Loving mother is wants to help her son get money for college

My friend Chris came up to me one day and told me that he heard of a great way to earn tons of money really quickly. Chris knew that my family was broke and desperate. We were always trying to make ends meet. We would always count up how much money we had at the end of the week. My dad had three jobs and my 20 year old sister dropped out of community college and was living with us. I had just turned 18 last week and was planning to go to college next year, but my family and I had no idea not only on how we could afford college, but how we could even afford to apply for colleges, especially after all the money that was spent for my older sister. So when Chris told me that he heard of a way to pay for everything, I had to admit that he had all my attention.

‘All you need to do is go to this place with your mom’

‘And then what?’

‘I don’t really know, but my uncle is looking for son and moms. He’s doing some social or art experiment, I think. Don’t really know. He said that he’s willing to pay a LOT of money.’

I ran home and told my mother of this amazing opportunity.

‘That sounds very odd, Tom’ She said. Her face was the scrunched up in disbelief.

‘No, trust me! He’s an artist! Or a scientist? I don’t really know. But, he is willing to pay however much we need to get the data that he wants!’

‘Hmmm’ She responds in disbelief.

‘Come on! How bad could it even be! I’m sure there’s nothing that bad. And you can always leave if you want.’

‘That’s true…’ her sentence trails off.

‘Come on! This could help me go to school!’

Her skeptical face changed to a look of sadness. Her face dropped with disappointment at herself. ‘I’m so sorry I put you in this situation, Tom. Of course I’ll help you.’ She forced a smile on her face. ‘I will do anything to put you into college. Why don’t you call Chris’ uncle and schedule to meet with him this weekend?’ Her eyes are full of sadness even though she is smiling.

‘Thank you so much mom!!’ I give her a huge hug. Any hug is really too big for her. She’s only 5’2 and very petite. She has beautiful brown-black wavy hair that goes down past her shoulders. She looks at me with her cute large eyes and pats me on the head.

‘I’m excited too!’ She responds this time with a genuine smile.


‘Is this the place?’ My mom asks me.

I check the address again and look back up at the apartment in front of me. ‘Yeah, it is.’

I press the button for apartment #3. The buzzer goes off and we enter into the apartment.

‘I thought it would be an office…’ She trailed off.

‘If he’s an artist, this makes sense’ I respond.

I knock at the door and a bald man with thick black frame glasses quickly opens the door and greets us with a large smile. ‘You are Tom? I’m Rick,-Chris’ uncle as you know. Thank you so much for reaching out to me and agreeing to do this!’

‘Hello, I’m Beatrice, you can call be Bree for short,’ My mom reaches out and shakes Rick’s hand.

Rick leads us into his living room. There are chairs and cameras set up pointing to one corner of the room. There are two men sitting on the chairs, one behind the lights, and one holding the camera. The corner of the room is draped with brown-red curtains flowing down to the sides from the ceiling. Several colorful blankets are laid down onto the ground. The blankets are stacked with layers of colorful pillows, purple, blue, red, and green.

‘Please take a seat’ He points to the corner. My mom and I both position ourselves on a pillow on the ground. My legs are criss crossed and Bree sits with her legs politely tucked under her.

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