Maddie and her best friend’s Dad

“Hey Maddie, how’d you like to have a weekend sleepover at my house?”

“Sounds great, is it okay with your Dad?”

“Yeah, he’s cool about it, it’ll be great.”

Madison Steen was thinking, Oh yeah, it will be great. She’d had a crush on Regina’s Dad Greg since she was 14. She had just turned 16, and she wanted to take it beyond a crush, he wanted him to take her virginity. She felt it was time, Regina had been deflowered 2 months ago, just after she turned 16, by her 20 year old cousin. Regina’s fond remembrance of the event, and the hot fucking she described, made Maddie’s pussy ache with horny need. She masturbated to the image of having Regina’s Dad pop her cherry, and the explosion of pleasure by her fingers made her determined. Greg’s wife, Regina’s Mom Sherry, had died a year ago, and Maddie thought how pent up he must be. Regina had told him how he hadn’t even tried a date since her Mom died. Maddie decided that she wanted to help relieve all that pent up pressure. She had gotten on the pill, so her baby chamber would not get an unwanted start.

When they got home on Friday after school, Maddie gave Greg her most beaming smile, and purred “Good day Mr. Robson.”

Greg returned the smile and said, “Good day Madison, nice to see you again.”

Maddie purred, “Call me Maddie.”

Maddie has worn her tightest pair of jeans, she saw his eyes locked on her pubic region, they clung to her like a second skin, and as they headed up the stairs to Regina’s room, she really sashayed her hips, knowing that Greg was watching the harmonious ryhthm of her ass.

Greg drank in the vision, god, Maddie Steen was real cock raising material. She was a hot teen with a mane of golden blonde hair halfway down her back, very fuckable, with grapefruit sized tits that swayed nicely under her T shirt, the curvy hips, and the full, round globes of her ass cheeks, it was obvious that she had no bra or panties on, damn that was hot. His cock soared up, and he stored up the mental image of Maddie, to use as his masturbational fodder. He’d stroked out many a load while fantasizing that he was fucking her. The idea of fucking a hot 16 year old like Maddie Steen, when he was more than twice her age at 40, really brought out a gushing load of hot cum as he stroked his cock off to a jetting explosion.

He called up the stairs, “Girls, would you like a pizza for dinner? I’ll order it up right now.”

Regina’s voice answered back, “Yeah Dad, sounds great, pepperoni and mushroom please.”

Maddie heard what Greg had said, and she hoped that after this weekend, Greg would have turned her from a girl into a woman.

Later that night, Maddie and Regina were sharing Regina’s queen sized bed, Regina had dropped off to sleep in a few minutes, but Maddie stayed awake, this was it, she was going to go for it. She listened, heard Greg’s footsteps climbing the stairs, and head into his bedroom. She was wondering what the best course of action was. Should she just march in, present herself to him while he was fully awake? Maybe it would work better if she waited till he was asleep, crawl into bed with him, and work him up to a horny need, and mount up. That sounded like the best way, once he woke up fully, and saw her naked and very horny, perched on his cock, he was unlikely to stop what was happening.

She waited, and after a while, slipped out of bed, and slid off her T shirt and panties. She reached down, felt the bare, smooth lips, she’d had herself waxed, the lips smooth and hair free, and had left a light fluff of blonde pubic hair just above the opening to her pussy. She felt the heat of her warmed up pussy, her lips were slicking up nicely, and she slipped out of the room, and crept down to Greg’s room. Creeping down the hallway naked, while in a different house felt wickedly wanton, and it just amplified the aching need between her thighs. She opened the door to his room, relieved to hear the deep breathing cadence of sleep, she crept in quietly. She paused, letting her eyes adjust to the dimness. She glided across the carpet to the bedside, and gasped as she saw the tent pitch, his 8 inches jutting up. He mind was ablaze with need, she was staring at the instrument of her deflowering, she didn’t care if it hurt, she needed that cock to fuck her to her core.

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