Lori, My Wife’s Best Friend

“You want to step outside and take a hit?” That question was asked of me by my wife’s best friend. Normally Lori would be out with my wife, but Penny was on a marathon phone conversation with her mother. I’m sure she would have liked to hit the bong too but we don’t do that in the house.

Lori was no stranger to our home; she and Penny have been friends since grade school. They work together, they play together, they are tight. Lori was maid of honor at our wedding 5 years earlier and was in the delivery room when our son was born. She tried marriage twice but gave both of them up as interesting but failed experiments. Now she just strings along a few men. I think she is trying to set a record for greatest miles of cock between her legs. She hasn’t set the record yet, but she’s only 28, she has time.

I like Lori. She is a good friend to us and closer than an aunt to our son. Her boyfriend antics keep both Penny and me entertained on a regular basis. We never know who she will be bringing home to meet us. I didn’t know there were that many unattached men in our town. But then, I’m sure Lori isn’t always too careful to latch on to only unattached men. I heard her tell Penny once, “There’s no wedding ring on his cock.”

She and I went out to the patio and lit off the bong. I’m a recreational toker, weekends and special occasions; today was Friday.

Penny was planning a trip with her parents to see her brother who lived a few hundred miles away. He got royally fucked up when a car hit his motorcycle and the family was gathering for support. Penny expected to be gone at least two weeks. Lori was going to help me take care of the kid while Penny was gone. When the phone call was done, Penny came out and launched into a detailed monologue about the trip they were planning. She grabbed the pot pipe and joined Lori and me. She was saying that she might be there longer than two weeks because her brother had to have therapy after surgery. They would be in his apartment so it wouldn’t cost anything to stay, but he would need moral and physical support.

The two women talked about the trip and how Lori would be helping with our son. She worked close to the day care we used so she could drop him off and pick him up. After I got home from work, she would be free to go. It would be little harder on her because she would have to get up earlier and drive to our place for the kid. Even though that was an inconvenience for her, it was a lot better than if I had to take him to daycare. It would be an hour out of my way because I work in the opposite direction.

The girls talked and I got high and watched them. I liked watching them. Penny fascinates me. I don’t know how someone as pretty and sexy as her can hang out with a clod like me. I never felt like I was a ladies’ man or even all that attractive to women but she doesn’t see me that way. At 5’8” she is just 2 inches shorter than me, which makes for great sex up against a wall. I can put my cock into her and she’ll lift one leg around my waist while standing on the other with her arms around my neck. I can fuck her so hard that she will lift off the floor when I thrust up into her. Some of the best quickies we have are when she has a skirt on. Push aside the panties and in goes the cock. We both get off on doing that. Hell, we get off on doing anything with each other.

Lori is no ugly bitch either. She is taller than Penny and every bit as attractive. She has long straight black hair that frames an exotic face that shows her mixed European-Asian heritage. Her dad is Italian, her mom Japanese. She has the Mediterranean dark skin tone with medium brown eyes that flash gold tints, a gift from her mother’s genes. Her slightly almond shaped eyes look luminescent. Viewed from the back she stands on long flawless legs that form into a set of hips and ass that beg for attention. Turn her around and your eyes flow from the junction of her thighs, over the slight roundness of her pubic mons up a flat stomach to the breasts which announce proudly, I am a woman, look at me. She doesn’t have a lot of cleavage but her tits fill out a blouse nicely. Without the bra her nipples are always points of interest, she looks like she is always turned on.

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