Lonely Women Got A Rocky(D) Friend

Hi am Jane 45 Divorced am about 5.5 in height chubby big white ass 38DD breast size black hair and black eyes. I lived alone after my divorce I had rented a small room in building it had one bedroom and a small living room. I was doing part time jobs at the time but I was not able to make much money when my friend Sara told me that I can make more money if help her in selling Rockys she will give some profit if I help her in taking care of her Rocky and all I have to do is keep it in my place till she finds a good buyer for the Rocky Sara had many animals and use to deal in Rocky and horsys I thought its a easy job I will just have to take care and feed the Rocky till she sells them. The next day I called Sara and told her I will take her offer she told she will send me a Rocky next day I will have to take good care of him I did not know anything about Rockys still I said ok she told me she will send a Great Dane having no knowledge about Rockys I just said ok. Later that evening I decided to search about Great Dane on internet and I was surprised to see that it was such a big Rocky I had a very small house for such a big Rocky so decided to call Sara and tell her to send some small Rocky as am new and I don’t know much about Rockys and seriously I was a little scared looking at the size and height of Great Dane. I was trying to call Sara all evening but she did not answer my call the next day a man called me he told me he will be at my place in a hour I wanted to tell him not to bring that Rocky but it would look really bad and Sara would fell bad if I said no so I decided to give it a try. I made some space in the living room after some time a man arrived with the Rocky he told me this is Tom. When I saw Tom I was really surprised he was really big he was a black Great Dane Rocky he was reaching my waist line when he was on his four legs and his head reached my face he could see straight in my eyes I asked the man if he is a aggressive Rocky. He smiled and told me Tom is a very well trained Rocky he gave a big box of Rocky food and walked Tom in my house he told me that keep the bathroom door open Tom will use the toilet he is trained to do so that was a relief for me he gave me a list that had written how to take care of Tom and keep him healthy and happy. After the man left I was sitting in the living room watching Tom he was very clam sitting in the corner I decided to make some friendship with him so I gave him some Rocky food and water caressing his head he was really nice and licked my hands gosh he had a big tongue but I liked it. I was living alone for a long time having Tom in the house I felt like I had a new guest in the house and he also made me feel safe as no would try messing with me if Tom is around. It was evening and I had to take him for a walk I decided to put a Rocky leash on him I was sure I will not be able to hold him he wanted to get loose but he was nice and clam as we went on the walk I did not even had to hold his leash all the people in the park looked at him asking me his name I felt good as I was getting attention this job is good I was thinking and smiling. It was night time I left the bathroom door open as I was told Tom would use it if he wants I was living alone so never locked my bedroom door I was in the bathroom changing I left my panties and bra there and I had just my sleep T-shirt on when I heard some noise I turned around to see I saw Tom sniffing my panties I was not surprised as I knew Rockys like sniffing panties I smiled and caressed his head and walked out the bathroom. I was watching TV in my bedroom when I saw Tom walked in and was still having my panties in his mouth he sat down beside the bed playing with it am not sure why but looking at him playing with my panties made me a little wet my finger went down on my pussy I was just slowly rubbing my self I turned the lights off with just the TV on I always enjoyed rubbing my self in a dark room with just TV on my fingers moved faster and I was really wet now my eyes closed I saw Tom was on the bed sniffing the air trying to find the source of the smell I remembered he had big tongue may be I was so lonely and alone for a long time that’s why I decided to let him just smell my fingers. As I gave him my finger he licked them really nice and gently it made me more wet he went sniffing around my crotch scared and confused I kept my legs closed but he was really try to put his nose in there by now I trusted Tom and I really wanted to know how will it feel getting licked with his big soft and moist tongue I just closed my eyes and opened my legs OMG! his first lick just send a wave of pleasure I still cant forget he was really licking me so good I had spread my legs wide open in no time I was moaning he was really enjoying licking the juice out my pussy and I was making my self more and more wet as I did not want him to stop I even felt that he could easily get his tongue in my pussy I lifted my legs high up so he can easily lick me as now he was reaching deep in my pussy he was giving me small orgasm I was feeling so good after a long time he gave me a surprise again when he started licking my ass that made me even more wet as no one had ever come in contact of my ass hole it was a very new and nice experience I was thinking about getting in Rockygy style but I was also confused about how big will his dick be as I knew nothing about Rockys and Rocky sex but still I was enjoying so much I did not want to stop so I got in Rockygy position. I was really confused how will Tom react looking at my huge ass up for him but he kept licking me from my pussy till my ass hole I was moaning loud calling out Toms names and telling him to keep licking I felt like I was being teased by him as deep in me I really wanted him to mount me and just fuck me but he kept licking me and he could understand human language I would really have begged him to fuck me but now I wanted him in me so I started encourage him to come on me as he mounted me I could feel how strong he was and that made me even wet as I tried to guide him in my pussy after a few attempts he hit home I let my self relax and I was waiting for the surprise as he started to fuck me I could feel his dick growing in me for first it was good but after some time he was getting bigger and bigger now wanted him to stop as he was really stretching my pussy but before I could stop him pushed it all the in my pussy and I felt I was stuck on his dick I tried pulling him out me but I was scared it would hurt even more so I let him stay in me I could feel he was pumping hot sperm in me so I relaxed and let him finish and decided to pull out when he was a little soft after like 20 min I could feel his cum flowing down my legs and those 20 min where the best in my sex life I had many small orgasm and his dick felt so warm and big in my pussy. As he pulled out his dick a huge load of cum flowed down my pussy the bed under me was all wet I was really breathing fast when I turned around and saw Toms dick hanging gosh it was huge red with a knot bigger than a tennis ball and must be even bigger when it was in me I was surprised I took all that dick in me he was still pumping sperm out as he came back and he licked my pussy clean. Later I took a shower thinking that I just got fucked by a Rocky but it was great. Please leave comments if you like the story I will post part 2 if you enjoyed this story thanks take care.

