Looking back to Tim and Cindy’s early days together

I was lying on a lounger by our pool, laptop on my stomach, my head back remembering details before I would type them into my doc. The back door opened, I heard that voice that had comforted me and moved me and excited me for over 30 years.

“Just WHAT are you writing about today Tim?”


“Mmm, indeed. By the look of the hardon in your swim trunks, it BETTER be about me.”

I opened an eye and looked over at Cindy. Now in her 50s, she still excited me. “Of course it’s you. It’s always you.” She sat on the edge of the lounger, her hand soon moving slowly over my hard cock.

“So tell me. What escapades have caused this reaction?” She now reached into my shorts, gripping my cock more firmly.

“Uh, I um, was writing about how we met. The early days.”

“Oh do tell.” Cindy stood, released the ties on her swim suit, revealing the small triangle of hair. She threw one leg over me, settling onto my hard cock, letting me sink into her as I have oh so many times. “Mmm, as good as ever. Now, tell me everything as you remember it. I’ll let you know if you’ve got it right.”

“I’ll try. You might be distracting me just a bit.” But I wasn’t complaining as Cindy rocked herself on me.


I wasn’t really looking. OK, I was almost 19 so I was ALWAYS looking, but I wasn’t looking for a girlfriend. I didn’t have a regular girlfriend at the moment, but it’s not like I had any problems with girls. I was your basic average NJ guy of the early 80s. Longish hair, outgoing personality, somewhat confident. It was late summer, for the first time I didn’t have to worry about school starting up soon. I was out hitting the local bars with my friends.

We were having a good time, listening to music, checking out those of the female persuasion. Then I saw her. Sitting with a group of her friends. There were a lot of girls there, and it was loud and a bit smoky, but she stood out, as if even the haze of cigarette smoke couldn’t hide her from me. I stared. I stared way too long. One of her friends noticed and said something in her ear while pointing towards me. She turned to look. Smiled. Winked. Then called me over with one bent finger. For the first of many many times, I did as she requested. I walked over to the table, said hello in general to the group, then looking right at her,

“Hi I’m Tim.” She stood and moved closer to me.

“I’m Cindy, want to dance?” Now dancing was not my claim to fame, but I wasn’t passing up this chance.

“Sure.” We danced, we talked, as well as we could in the loud bar. After a couple songs I asked if she wanted to go outside. “Just to talk, it’s too loud in here. We’ll be right out front”, I assured her.

“OK.” She got a friend’s attention, made a motion to the door and gave her a hand signal, 5 fingers.

So far I’d only noticed how cute she was. Long wavy hair, beautiful smile, full lips. As I follwed her out, I noticed that she was thin, with a nice tight little butt. When we got outside she said,

“OK tell me about Tim.” So I filled her in. All the usual stuff, not very exciting, but that was me. I guess I rambled a bit, as I must have used up my five minutes. Her three friends came out to check on us. She looked at me, “We’re on our way home. Want to walk with me?” I saw her friends look at me, then at each other. They started to walk. I tentatively reached out a hand. She took it and we followed her friends. She told me about Cindy. As I looked over I noted that her butt wasn’t her only nice physical feature. Her shirt seemed to conceal two bouncy breasts. She seemed the complete package. I thought to myself, oh please please let her be smart and funny and personable. We walked and talked. She made me laugh, she told me about her family, a sister and brother, senior year starting in a couple weeks. She was 17 at the time. Yes I know, but NJ bars didn’t check very closely at the time. The boxes were being checked off quickly, then she stopped. I stopped. She turned to me. And…

She kissed me. At the time I didn’t know it was the first of countless times. At the time I wanted that one kiss to last forever. In my surprise I guess I didn’t exactly reciprocate. She looked at me.

“Is something wrong Tim? I’m sorry if..”

“No, no. I wasn’t expecting. Can I try again?” She laughed. Then she kissed me again. This time I was ready.

“Mmm, much better.” I pulled her closer to me. This time I kissed her with gusto. She stayed with me the whole time. When we broke, she looked at me. “I like you Tim, but don’t get any ideas. I’m not that easy.”

“No, I didn’t think.”

“Maybe. But don’t lie, you hoped.” Oh she was so interesting. I was hooked. I tried again.

“Really, I..”

