Love that Binds

Karen and Peter married young; both being under 21 years of age. Karen was in fact 18 years old and Paul was 20 years old when the married in a registry office. Now over the last twelve years they had done a great job at keeping the marriage spark alive; for five years now they had been involved in role playing, everything from Karen pretending to be a prostitute to Peter pretending to be a virgin and having to be seduced by Karen.

But now the thrill of these roles was wearing thin and they both were finding it harder and harder to come up with new believable scenarios to act out. Karen had recently confessed a hidden desire to try submissive bondage but Peter had baulked at the idea because it felt beyond his own comfort zone. However the ever resourceful Karen had slowly nurtured the idea by discussing what it involved every night before the pair went to sleep. In fact one idea had interested Peter above all else and it was the idea put into his mind by Karen when she suggested that he would probably love to have his willing wife tied up so she could not prevent him from doing whatever he wanted to do to her and as her master he would be able to demand she did all he said.

Next weekend being their thirteenth wedding anniversary he decided that he would try to carry out Karen’s wishes with a few twists of his own; but hoping whatever he did would no permanently damage their relationship. So on the Friday morning he left a scented envelope on Karen’s pillow; inside were instructions about showering and shaving her cunt before the planned party that night. The fact that the instructions were signed Master Peter; led Karen to suspect that at some stage during the party he would tell her what her fate would be for the night when they were alone.

First to arrive was Karen’s widowed mother; after pleasantries were exchanged she placed Karen’s wrapped present on the side table and helped herself to her favourite tipple of neat gin. Next Rob and Cindy arrived; friends of both Karen and Peter from them all working together a few years ago. Again after the pleasantries were exchanged Cindy pulled Karen to one side and asked if everything was ok only she swore Karen looked different and seemed worried by something.

Now Karen and Cindy had often shared many secrets and could always tell each other their most intimate of details; so Karen confided in her friend that Peter or as she had to call him for the time being; Master Peter had planned something special tonight and she was just excited as to when she was going to be treat like a real submissive. Cindy responded by calling Karen a lucky cunt and hinted that it was all Rob could do lately to even give her a kiss let alone a surprise like that.

Soon the last of the twenty guests arrived and as Karen and Peter circulated like dutiful hosts; Karen kept appearing to be the centre of attention as one would expect of the anniversary girl. It was now about 10 30 pm when Peter pulled Karen out into the hallway and pinned her against the wall; leaning in to kiss her he also whispered that she had to undo the top five buttons on her blouse or face punishment later; already Karen was not wearing a bra and her 38C tits were becoming clearly excited as she had noticed her nipples sticking out against the blouse material like organ stops.

Knowing better than to disobey Peter in these role playing games; she dutifully undid the buttons as instructed when suddenly Rob grabbed her hand and demanded to dance with the sexy bride of thirteen years ago. Peter knew that when Karen got dancing the combination of no bra and reduced number of buttons to hide and contain her breasts would have the desired effect of making Karen aware of every man watching her boobs jiggle and a few women too for that matter.

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