Loving wife gives hubby a special gift for their anniversary

Vickie and I had recently celebrated our tenth anniversary. When we got married, we didn’t have much money, so our rings weren’t much to talk about. Vickie’s mom, Cathy, never really approved of me, as I didn’t come from money. She tried her best to keep us apart, but from the moment I saw her, I knew Vickie was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, and I think she feels the same way. Cathy wouldn’t even come to our wedding.

My business has been doing well, so I had talked with a customer of mine some months ago about designing a custom ring set to surprise Vickie. Ben has several old European sports cars and needed some work done on one, so an agreement was reached. He designs and makes beautiful custom jewelry and I told him that I wanted something special.

I explained how Vickie’s younger sister Caitlin had married for money and was always showing off her big rock. Of course, her marriage didn’t last, but after three years she was sitting pretty with a nice paid-for house, big monthly child support and separate maintenance checks, which allow her to play most of the time.

Ben needed his old Mercedes restored and I had put many, many hours into making it like new. When he gave me Vickie’s ring as payment, I was floored. It was gorgeous! A large diamond surrounded by two rows of diamonds and rubies. That ought to make Cathy and Caitlin sit up and take notice.

Her parents threw us a party, a barbecue really, to celebrate our anniversary. Charles, her dad, and I had always gotten along. He had worked hard to get where he was and I think he appreciated that I had the same work ethic. We have two boys and a daughter, and he just spoils them rotten. I’d walk over hot coals for that man. No one except Ben knew about the ring. It was my little secret.

After we had all eaten, the presents came out and we opened the gifts while everyone watched. Vickie had gotten me some new slacks and a couple of shirts with a little note promising a “Night to remember”. When I read that out, she blushed and the others giggled and whooped it up.

Cathy snottily said, “Jeffery, what did you get Vickie?” Under her breath the added, “Probably some cheap perfume.” She knows I hate being called Jeffery and I don’t appreciate her snotty remarks. I’m Jeff to everyone else.

I took this as my cue. I had Vickie close her eyes and I got down on one knee in front of her and took her hand. Looking up at my lovely wife, I carefully took off her old ring and replaced it with the new one. The ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ coming from the group made her open her eyes. She saw it and began immediately crying and shaking. I asked her what was wrong and she said that she was afraid that when I took off her ring that I was ending the marriage.

I kissed her and told her “Never! You are mine for life.”

Charles piped up and said, “Hell, Vickie, you’re going to have to give him a real special night for that ring.

Caitlin said, “Gee, Jeff, I’d give you a night to remember for a ring like that.”

Vickie didn’t appreciate that, but it did bring a bit of laughter.

That night, her parents kept the kids and we made really passionate love. After ten years, we had gotten into something of a routine, but this night was not like that. We showered together and made love in the shower.

Vickie handed me her shaver and let me trim her up. I told her that if I had my way, I’d shave it all off. “If you really want that, go ahead,” she said. I know how much it bothers her when it’s growing out, so I just gave her a trim. I then rinsed her off and to make sure she was clean; I gave her a good tongue lashing to make sure. I was sitting down and she was almost sitting on my face as she had several good orgasms. She then removed herself from my face and we dried each other off.

We went into the bedroom and made passionate love like we used to when we were first married. I had one hell of an orgasm myself. Afterwards, I thanked her for my “Night to remember” and she said with a wink, “Sorry, Jeff, you’re night is still coming. This was just a warm-up. I really owe you big time.” I told her that wasn’t necessary, but she just smiled that Mona Lisa smile of hers and said that I’d have to wait.

Two weeks later, I had gone into work on Saturday to do some paperwork. About noon, the phone rang and it was Vickie. She asked me to come home. I asked her what was wrong and she said in a husky sexy voice, “I hope you don’t mind but your night to remember is going to be an afternoon delight. The kids are at your mom’s for the night so be ready for the time of your life.”

“I’ll be right home!” I said and quickly locked up. Even after three kids she is still sexy, but of course I’m biased. I was thankful that the lights co-operated and I wasn’t held up too long. When I got home, she opened the door for me dressed in black leather bustier, gloves and heels. She had bleached her hair blond and she was striking. The black silk robe still showed her lovely breasts and eraser-like nipples.