“Tim, Tim, Tim. Don’t tell me a fib.” She held herself against me. Then smiled at me. I was caught. I looked down at her, she was a bit shorter than me, maybe 5-3. I smiled back.

“Caught.” We kissed again then turned to follow her friends.

When Cindy’s friends turned to walk up separate blocks to their homes, I continued walking with Cindy to her family home. We stopped outside and shared some more time in each other’s arms, my hands following along her back, down her sides to the swell of her hips. A move towards her breast was thwarted,

“Behave, I hardly know you.” I acknowledged her playful stop to my efforts. We separated as friends, agreeing to plan a night out together.

One date led to several. Usually ending up sitting on her parent’s porch where I eventually did get to hold her perfect breasts for the first time. She sighed as my hand caressed and squeezed her, trembling fingers loosening a button or two to allow better access. My efforts were rewarded as I felt her small nipple hard against her bra, all the while kissing along her neck and shoulder and back to her lips. When she felt I’d had enough for one night, I hadn’t, we readjusted ourselves and got to know each other better, verbally.

Just 17, Cindy hadn’t quite filled out into the woman who would one day be America’s Sweetheart. Still, she was everything a young man could desire. She was every bit as smart, and funny and enticing as a guy could want. We did all the usual teenage things. When her family went away for a week to end the summer, I was left behind to dream of her. The night before they left, she gave me a little something to hold me over. Parked in a quiet area near the city park, we had been making use of the seclusion to let our hands roam while our tongues wrestled. Sliding her hand into my shorts, Cindy began lightly stroking me. She’d fondled my cock a couple of times previously, letting me know with “mmm’s” that she was satisfied with what she found. This time she took my cock out and looked at it. Still stroking she rested her head on my shoulder.

“Are you going to miss me Tim?”

“Of course. Every minute of every day.”

“You won’t go find some floozy to satisfy your needs?”

“No, you’re all I need.”

“Oh stop. I know I haven’t really given you what you really need.” All this time letting her nails draw lines on my now hard cock. “You must have had lots of girls, but now nothing?”

“Not that many. Really. And you?”

“A couple. Too soon. Now I want to be sure.”

“Sure? Of what.”

“I promised myself that I wouldn’t be pressured ever again. It would always be on my terms.”

“I haven’t pressured you.” Still touching, stroking, teasing.

“No, you haven’t. A perfect gentleman. That’s good.”

“MMm hmm” I was now getting lost in the feeling of her hand on my cock.

“So, I don’t want you to miss me too much and do something silly.”

“Silly? Oooh. No just you.”

“Then let me give you something to remember me. Until I get home.” Cindy leaned over and took my cock into her mouth. It was all I could do to not blow my load instantly. I’d had plenty of blow jobs, but she was good. So good. First bobbing on my cock, getting it nice and wet, then letting her tongue trace it’s length (average length, what can I say), then around and around (above average girth, thank you) sucking at the head, then doing what no one had done before, going down, down, until I was in her throat and her face was pressed against my pubes. Holding it there, then slowly up. That was it for me,

“Cindy, I’m gonna…” And back down she went. Using her tongue, the muscles in her throat, coaxing me, then sucking and swallowing as I shot over and over into her mouth. Not a drop spilled, nothing left, she slid her mouth up my cock and popped the head out of her mouth. With a smile,

“There. Now will you wait for me?” I nodded. “I like your cock.” I was hooked.

As school started, we couldn’t go out as often. I was busy working anyway. But as the weather got cooler, we sat out on the porch with a blanket over us. This conveniently allowed for more fondling. One night, sitting close I dared let my hand stray to the top of her jeans. When I undid the button and Cindy made no move to stop me, I slid down the zipper. The going got tight as I tried sliding my hand inside her jeans. I was nibbling at her ear, so I whispered, “A little help please?” She lifted her butt and slid her pants down a bit. My hand now found it’s way down to her panties. She turned and kissed me full on the mouth as my fingers found their way inside, brushing through a full bush of hair, finding the folds of her lips. We held our kiss, locked together as I let my middle finger separate her slit and push downward to her wet opening. Now properly lubricated I moved my fingers around, touching and feeling, inside, outside, up and down, circling her clit, teasing and poking and prodding. I noted how her breathing changed, when she clamped down on my lower lip, when her tongue feverishly probed for mine, when she finaly broke the kiss, to lay her head on my chest as she panted and moaned and sighed. Finally she put her hand over mine, holding me in place as I stimulated her clit, she whimpered and did her best not to cry out, cumming as I pressed and squeezed. Then she relaxed and turned her head up to mine, kissing me deeply, promising,

“Soon.” I held her in my arms. Satisfied that I’d given her pleasure. Hoping that I would always do that.

