Lovely South Indian Massage Experience

I am Mahalakshmi Srinivasan a south Indian wife living in Alwarpet ,Chennai for the past 15 years. I used to work in one of the nationalised Indian banks before this incident. I am 38 years old having one kid. My assets are 38-28-34 , having a height of 175 cms and weighing 69 kgs. I always wear a sleeveless low choli blouse and a cotton crisp saree and wear some five to six chains including my thaali (Mangalasutra) and these chains hang till my navel.
I wear a long vermilion (red sindoor) in the centre of my hair and wear lots of flowers. I wear anklets as well as well as metti a ring on one of the fingers on the feet a sign of married women this is my usual attire even at home. Well sex life was good initially but after Shravan was born some 10 years back and my husband’s work kept him busier and busier the sex life became almost became nonexistent off late.
I have been watching porn movies and that seems to be my sex healer. Now Shravan is 10 years old and he is in one of the very good boarding schools in Ooty. I had initially resisted the move but my husband explained that putting him in boarding school at a young age will make he reliant and independent at a very early age. I had no option but to agree.
I normally look after my body and health very nicely people can’t make out my age even now and that is thanks to my regular exercise. I frequent beauty spa once every month for facial/manicure/pedicure/massage. This massage is in Adayar and is a very good one the female therapist Sudha is a much trained and well mannered. I have been going here for the past four years continuously and it has been great.

The appointments are always on 10th of every month in the afternoon 2 pm. The place is hygienic and well air conditioned. Well this incident that happened was a year back which has changed my life completely after that and not sure for the better but sex wise definitely yes. I was dressed in crisp cotton saree with sleeveless netted blouse wearing some five to six chains till my navel and wearing flowers and anklets and having sindoor and with that attire.
I landed up at the beauty parlour sharp at 2 pm. I had not called up prior since I was used to the schedule so was expecting Sudha to be there on reaching there , I met another lady and she mentioned that Sudha has been unwell for the past few days and hence she wasn’t available. I was pretty disappointed and since I had got used to the schedule was getting little irritated suddenly the lady interrupted and told Maha Madam if you don’t mind and we have a newly joined male therapist.
He would be able to attend to you he is highly trained and well mannered and hearing this and I was little apprehensive being massaged by a male masseur but at the same time being touched by a male masseur excited me and I asked the lady if I could meet him. She asked me to have a seat and I was busy reading magazines kept on the table it was almost half hour later (when I had almost thought of calling it a day) that I was interrupted by a very smooth voice.
I looked up and was greeted by a very handsome guy. He introduced himself and told that Madam, good afternoon, my name is Ravi Jaishankar and I am the newly appointed male therapist. I apologise for the delay but I assure you that you will have a lovely and relaxing time out in the afternoon. Well Ravi was 30 years old 6 feet tall weighing around 70 kgs maybe clean shaven and having lots of chest hair (this I could make out from the shirt he had worn.
Though he had worn it fully some chest hair was protruding out and his hands were very firm. He took me to a room (this was a different room than the usual).It was a dim lit room with lovely music in the background and the massage table was pretty broad and there were some jasmine flowers sprinkled on that and I asked Ravi on that and he replied it is to make the massage table more smooth normally massage tables are wooden tables and very firm
This table was lowly placed with two cute stairs on either side. He gave me a gown and small white clothes (to tie in an upright fashion in the panty area by removing the panty) and asked me to change over. I asked him if I can put my gown on with my bra and retain my chains and flowers as well since that makes me feel good and he told no problems. I removed all my clothes and out it a hanger in the bathroom which had a bath tub as well and changed over to gown.
I wore my gown and was coming to the main room my anklets and chains were making noise and my massager was waiting for me and greeted me by saying Madam you are so beautiful sir must be extremely lucky and helped me on the massage table and his hands touched mine and it did send a electric shock like throughout my body. He then poured some scented oils on my head and started massaging slowly. He asked me if he could untie my hair and after.
I nodded in the affirmative and he went about and loosened my hair and put the flowers on my hair at the side. First he rubbed the oil into my hair and then my head. This continued for some time and then his hands moved down to my neck and massaged it for what seemed like an eternity. We talked about general things like what I do about my husband my child and then he started kneading my shoulders slowly all of this was making me relaxed and was feeling wonderful.
He then changed position and moved so that he was in front of me. He began to massage my head from the front, moving to my forehead by this time he was very close to me and I could see the bulge in his pants – it was so close that I was having difficulty resisting the urge to reach out and touch it. His hands moved to my shoulders, using the oil liberally and since I still had my bra on, the strap was getting in the way.
He suggested that I should remove or it would get stained from the oils. I asked him to remove it and he did it obligingly. He then told Madam , it would be better if you could remove your gown and lie on your stomach and he held a big towel in front of him and after I lay down, he covered me with it. My panty was still covered with the white cloth and then he removed the top half and started massaging my back in a slow motion then he moved t my hands and sides, using oil liberally.