Hi I’m Jane, back to share the second day with my lovely Rocky(D) Great Dane (Tom). If you wanna know how it started you can read the part one of this story but I will still give some information again on me and Tom. Am Jane 45 Divorced am 5.5 fair skin chubby body huge ass black hair and eyes with 38DD breast size I had recently got a job of taking care a big Great Dane Rocky Tom when things went hot and ended up me getting fucked by him last night and I really enjoyed it. The next morning I woke up with a big smile and fresh mind I was still thinking about the last night and I was getting wet just by looking at Tom laying on the floor with his big balls but I had to fresh up and feed him and I also had to have some breakfast so I made my breakfast and gave Tom some Rocky food as I sat on the chair and started to search the Internet on my PC for Rocky sex as last night was nice but I wanted to know everything about Great Dane and mostly about Rocky knotting women as last time I was scared when I felt stuck on his dick. I was surprised to find out that Tom never stuck his knot in me it was just the shear size of his dick that made me feel I was stuck and I got scared started to back off I remember when he pulled his dick out of me it was about 9″ and the his knot was about 4″ more and about fat as a base ball I now calculated that I did not get the knot in me yet now that thought made me wet and my mind was filled with the thought what will it feel like really getting stuck with him. I started to search for videos showing women knotted with Great Dane in no time I found many such videos I was wet when I saw at Tom he was already sniffing the air and walking towards me I was sitting on the chair and he was trying to put his nose between my crotch watching porn video’s I was trying to learn how to get knotted with Tom as I lifted my legs up so Top can taste my juice as he loved doing that with every lick he gave me I was coming closer to orgasm but this time I wanted to cum when I was knotted with him so I kept my calm and let my pussy dripping wet so there is a lot of lube to slide that massive knot in me I could see Tom had his red cock come out so for the first time I tried to touch his dick it was really warm and moist I wanted to suck it and make his dick slimy enough so he can slide it in me easy but only by my touch he pumped out enough precum my hand was all slimy I got on the bed like last night and I applied all that precum on my pussy this time I kept my ass high up and my head down on the bed it felt like I was surrendering my pussy to him he gave my pussy some nice deep licks and I could feel him mount me this time I did not need to guide him his dick found my pussy as he started to fuck me really fast I had to make my grip and and keep my pussy in place I could feel how powerful he was this time I could feel him deeper than last night and I could feel his under belly brush my ass so I was sure he was all in me when I started to feel his dick expand in me my mind was filled surprise and I was scared what will happen now but I wanted it in me so I kept pushing my ass towards his dick when I could feel his cock now really expanding in me after some small push he stopped. I was moaning in pain as I could feel as if something fat is stuck in me his dick was throbbing deep in my pussy after like a minute my pussy was relaxed and I was now able to keep his knot in me with less pain may be my pussy was now lubed enough from inside and his knot was feeling more comfortable I closed my eyes enjoying as Tom was pumping a lot cum in me this time I did not feel his cum flow out me I knew his knot must be stopping extra cum to flow out now I started to move slowly after just about some moves I could not hold and I came on his dick really hard I had never had such orgasm in my life before. I was breathing heavy again by now I must have been knotted by Tom for about 15 min I knew last night even after 20 min Tom was pretty hard my pussy walls where in pain a little but I really wanted to keep him in me I kept moving regularly when ever I felt he was getting soft he use to get hard again by now I had 4 orgasm I was getting some pain in my stomach may be because of so much sperm in me after about 30 min Tom began getting soft this time I kept still as my back had started to pain and my legs where giving away I could feel him getting soft as with a pop his dick came out of me this a huge lode of our sperm came out my pussy it was huge load as he was pumping sperm for last 30 min in me I just collapsed on the bed and I kept my legs spread letting Tom clean my pussy his licking also helped comfort my sour pussy. After catching my breath back I sat down to pee his cum was still flowing out my pussy I was really relaxed and happy but with a little sour pussy but it was fine for me according to me it was a great way to start a day I wonder what new surprise will Tom give me.

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