Soon wasn’t all that soon. There were more blow jobs, and manual stimulations. I was getting to know Cindy’s body in bits and pieces. We had some fun when we could, but still we hadn’t gone all the way. I did sometimes wonder. But she was so cute, so sexy, so good at what we did do. So I waited.

I was invited to Cindy’s house for Thanksgiving. Normally I’d have spent the day with my family, but my father gve me the go ahead. Since my sister had moved out west they were going to take a trip to visit my grandmother. I had a great meal with Cindy’s family. Her parents seemed to approve of me as a boyfriend. I was generally quiet and polite around them. Cindy’s sister Sandy was a couple years younger. She was a bit of a wise ass and wise beyond her years. When she’d walk past me she’d make comments about her sister or ask if she “put out yet”. Their younger brother Johnny was already as tall as me and generally kept to himself. We watched the football games, had a second helping of turkey and assorted leftovers, then a round of pies. We were all stuffed and the family began making their way upstairs earlier than usual. Cindy and I were watching TV with only Sandy in the room. I could tell they were having some kind of

conversation, without words. Finally Sandy got up and announced,

“I guess I’ll go upstairs so Cindy can blow her boyfriend.”

“Sandy! Why do you have to be crude?” Sandy stuck out her tongue then rolled it around the inside of her cheek.

“Have fun kids.”

Then we were alone. Cindy moved closer to me.

“Don’t mind Sandy, she still a bit immature. She likes giving me a hard time.”

“She’s ok. I don’t mind her teasing.” Cindy cut me off, moving in for a kiss. We had a certain amount of privacy so we were soon well beyond kissing. I was lying on my back on their leather sofa, Cindy was laying on top of me, her hands up under my shirt, her nails wandering over my chest as she kissed me and tickled me with her tongue.

“Hold on a sec.” To my dismay Cindy hopped off me and quietly went upstairs. I sat up a bit to be presentable. When Cindy returned she said,

“Good they’re all asleep. Now where were we?” She pushed me back and picked up where she’d been. By now my cock was painfully full and straining in my pants. Cindy could no doubt feel it pressing against her. She sat back and opened my pants, pulling down my undershorts to free my cock which now pointed to the ceiling. As she grasped it in her hand, giving it a quick stroke, I asked,

“Would you, maybe give me one of your body shaking blow jobs?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“No?” I was surprised. Cindy wasn’t shy about doing what we did.

“No, I want to have sex with you.” I was speechless. This was about to be the best night of my life. I guess I was speechless too long, “What’s the matter? You don’t want to?”

“No, I mean yes, of course.” Cindy smiled and slid down her pants. She was moving quick as we were taking a chance here. I got a quick look at her bush as she leaned over me and directed my cock to her waiting pussy. I gasped as I entered her. She slowly lowered herself onto me. When she’d settled fully on to me she closed her eyes, a contented smile on her face, a nod. As for me, I’d never felt anything like this. Yes, I’d had sex before, and I would again, but never would I feel anything like the way our bodies conformed to each other. Her pussy enveloped me, gripping me as I was held just right. Cindy put her hands on my chest, moved herself forward and back. I lay there, basically doing nothing as this angel fucked me. Her body arching and rocking as she used my cock for her pleasure. She was barely making any noise, just

“Uh, huh, mmmm, ahhh.” Her mouth in a little O as she felt me fill her, stretching her a bit, reaching her depths, then sliding off me. Now I concentrated on holding off as long as I could, wanting her to extend her pleasure. She rocked and rolled her hips, taking me in and using me to reach the spots that needed attention. She picked up her pace, then suddenly sat down on me, grinding herself on to me as she held on, her face scrunched, trying not to make much noise, cumming, burying her head into my neck, cumming, rubbing herself onto me, cumming, hissing into my ear, “oh god”, cumming, then done, collapsing on me. “I want that forever.”