It was felt wonderful and next he started with my toes and legs, massaging them until he reached my knees and by this time, I was getting exited and was thinking about what he would do next. He then removed the towel completely and removed the white cloth as well without asking me and I was feeling very shy and became much tensed. Then he began to knead my bums and thighs, spreading my legs slightly.
He poured oil liberally I could feel the oil trickling between my crack. It ran down and trickled along the slit of my pussy. He used his hands to pinch and massage my bums and slowly was inserting his oily finger into my crack and I knew he was trying to touch my anus. I was getting very excited and could feel the heat in my breasts and nipples and was getting wet in my pussy. This continued for some time
Then he asked me turn over by this time I had decided to let whatever he would want to do to me happen after I turned over, he casually said that he would not cover me since I had oil all over me. I did not say anything, deciding to see where this would lead. I could see him looking at my nipples and the chains that hovered over them. I was looking like a ancient princess and also my pussy. I was looking at the big bulge in his shorts.
I knew that he was also getting exited. He then started with my shoulders and then moved down to my breasts. I knew what he would do next. He took a generous amount of oil and stated massaging my left breast first from bottom to top and then back again by this time my nipples were erect. I have long, thick nipples and he started kneading them between his fingers slowly. It was wonderful. I just closed my eyes and started enjoying.
He began with both hands – cupping my breasts from the bottom and taking it to top. It was so erotic to have this stranger fondling my swelling breasts and playing with my erect nipples. It felt like the sensations were sending signals from my breasts down to my swelling pussy. This made me exited and the juices began to flow in my pussy. He was making me almost cum. I told him stop for a while, as I could not control.
He stopped for a while and let me relax. It was very strange that a master (me) was completely nude whereas my servant (Ravi) was complete with clothes though they were fully oiled and this made me more wet then he started again with my legs quickly he came up to my thighs, massaging them and slowly opening my legs. I am sure that could see my juices flowing. I had completely shaven my pussy a few days earlier and was quite smooth down there.
He poured some oil on my stomach and started massaging downwards, slowly moving towards my pussy. By this time I could not control myself. I wanted him to touch me. First, he began to caress my labia, and then he spread my legs a little more. I was sure that he could see my excited clit. He slowly began to tease it with his fingers. Then he slowly inserted his middle finger inside me and started fingering me. The sensation was electric.
I shuddered and almost came. I moaned and spread my legs wider for him as his finger went in and out of my pussy faster and deeper. I could no longer control myself and within no time had an explosive orgasm. It took me few minutes to compose myself after such a huge orgasm. I noticed that he had removed his shirt/vest/pant/underwear and was wearing transparent single use underwear.
I saw and smiled at him and he smiled back at me and came to me and whispered Maha now the main fun begins and he did not address me as Madam and only Maha he knew I was under his total control it was as if he had hypnotised me. He was rubbing his cock through his underwear. His bulge was huge and he came near to me and did not remove his underwear instead he tore it and when he did.
His cock sprang up, fully erect tearing the undy was more erotic than removing even though his was not big in length (about 6 inches long), it was huge in size very thick when I touched it, his cock began to throb so much that it was hard to hold my hand. I could see his pre cum leaking from the open slit at tits tip. He also could not control and when I just began to touch it he came suddenly squirting his juice then we relaxed and recovered for a little while talking about how we felt.
He kissed me on the forehead and addressed me Maha and Nee and Dee ( Nee means tum/you in hindi, english and dee means tu hey you while I was addressing him as Neenga, Neenga means aap you as sign of respect in hindi English as if he was my husband. He suggested that we have a wash and there was a bath tub and he got into it and asked me to get in it was very warm water with jasmine smell and it was lovely We spent time teasing and washing each other just.
We soaped each other and massaged each other while standing up. The chains were getting stuck in his hair and I had to remove them and all this was very erotic by that time, his cock had started to get hard again and I was also feeling aroused again. We left the shower and toweled off. I then made him sit on a chair. His cock was fully erect again. I felt it with my hand, tracing along the lines of its head and feeling the bulging veins of its shaft.
His soft moans and breathing told me that he was enjoying what I was doing with it. I leaned my mouth over it and slowly lowered my lips onto the tip. I began to suck him. It was then when I realized just how thick his cock was. I had difficulty putting it into my mouth. Instead, I so teased him with my tongue, licking on all sides and feeling his balls with my hands. This caused him to continue to get bigger. Well while I was giving him a blow job.
I was still wearing my chains and they kept shaking I had let my hair loose and he was playing with my nipples and teasing me as well. I was also getting very excited. My clit was getting hard and I could feel my juices running down my legs. He then suggested that I lie on floor. We put some towels on the floor and I lay down there, legs spread wide. I was excited, yet at the same time little afraid of how his thick cock would feel inside of me even though my juices were overflowing.
