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This is the story of one of my childhood friend who loves Rocky and she owned 3 Rockys of different families. She always keep posting pictures with her Rockys and this made me interest to buy a pet Rocky for me as she was so much into pet I asked her to come with me while I go to market to purchase. She took me to the best pet shop and we were checking on Rockys. I was prefering small fury Rockys but Maaya will check and will say no this a female Rocky do take a male. After a check I stoped her as I feeling unsure about having a pet after seeing the untidy floor and the foul smell from the shop. Maaya tried to motivate me but I asked her little more time to think then what she said shocked me. She said “baby you even don’t need a boyfriend when you have a Rocky he’ll satisfy you”. I was shocked and confused listening her she asked me then to go to her flat where she lives alone as her parents work abroad. I said ok lets go as I want to spend some time with pets and fix my mind.

After 15 min travel we reached her place and as soon as she opened the lock then all her 3 Rockys ran to us. She owns a black German Shepherd, a Dobberman and an Indian Acent Rocky. All her Rockys don’t bark at all they ran and jumped to her raising their legs on her shoulder. She said “oh baby greet my friend too” and the Dobberman climbed on me and I was afraid and shouted ohh nooo.. Maaya seeing me in this state came to me and confronted me “don’t worry honey he is just greeting you, give him a hug. Frighteningly hugged and he left then. I was always afraid of big Rockys.

We sat on sofa and had a chat and slowly I was getting playful with the Rockys. Maaya gave them their lunch at different place and we went to her bedroom with the pizza which she had prepared for us. We had the pizza and then she offered me a vodka glass and we sat on couch and were talking about Rockys, she then whispered “do you know benefits of owing a big Rocky, he’ll fuck you like a man”, I was shocked hearing this. I asked her “do you get fuck from them”. She smilingly replied yes and they are more fun. She immediately held my hand and said let me show you and took me to her room.

With a call all her Rockys came to her room and she lied on bed removing her panty and lifting her skirt. The Indian Rocky came forward and licked her pussy then when she pushed back the Rocky the other comes and lick they kept licking her for some odd 5 mins. I was shocked but interestingly watching the new things. She then applied some lube on her pussy and call the Indian Rocky by his name and in a minute she was getting fucked by the Indian Rocky. She had kept pillows under her waist to lift up that area and the Rocky humping her so fast then she pushed him back and the dick roll out of her pussy and a lots of white cum too came out. She immediately called the shepherd one and he took the position and started fucking her. This Rocky has a dick almost like men or may be bigger and he fucked her for 10 mins till Maaya shouted ohh yar plz help me pull him out. I was shocked and terrified and panicly I went to the Rocky and stood there in confusion what to do. Till then Maaya sighs in regret oh no have to wait 10 min now he had enlarged inside me. I asked what is that and she explains me that how a Rocky’s penis enlarges when he cums and it forms a ball like figure inside. Which is fun but to get rid of that you have to wait till he cums all inside you. All these words were making me interested on Rockys and hornier. She sadly said my Dobberman must be sad and horny and that Rockys too looks like that which silently sitting and waiting for his turn. Maaya confidently asked me hey why don’t you try with him.. I said what no no. She kept pushing me that it’ll be fun and my heart beat had risen in confusion.. Soon she got released from the knot and got free she pulled me to bed and said please try and this time I could not deny and lied on bed as she was lying. Maaya brought the lube and put a bit on my pussy which was already wet and a bit on his Rocky’s dick.

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