“Are you going to come in and play or just stand there so the neighbors can ogle your sexy wife?” she said. My cock jumped to attention. I quickly entered and reached for her, but she pulled a small silk riding crop from behind her and gave me a playful smack. “I’m in charge and if you’re not willing to follow my every order, we’ll just have to call this off.”

“Sounds like you’re the boss, mistress.” I said.

“Good! Go into the main bathroom and get into the tub, slave,” she commanded.

The bathroom was filled with fresh flowers and there was a big scented candle, along with a nice hors d’oeuvres tray. The tub was filled with bubble bath and a bottle of champagne sat next to it. I quickly undressed and got into the tub. Then Vickie came in and commanded that I close my eyes and open my mouth. When I did, she placed a pill on my tongue and handed me my glass and had me swallow. I asked her what it was and she just winked and said not to worry.

I soaked in the soothing bath, sipping a glass of champagne and munching for a while as I drank in the image of my sexy wife. I couldn’t wait to get her into bed. When she re-entered the room she had removed her robe. I tried to reach out for her titty, but again, I got a little smack from her, reminding me that she was in control. She then had me rinse and dry off, inspected me and smacked me for missing my back. I think she was getting off on being in charge.

Vickie then commanded me to kneel down and I did. She stood behind me and caressed my shoulders and asked me if I was ready to go further. I nodded and she then placed cotton pads over my eyes, taping them with Coban tape to hold them in place. Then she reached into a bag and pulled a leather hood over my head. There were openings for my mouth and breathing holes for my nostrils, but that was it. She then zipped it up and I felt her lock it on top of my head. It was exciting and disconcerting at the same time. She took my hand and stood me up, leading me into our bedroom.

Incense wafted through the room and soft jazz added to the atmosphere. She led me to the bed and had me lay down. I felt her get on the bed next to me and she began caressing my chest with those soft, gloved hands. Her hands wandered down to my stiff, aching member, as it wanted attention. Finally, I was rewarded with some strokes.

“Like that, baby?” I heard her voice say. The hood made it a little difficult to hear clearly but I moaned in approval. She began drawing her hair from my chest down to my knees, teasing me. I tried to thrust my crotch upwards whenever I thought she was over my cock but she kept teasing me.

Then I felt both hands on either side of my shaft and her hair coming down on my stomach. Her tongue gently licked off the pre-cum that was leaking out. This was followed by lots of kisses and finally a set of luscious lips taking me into her hot mouth, slowly drawing me fully in. I let out a low moan of pleasure as she slowly drew her mouth back over my shaft and then back down. I don’t remember her ever giving me such a delicious blowjob.

I was thoroughly enjoying the feeling when I was surprised by set of lips pressed to mine and a tongue darting into my mouth. Another set of gloved hands began to rub my chest as she untangled her tongue from mine.

“Don’t go off too soon. There’s more to come.” I heard my wife say. My wife!! Then who was going down on me? Before I had time to even think, I heard her say, “Your turn,” and yet another body came onto the bed. I still had a hold of my wife with one hand as the third one straddled my face and I was presented with a totally nude pussy. Her juices were flowing and they tasted great. I darted my tongue between her pussy lips and then hit something hard. She’d had her clit pierced! I reached up to play with her tits and found that her nipples were pierced also. This one was a little hardbody. I had one hand planted deep in my wife’s squirming pussy as I rubbed every part of Ms. Hardbody I could reach. I was as close to heaven as I could possibly be.

My body was in sensory overload as these three ladies had their way with me. My efforts were rewarded with a flow of juices as she had her first climax on my mouth. “OK, let’s switch,” I heard Vickie say, and they removed themselves from my body.

A gloved hand grabbed my straining member and guided it into my wife’s moist pussy. The one that had been giving me the most excellent blowjob then straddled my face and I gladly obliged her. She was a little heavier than my wife and the third one was a little smaller. They were all wearing similar outfits but since the hood kept me in the dark, I had to use my hands as my eyes.

The pussy I was now licking was covered by sparse, downy soft hair but she had a clit like I have never seen. It must have been almost an inch long. I drew in into my mouth and caressed it with my tongue. She also had a set of enormous tits and she liked me to handle them rough. I removed my mouth from her long enough to beg them to remove my hood but was only reminded that the hood was one of the requirements of this playtime. My wife’s pussy was getting me close to blasting off. The third one was lying next to me working a vibrator over her clit, while I used one hand to explore her body and caress her erect nipples. Ms. Blowjob (since I didn’t know her name), having had a mouth filling orgasm, removed herself from my face.