I asked him to go slowly and he wanted to suck on me before putting his cock inside, but I told him that I knew I was so close to cuming and wanted to cum with him inside of me. He moved to between my legs and teased my pussy lips with his cock. I was just waiting for it to enter. I wanted it so badly. My swollen labia were opening wide, ready to accept this wonderful cock. He slowly began to press the tip against my opening, pushing it in slowly at first it was little tight when it was halfway inside of me.
He asked whether he could push it all the way in. I told him that he could with a final hard thrust, I felt it fill me up. I could feel the warmth and even with all the juice he could feel it tight inside. He just lay on top of me with his cock buried deep inside of my hungry pussy, not making a move for a few moments. We savoured the feeling. I could feel my pussy’s walls contracting and clamping around his thick cock then he began to pull it back out before thrusting it back inside. Words cannot describe what it felt like to have the fullness of the cock impaling me.
He sucked on my nipples and played with my chains especially my mangalasutra and was addressing as Dei Srini onu pondaati ippo yen wappattti (Means hey Srini(My husband) you wife is now my sex slave)while his cock continued to glide in and out of my slick pussy. I was enjoying every second and decided that I wanted to be on top of him, so we rolled over. I raised myself up and squatted over him, swallowing up his hard cock with my pussy. He rubbed my clit with his thumb as I continued to ride him.
I don’t know how many times I came. It was as if multiple waves of electrically charged pleasure washed over me. He told me that he wanted to try it Rockygie style, but I was so tired I told him to cum. I couldn’t take it anymore. I knew he was also close to cuming. We rolled over and he started thrusting in and out vigorously. In a few minutes I felt my final orgasm building as my entire body began to shake. It was as if vibrations were radiating outward from my pussy to every part of my body.
He must have felt it too; because he suddenly groaned loudly and with one final deep push, he came inside of me. I could feel his warm cum shooting deep in me. He took his penis out and took my thaali (mangalasutra) and poured some juice on that as well my mangalasutra (thaali) was completely drenched in cum and juices he gave me a French kiss as well and this was a wonderful feeling to have a young stranger (who basically is your servant a person who basically is submissive to you taking charge of you slowly.
Making his dominant rich master submissive to his desires and his cock this thick inside of me and after few minutes, he rolled off of me. His cock was coated with a mixture of my juices and his cum. I savoured the moments as I felt myself come down from the experience. My pussy could almost “feel him inside of it still. My clit was still throbbing and I knew that my hole was still open; gaping wide as I felt a little more of his cum dripping out of it and running down onto my bum.
I wanted to just lie there and relax for a little longer. Unfortunately, the woman receptionist walked in (surprisingly without knocking) and told us that the room was required for another appointment, so we had to leave. She looked at both of us (both of us were nude and my hair was completely out of place) and asked me if I enjoyed my massage with him. She smiled and told me that he had given many clients a full massage, so she knew exactly what I had experienced.
We washed up and my saree accidentally fell off and became all wet and even my bra panty which Ravi had removed he returned to me in wet and half torn state and I was very embarrassed to wear wet saree and leave from there and I wore the wet saree and came to the reception and was watching lot of people ogling at me. The receptionist smiled at me and told me that Ravi would drop you if you could wait for an hour or so and I obliged as I had no choice.
After an hour Ravi asked me to come with him and he had a pulsar vehicle and he asked me to sit and tightly hug him and he drive so fast and dropped me at my place directly as I couldn’t get dropped earlier due to my dress. I asked him to come over and have tea I was getting more aroused I had another unbelievable session that day with Ravi in fact now my sessions are three some with Sudha and Ravi and both have started addressing me as Maha Dee Nee No more respect as madam.
They even suggested that I can also join their parlour and give happy ending massage to male clients(as it is unisex parlour) to male clients as few of them have been inquiring about me after the wet saree incident they told they will pay me handsomely. Well I quit my job at the bank few years back citing boredom. My husband thinks that I am housewife but I have joined in as a female masseur giving happy endings to male masseur in case you don’t know what happy ending is it is making males masturbate through the sexual stimulation of their tool after giving them an initial massage.
I still have the same clothing style saree sleeveless blouse low choli like thread six to seven chains till my navel sindorr and lots of flowers. I start with this dress while doing massage to males who are completely undressed and as I massage each part of their body. I remove one dress of mine at every stage which is why it becomes very erotic. I had an unbelievable session with a young student, Sidharth 18 years old and in 11th std few months back more about that in next. I must admit candidly, that writing it out for you. I had helped me to relive the experience. I have been completely aroused while writing it. Do let me know how you thought my real life experience was.

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