Love Thy Neighbour

Rewind a couple of months to when I bought a house. I came home from work to find a card through the letterbox. I opened it up, it was a new home card “from Stephen and Danni (next door)”. After dinner I decided to go and chap the door and introduce myself. I chapped the door and was greeted by a guy in his late 30s. He introduced himself as Stephen and shouted Danni from upstairs. I heard footsteps coming down the stairs then saw a beautiful face peek round the door, brunette with brown eyes and full lips framing a nice smile.

“Why don’t you come in for a few drinks since it’s Friday night?” She suggested.

“Give me 10 mins and I’ll come back through”‘ I replied.

I chapped the door again, it was Danni that answered, I was almost blown away by her beauty, she wore figure hugging black jeans and a pink flowy top, I shook her hand and kissed her cheek to properly introduce myself. She looked very similar to Ava Addams, I was getting the impression she was a trophy wife for Stephen cause he was punching above his weight and she looked early 30’s.

Danni showed me through to the living room just as Stephen came through with a couple of beers and handed me one. He sat on an armchair, I sat on one end of the couch as Danni sat on the other.

“How long have you guys been here?” I asked.

“It’s a few months” replied Stephen.
“It’s been like living on a building site with more houses being built at the end of the street, but I’m so glad we finally have a neighbour! Danni exclaimed.

“Yeah I know, I’ve not liked being woken early by the diggers” I said.

“What do you guys do?” I asked.

“I’m a car showroom manager, in charge of all the salesmen, and Danni’s a vetinary assistant, how about you?”

“I’m an accountant, just recently became chartered, which helped get the house” I replied.

After more chit chat, I got the impression that Stephen was the cocky type. He’s 39 and Danni is 31 (me being 28 ), they’ve been together for 3 years, not married or engaged, first time living together, Stephen goes out every other weekend to blow off some steam from work. Danni prefers staying in and having friends round. I’m much the same.

Stephen went to get more drinks, Danni turned to me and asked, “no girl in your life?”
“Not at the moment, but not really enjoying the single life any more, it’s harder to meet girls in bars etc cause they’re much younger, all the nice ones seem to be taken” I replied.
“I’m sure your luck will change soon” Danni said, just as Stephen came back in.

After a couple more drinks I decided to leave, still exhausted from the move a few days earlier. I went to take my empty bottle through to the kitchen when Stephen said “don’t be daft, I’ll get that, it’s nice to meet you” as he shook my hand.
“I’ll see you out”, said Danni as she walked towards the door. I managed to catch a glimpse of her ass, it was packed into those tight jeans. Danni opened the door and excitedly said “it’s so great to have such a nice neighbour!” She gave me a hug, it was so unexpected but I could feel her breasts pressed against me, they certainly weren’t small.
“Good night”

Over the next few weeks, it was just a lot of “Hi’s” as we passed in the driveways. But over those weeks, I had been hearing a lot of arguments coming from next door, doors slamming etc. One morning Danni and I were leaving for work at the same time, I didn’t mention the noise but I knew I was having a house warming at the weekend.

“just to let you know I’m having a housewarming on Saturday, I’d like it if you guys could make it” I offered.

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