Just as I was almost ready to explode, my wife climbed off and the one next to me climbed on. One of the others grabbed my shaft with her silk glove and rubbed her bald pussy with my dick before finally allowing me to enter her. She was so tight; I had a bit of trouble getting in at first, even though she was extremely wet. When our crotches met, she came down and rubbed her hard nipples against my chest. Her tongue was clashing with mine as she hungrily kissed me. One set of soft hands were caressing my legs and one set was caressing the lady on top of me. I was suddenly aware of some special vibrations. Ms. BJ, I think, was inserting the vibrator into hardbody’s backside. She was almost biting my lip as she began to explode in ecstasy. The sensations of her tight pussy orgasming and the vibrator sent bolts of electricity through my body as I had one of the best orgasms of my life. I came so hard it almost hurt as spurt after spurt came jetting out of me, filling her little pussy.

As she slowly lifted herself off of me, I felt several big globs of my cum hit my leg. To my surprise, Ms. BJ sucked up the cum, cleaning me off with her tongue, and then proceeded to lick my cock clean. Her wonderful mouth soon worked its magic and I was stiff again.

This time she climbed aboard, planting my member deep inside her and offered my mouth one of her nipples. She was hot and extremely wet. After she’d had a nice orgasm, she sat upright, planting my member deeper into her slit. My wife then straddled my face, facing Ms. BJ. The two of them were playing with each other’s tits and they were kissing. I could feel my wife’s gloved hand massaging Mrs. BJ’s clit and I would have given anything to have seen the goings on but I could only listen and use my imagination. Hardbody was caressing my legs and then she straddled my leg and rubbed her drenched pussy on my leg to get herself off. All three of them were cumming and the room was filled with the smell of sex. My wife climbed off me and lay next to me on the bed.

I was playing with Ms. BJ’s tits and then I dropped one hand over to my wife because I didn’t want her to think I was ignoring her. As my hand explored and caressed her body, I was shocked to find Hardbody’s face planted in my wife’s crotch. Now I was really begging them to remove the hood but to no avail. Soon the two of them shifted into the classic sixty-nine position and Ms. BJ’s pussy was working its magic on my dick. I warned her that I was going to blast off and she said, “Give it to me, Big Boy!”

It was obvious that she was trying to disguise her voice so as not to give herself away. I was sweating to death under her, so I moved her off of me with some difficulty as I was unable to see, positioned her into the Rockygy position and re-entered her. I began to plow into her in earnest. She was driving back to meet my every thrust and the sounds of the two women orgasming next to us spurred me on. I worked my thumb into her ass, as my shaft was sliding deep into her. I felt movement and soon the other two each had one of Ms. BJ’s nipples in their mouths. Ms. BJ was screaming in orgasm and I felt her pussy clasp itself tightly around my dick. All too soon, I was blasting off deep in her. Spurt after mind-blowing spurt filled her depths as the sweat was dripping from my body, especially my leather hood.

Out of breath and totally satisfied, I sat on the floor. The three of them helped me up onto the bed and brought washcloths to clean me up. They left me and I heard my wife thank them and they giggled while they got dressed. At least I guessed that they were getting dressed from the sounds I heard. When my wife returned, she unlocked the hood and the cool air on my head was such a rush. I have never seen her more beautiful. I thanked her for the special evening and told her that it had definitely had been a night to remember.

She smirked and said, “I knew that was one of your fantasies. I also got to fulfil some of mine at the same time.”

I asked her who her two friends were and she said that they were both married and wanted to remain anonymous. “Well, well,” I said as I pulled a couple of long strands of hair off of the bed, “I know one of them is a red head.”

Vickie only smiled and shrugged her shoulders. I told her that I really would have liked to be able to see the goings on and she said, “Maybe someday.”

“What do you mean? I asked.

“We videotaped this afternoon.”

“Where’s the tape?” I wanted to know.

“That’s our little secret,” she said with a smirk.

I gave her a big kiss and we made love. This time long and slow. Neither of us in a hurry, just enjoying each other. I told her that I was amazed that I had remained hard enough to satisfy all three and she told me that she had given me one of her dad’s Viagra. I told her that she had given me such a special gift and I asked her if she wanted anything. She said, “Well… Maybe someday, you could reciprocate.”

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