “I see you will need to be trained. Your definitely not one for doing as your told.”

“You don’t tell me what to do.” Michelle told him. While having some trouble standing because of all the wine she drank.

Derek turned away and headed down the hall to the room. When he returned he had a black leather collar, with red hearts inlayed down the center and lined with red suede. On the front of it was a 2” O-ring for attaching a leash and the on the back was a silver pad lock. Derek removed the lock and threw the collar to Michelle and ordered her to put it on.

Michelle stood there in shock. She couldn’t believe that he wanted her to wear this thing. She threw the collar over on the couch. “Hell no, I’m not putting that damned thing on. The only thing that I am going to do is go home.” With that said Michelle started to head for the door. Before she had even took three steps she felt a sharp sting across her ass. She let out a scream from the pain and spun around. Just two feet from her was Derek. In his hand was a 24” flogger. It was black and tan with 20 leather falls hanging from the handle. She never saw it in his hand when he returned to the living room. She figured he must have been hiding it behind his back.

“Now are you going to be a good girl or do I have to flog your ass again?” Derek said while holding the flogger in both hands and pulling the leather flogs tight. “You seem to want to be a bad girl. I guess if that’s how you want to be then I guess you will have to be punished.” Derek started to head for her with his arm cocked back.

“Ok! Ok!” Michelle almost screamed at him. This was really starting to scare the shit out of her. “She started heading for the couch. When she got there she picked up the collar, in trembling hands and put it around her neck and fastened it. “There are you happy now.” She said in an angry tone.

“Silence slave. You don’t speak unless I say so and you most certainly don’t speak to me in that tone of voice. Now turn around.”

Michelle did as she was told. Once her back was facing Derek she felt him roughly push her hair out of the way and attach the lock.

“Now turn back around.”

Michelle started to say something but decided that maybe she should just be quiet.

“Lift your head up.” When Michelle lifted her head up Derek attached an 18” leash to the collar and started to lead her towards the room.

Michelle started to pull away when Derek headed down the hall, pulling her right behind him. Without any warning she saw Derek turn around and then felt the leather straps across her thigh. She could feel the whelps already starting to rise up on her skin. Finally she quit pulling and followed Derek to wherever he was taking her.

When Derek got to the door he pushed it open. “Get in there and don’t waste any time.”

Michelle almost ran in the room just to make sure she wouldn’t get hit with that thing again. Once she was in there she froze in fear of what she was looking at. It was hard for her to believe that this man was into this kind of stuff.

Once in the room Derek locked the door so she would have no escape. He then headed over to the cabinet, pulling Michelle roughly behind him. Once over there he opened up one of the drawers to find something that he thought would look good on her. He pulled out a Black Swirl Corsette Harness, Fishnet Stockings, a black pair of 4” high heeled shoes that he was almost certain would fit her and a pair of Crotchless Leather Thong underwear. He threw them to her and told her to change into them.

You can change right over there in that bathroom but you can’t close the door. I will be standing right outside. I suggest you hurry. You only have about 5 minutes. For every minute longer you will be punished. Now go and do as I say.”

Michelle started to head for the bathroom when she was suddenly pulled back hard which actually hurt her neck a little.

“Slave, what do you say after I tell you to do something?”

“Yes sir.” Michelle said to Derek.

“No. You say yes Master. That is what you say. Now come over here.”

“Yes Master.” Michelle walked over to him. She felt his hand under her chin and push her head up a little so he could undo the leash.

“Now you can go change. That should make it a little easier for you, now get moving.”

“Yes Master. I will go and change for you.”

“Good girl. You’re starting to learn.”

Once Michelle was in the bathroom Derek started to pull his clothes off and put on a leather jock strap with a red stripe down along the crotch that could be easily removed to reveal a slit for easy access to his cock and a Guillotine Hood to add the perfect affect of adding a little mystery and fear to all of this. He knew that when she came out of there and saw him dressed like this it would add just enough terror in her eyes to make him happy.

When Michelle walked out of the bathroom she had her arms covering her breasts. She was feeling really ashamed of the way she was dresses and was worried about what Derek had planned for her. Once she noticed him standing there wearing the black leather thong and the hood, she almost ran back in the bathroom but she didn’t want him getting upset with her and beating her with that thing anymore. She wasn’t sure how long she was in the bathroom changing but she was certain it was longer than he wanted.

“I see you’re finally finished. Now get over here in front of me.”

Michelle did as she was told. As soon as she had walked over to Derek, he commanded her to hold out both arms in front of her. When she did that he attached wrist restraints to both wrists and then ankle restraints to her ankles. She noticed that all the restraints had the same design of red heart inlays on the collar.

“Now get over there and stand at the foot of the bed.” Derek commanded.

“Yes Master.” Michelle was shaking all over.

Derek came over to the bed and lifted her arms up and connected the restraints to the top of the two posts and then her ankles at the bottom.

“Why are you doing this to me?” Michelle asked and then she remembered what she didn’t say. She knew what was coming next.

Derek already had the flogger in his hand.


That one was right across her bare ass. Derek reached out with one hand and ran his fingers across the whelps that the strips of leather made on her skin.

“I see that you have already forgotten you manners wench. What a shame. Derek went back over to the cabinet and pulled out a little box. He carried it over to the bed and set it down. Slowly he opened it to reveille several sets of nipple clips.

When Michelle saw what was in there she remembered one of her friends telling her that her boyfriend put some of them on her and that the damned things hurt. “Master I’m sorry. Please Master I won’t do it again. I will be a good wench for you and do as I am told.” She was begging. That was something she has never done in her life.

“It’s a little late for that now slave.” Derek pulled out a set and clamped them to both of her nipples.

They didn’t hurt at first but them she realized that there were adjusters on them so he could make them tighter or loosen them up. Apparently they were loose because when he started turning the little knob on them she could feel the pain start to go through her.

Michelle almost screamed but stopped herself. She stood there hoping that the pain would go away. Then she noticed that he reached back in the box and pulled out one more nipple clip. She started to wonder what the hell he was going to do with that one. She watched as he tightened it a little and then clipped it to his tongue to check how tight it was going to be.

“That will work nicely. He said to her. Next he started to reach between her spread legs and started to rub her clit. He discovered that she was already wet and her clit was sticking out nicely. “I see you must like this. What a naughty girl you are.” He said to her. Then he reached towards her clit and attached the clamp. She could already feel it vibrating.

Michelle fought from trying to pull away so she stood as still as she could. Yes she was wet. She didn’t understand why. This is something she thought was totally weird and never looked as if it was something she would be interested in trying. All of a sudden she felt the clip that he just attached to her clit start to vibrate. Michelle let out a moan that felt like it came from the bottom of her toes.

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