Looking back to Tim and Cindy’s early days together

I was lying on a lounger by our pool, laptop on my stomach, my head back remembering details before I would type them into my doc. The back door opened, I heard that voice that had comforted me and moved me and excited me for over 30 years.

“Just WHAT are you writing about today Tim?”


“Mmm, indeed. By the look of the hardon in your swim trunks, it BETTER be about me.”

I opened an eye and looked over at Cindy. Now in her 50s, she still excited me. “Of course it’s you. It’s always you.” She sat on the edge of the lounger, her hand soon moving slowly over my hard cock.

“So tell me. What escapades have caused this reaction?” She now reached into my shorts, gripping my cock more firmly.

“Uh, I um, was writing about how we met. The early days.”

“Oh do tell.” Cindy stood, released the ties on her swim suit, revealing the small triangle of hair. She threw one leg over me, settling onto my hard cock, letting me sink into her as I have oh so many times. “Mmm, as good as ever. Now, tell me everything as you remember it. I’ll let you know if you’ve got it right.”

“I’ll try. You might be distracting me just a bit.” But I wasn’t complaining as Cindy rocked herself on me.


I wasn’t really looking. OK, I was almost 19 so I was ALWAYS looking, but I wasn’t looking for a girlfriend. I didn’t have a regular girlfriend at the moment, but it’s not like I had any problems with girls. I was your basic average NJ guy of the early 80s. Longish hair, outgoing personality, somewhat confident. It was late summer, for the first time I didn’t have to worry about school starting up soon. I was out hitting the local bars with my friends.

We were having a good time, listening to music, checking out those of the female persuasion. Then I saw her. Sitting with a group of her friends. There were a lot of girls there, and it was loud and a bit smoky, but she stood out, as if even the haze of cigarette smoke couldn’t hide her from me. I stared. I stared way too long. One of her friends noticed and said something in her ear while pointing towards me. She turned to look. Smiled. Winked. Then called me over with one bent finger. For the first of many many times, I did as she requested. I walked over to the table, said hello in general to the group, then looking right at her,

“Hi I’m Tim.” She stood and moved closer to me.

“I’m Cindy, want to dance?” Now dancing was not my claim to fame, but I wasn’t passing up this chance.

“Sure.” We danced, we talked, as well as we could in the loud bar. After a couple songs I asked if she wanted to go outside. “Just to talk, it’s too loud in here. We’ll be right out front”, I assured her.

“OK.” She got a friend’s attention, made a motion to the door and gave her a hand signal, 5 fingers.

So far I’d only noticed how cute she was. Long wavy hair, beautiful smile, full lips. As I follwed her out, I noticed that she was thin, with a nice tight little butt. When we got outside she said,

“OK tell me about Tim.” So I filled her in. All the usual stuff, not very exciting, but that was me. I guess I rambled a bit, as I must have used up my five minutes. Her three friends came out to check on us. She looked at me, “We’re on our way home. Want to walk with me?” I saw her friends look at me, then at each other. They started to walk. I tentatively reached out a hand. She took it and we followed her friends. She told me about Cindy. As I looked over I noted that her butt wasn’t her only nice physical feature. Her shirt seemed to conceal two bouncy breasts. She seemed the complete package. I thought to myself, oh please please let her be smart and funny and personable. We walked and talked. She made me laugh, she told me about her family, a sister and brother, senior year starting in a couple weeks. She was 17 at the time. Yes I know, but NJ bars didn’t check very closely at the time. The boxes were being checked off quickly, then she stopped. I stopped. She turned to me. And…

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