Loving Wife fulfills her Husband’s fantasy – Sharing My Wife Roni

I walked back into our apartment and into our bedroom. Roni was sitting with her back against the headboard, covered with a sheet. Her eyes were wide and she was biting her lower lip. When she saw me she smiled and said, “Sorry.”

I said, “You chickened out, huh.”

“Yeah… I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry, sweetheart, that was amazing!”

“God… that was such a rush; I have never been so turned-on in my life! Did you see the way they were watching every move I made? ….and the looks on their faces when my panties fell to the table? Oh my god! I was so excited just watching their reaction; I don’t think they really thought I would do it!”

“Baby, you really put on a show. I have never been so proud of you. I was so nervous, but when you were finally nude, and I saw the way they were looking at you, I came in my shorts.”

“No, you didn’t!”
“Yeah, you had me that excited, I couldn’t control myself.”

“It turned you on that much?”

“Watching you strip, slowly exposing every part of your body as they watched was the most erotic thing I have ever seen in my whole life. God, you were incredible!”

“They made me feel so sexy!”

“Baby, you were sexy!’

“I can’t believe I actually did it.”

“Me either, I was so afraid you would stop before you got nude; I’m so glad you didn’t.”

“You can thank the Tequila for that. I could have never done that sober.”

“So, why did you stop?”

“I just got scared. Stripping is one thing, but having sex with them is completely different.”

“I was so ready to watch you play with their cocks.”

“I’m so sorry, I just couldn’t. I really wanted to though.”

“It’s okay Sweetheart…… that was still amazing, I loved every minute of it.”

“So you’re not mad?”

“No way. We both agreed we could call it off at any time. I thought what you did was sexy as hell!”

I walked over to the bed and got undressed. When I pulled the covers back to get in I stopped and stared at Roni’s beautiful body. I said, “Damn, you are gorgeous!”

“Thank you. I’m sorry I stopped, I wanted so bad to go through with it for you; …..So what happens now?’

I said, “Well we can try again, if you want. What do you think?” I got in bed and lay down next to Roni. I kept the covers pulled down so I could admire the beautiful body that she had just shown to Josh and Mike. I reached over and started rubbing her breasts with the back of my fingers. “So how does it feel to know that Josh and Mike now know what these look like in person?”

“I think it’s pretty thrilling; it will be even more fun to tease them now.”

I slid my hand down to her smooth vagina and gently rubbed her. “And how about letting them see this; do you think you’ll be embarrassed knowing that they have seen your pussy?”

“Actually, that was what turned me on the most. I could see in their eyes how badly they wanted me to slide my panties down so they could see all of me. It was so exciting!”

“You know when you turned around and bent over we could see everything. Your pussy was slightly spread. It was awesome!”

“Well, that was the idea.”

“You wanted them to see that much?”

“Well, yes, didn’t you?”

“Yes, but I thought you were unaware of just how much you were showing. I am still surprised that you actually stripped for them. Knowing that you wanted them to see all of your pussy is incredible!”

I moved up and inserted myself into her. “Did you enjoy showing your pussy off?’

“Yes. It made me so wet!”

“You know, Mike had an incredible view, it was only two feet from his face.”

“Did you like it?”

“Absolutely, seeing you bent over, with Mike staring right at your pretty little slit was amazing!”

By : WallyTacker

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