“I..I’m gonna..”

“Pull out! Shit I meant to tell you.” She sat back. I began spurting cum onto her, her pubic hair now dripping with my cum, spurts up on her stomach, on her shirt, dribbling down my softening cock. She jumped up, her hands under her and ran for tissues. I tried not to let it run off onto the sofa. When Cindy came back she was giggling, cleaning us up. “I am so so sorry.”

“It’s ok, that was amazing.”

“For me. And you just laid there. Next time squeeze my tits or something.”

Sorry, I was surprised we were and then it felt so good and you were in another world.”

“I was in another world because your cock is perfect for me. It gets to all the right place and doesn’t hurt me or make me uncomfortable.”

“Your, uh, you felt perfect too.” Cindy was cleaning me up, her touch causing me to stiffen again.

“Well this is promising. You always ready for another round so soon?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Well we probably pushed it already doing this but here let me make it up to you.” She’d just fucked me better than anyone had and she was going to make it up to me? Yeah she did. She soon had me all the way in her throat, sucking another load from me. When we were cleaned up and presentable she straddled me, kissing me, telling me,

“I want to have sex with you many many times. We have to find a way to get some privacy. I want to lay naked with you and see how many times you can do it and never stop.”

“My parents are away for a few days. I didn’t think of it, because I didn’t think we’d do it.”

“Perfect! I’ll come over tomorrow, early. Get a bunch of condoms. And I’m going to get on the pill. I want to feel you inside and not stop.” Wow, now there was no stopping her. She began kissing my face, placing kisses all over and between each kiss, “I’m gonna fuck you, and fuck you and fuck you and fuck you until you get tired of me fucking you.”

“I don’t think that could happen.”

“Then we won’t stop fucking.”

The next day I was up early to shower and straighten up my room. I’d never had a girl alone in our moderate sized apartment. It was nothing special. Kitchen, dining room, living room and three bedrooms. Since my sister had moved out her room was a spare used for visiting family. It was late morning when I heard the doorbell and raced to let Cindy in. I stopped short when I saw her, tight jeans, short cropped white shirt, open toed shoes and her hair hanging down over her shoulders.

“You going to let me in, or are you going to stare?”

“Oh sorry, you look amazing.”

“Thanks! You, look good enough to…” Then she mouthed the work ‘Fuck’. My cock was already stirring. I let her in before the nosy neighbors opened their doors. Cindy looked around quickly. Then came to me for a lingering kiss, “Mmm, I’m not used to being alone in a guy’s place.”

“Welcome. It’s, uh, not much, but it’s home.”

“You can give me a tour later. Right now I’m only interested in one room. Unless you’re going to take me on this table.” I took her hand and led her to my bedroom. I needed to show her that I was a confident, somewhat experienced guy, rather than the tongue-tied kid she made me feel like.

“So now that we’re at my place, let’s have some fun.”

“OOh what do you have in mind?”

“First, I’ve never seen you completely nude, only bits and pieces here and there.”

“You want me to strip for you?”

“Now that sounds good.”

“Ok, sit back and enjoy.” Wow, she wasn’t insulted or put off. I sat on my bed, Cindy stood in the middle of the floor. She extended one arm above her head and gave a twirl, letting me take in her perfect form. Her breasts pushing against her tight shirt, her jeans tight on her hips, cupping her small round ass, then hugging her legs. She started by kicking off her shoes, using her hands to follow down her sides, then unsnapping her jeans and slowly, oh so slowly sliding them down, revealing the smallest underwear I’d ever seen.Now kicking aside her jeans she brought her hands to the bottom of her shirt, all the time undulating, turning, teasing, then lifting her shirt until her perfect breasts bounced free. Not quite the full C cups they’d become, they were still the finest pair of tits imaginable. Holding them in her hands she ran her thumbs over her small pale nipples. With a turn she wiggled her cute butt at me as she let her underwear down, letting them drop, pushing them aside, then holding her arms out to her sides she turned, letting me take in her form as it was meant to be seen, beautiful, sexy. I noted that she had trimmed her bush some. I noted that I’d never seen a sexier woman in real life or in a magazine. She posed hands on hips, confident, self assured, without a care in the world.

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