Maid’s Fringe Benefits

Laura Conger was halfway down the stairs, watching as the couple got busy in the living room.

Mr. and Mrs. Underwood had hired her as their live in maid, it was a pretty cushy gig, she was well paid, and as a bonus, her employers loved to fuck and suck all over the house. They were both 35 years old, and they were as horny as the day is long. They never stopped to check if Laura was around, and she suspected that they knew they were being watched, and got off on being watched. Since Laura loved to watch, it was a great set up.

Mrs. Underwood was breathtaking, big, hefty boobs, natural blonde hair, blue eyes, a trim waist, flaring hips, her pubic region was waxed bare and smooth, she was on her back, legs spread as her husband feasted between the spread of her thighs.

“Oh yeah baby, lick my tight little cunt, make me cum!”

That spurred on her husband, and he ate her creamy box exquisitely, Mrs. Underwood’s cries of delight filled the living room. Peeking through the living room entrance from her perch on the stairs, Laura felt her pussy heating up. She reached under her skirt, and slid her fingers along the front of her panties, she could feel the dampness of her heated juices against the crotch.

Mrs. Underwood shrieked with pleasure, and her body was shaking and writhing as she came, pushing her creaming cunt hard against her husband’s mouth. He rose up, his 8 inch cock like a piece of granite, and she urged him on, “Oh yeah sweetheart, stuff my tight little cunt, fuck me hard, and make me cum again!”

Laura shoved her hand down her panties, sliding through her neatly trimmed russet color bush, then sliding her fingers along the rim of her cunt, she was hot and slick with her lubrication. She stifled the moan of pleasure she wanted to make, and drove two fingers up her creamy entrance. She heard Mrs. Underwood growl with pleasure as her husband drove his cock in, ramming forward until his balls smacked against her ass. Laura watched, and timed her pussy plunging fingers with the plunges of Mr. Underwood’s cock, oh god, that felt so fucking good. Her mind put her in Mrs. Underwood’s place, under Mr. Underwood’s body, she imagined Mrs. Underwood watching as her husband rammed his cock into Laura’s creaming fuck-hole, her fingers became his plunging cock. Her tight pussy walls were gripping at his cock, urging him on to explode, to fill her tight little cunt with a sizzling hot load. Mrs. Underwood’s increasing cries of pleasure. mingled with her own lusty imaginings, propelled her faster and faster, oh yeah, she was gonna explode.

Mrs. Underwood cried out, “Oh fuck, I wanna feel your cock kiss my womb, cum in me baby, flood my cunt, fuck, fuck, cream MEEEE!”

The sound of Mrs. Underwood’s orgasmic shriek of pleasure took Laura over the edge, her husband’s loud grunts of orgasm made Laura imagine that his cock was hosing down her quivering fuck-hole, depositing a thick hot load of sizzling sperm up her tight channel. Laura did her best to stifle the loud sounds she would have made otherwise, as her pussy exploded, drenching her hand with a rush of orgasmic juices, as she felt the wave grab her, and shake her body in orgasmic pleasure.

As she came down from her orgasmic high, Laura quickly retreated to her room. She grabbed a towel to dry off her pussy entrance, she had been soaking wet. As much as she loved to fantasize about Mr. Underwood fucking her, she had the idea that although she was welcome to watch, just don’t intrude. Keep it discrete, and also, don’t try to get the man of the house to fuck her in real life. Considering how much they fucked, it looked pretty certain that they were totally committed to each other, and no third party need apply. Also, with Mr. Underwood doing prodigious sexual duty, having Laura trying to get a piece of him might wear him out!

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