Lisa’s Dilemma

Lisa was unaware of the eyes watching her every move; as she inadvertently flashed her stocking tops to the mailman. Yes she knew the mailman was there and in her haste to collect the letter which required her signature she had to release her grip on her dressing gown, which opened just enough to show her white stocking tops framed against the ebony colour of her flesh. At 38 Lisa was in the prime of her life as Afro Caribbean woman so frequently are, her slender frame and pert arse often attracting a little too much attention for her prim and proper appearance, her 36 C breasts did not help conceal her natural beauty.

The Mailman was quick to seize on the opportunity and by deliberately dropping the pen she needed in order to sign for her letter, he had the perfect opportunity to kneel beside her slender legs and dainty feet with three inch heels on her stylish shoes adding extra height to her demure frame. Also it gave him the opportunity to get closer to her already horny young pussy; he could almost taste the aroma coming from her heated cunt.

She suddenly became a little flustered as her mind ran riot over the fantasy that had invaded her sleep the other night of just this kind of situation, only in her dream she was submissive and unable to move when the white mailman slipped his hand between her soaking legs and cupped her pussy. Whether by intuition or by second sight, Walter the mailman sensed his chance to at least feel this Negroid woman he had secretly fancied for months. He immediately slipped a hand up on to her thigh as he made out an attempt to stand up, she froze and lost all power to speak let alone move.

Seeing this as a sign to continue, Walter slid his hand higher up her thigh and took the chance to say, “Open your gown, my little black cock tease!”

As if someone else had taken control of her mind and body, Lisa instantly opened the gown to expose her tiny white thong and lacy bra. Across the road the unseen eyes almost popped from the young man’s head as he watched the bitch of a teacher expose herself to the mailman. This self same teacher had punished him for having his hand up some slut schoolgirl’s skirt with a weeklong detention starting tonight, how hypocritical of her to punish him and then allow this white man to see her entire body.

He was fuming as he planned a revenge for this bitch of a teacher. Concealing himself as best he could, he watched as the mailman led his teacher inside, closing the door behind him. Within seconds Ted was across the street and peering in through the window as he watched his prim and proper teacher slowly strip at the commands of the mailman. How different Lisa looked at this moment from that image she portrayed at school, at school the butter would not melt appearance was gone, as was the respectable knee length skirts, smartly pressed blouses and pristine jackets, here now was a horny wanton slut about to suck a white man’s cock into her mouth at his express command.

Ted watched all the action and soon realised that his own cock was rock hard and ached like a granite boulder had landed on his foot. He now knew just how he was going to solve this aching and get revenge on this bitch of a teacher.

Later that day at school, Lisa sat in her usual prim dress code and always so polite position as the class assembled for the first lesson of the day. Suddenly at the back of the room, a commotion erupted and two boys began fighting. Springing to her feet, Lisa marched down to the figures now rolling around the floor and shouted for them to stop and to stand up. As they did so she was astonished to note that Ted was not amongst the trouble makers and before she even thought about it she had informed the boys they were both in detention tonight and for the next four nights for fighting in class. She did not see the smirk from Ted as this was announced.

Lisa was almost confused and alarmed when by the next but last lesson of the day, she had seven boys now attending the detention that night and most for the next few nights as well. She was glad she had a free period for the last lesson of the day as she would now need to sort out the work theory for the detention; when it had been just Ted, she had planned that he would write his lines on the chalk board and those lines were to have been ‘The modern male student should remember the Victorian virtues of the gentlemen when thinking about the female body of fellow students’ she had planned for Ted to write this 1,000 times. Now that was impossible without making Ted an even bigger cult hero to the rest of his classmates.

She decided instead that a lecture on the failing morals of the present society and the worldwide effects these were having would be much better suited for the number of students attending the detention, this of course meant her researching the topic during her last period before detention began. Although if truth be known she was still having difficulty coming to terms with the fact that this morning she had allowed the white mailman to not only take charge of her body but also to order her to strip off and never questioned his instructions when told to suck his cock. The final indignation was when he turned her over and spanked her arse before slipping his hard cock deep into her anal ring and she could still feel the cum dripping from her opening.

She was barely prepared for the last bell of the day, as she made her way to the detention classroom. As always the detention classroom was at the back end of the school so the students attending had to physically walk against the flow of students piling out of school for home. The head master had decided that this extra mental punishment should help serve as a deterrent to students misbehaving. Little did he know that tonight it was going to work in the students favour as they would be well away from any prying eyes of students or teachers leaving school?

Lisa marched into the classroom to be met by the group of seven male students, huddled together. She snapped for them to split up and take the seats in the front two rows. They stopped their conversations but did not make a move to split up; again she snapped at them, this time referring to Ted by name. The group parted but still did not disperse.

Ted then said, “Excuse me Miss James! But can you answer a question for us?”

Seeing this as a way to break the group up, she replied, “Yes, but only when your all properly sat down at the desks I have requested!”

They moved to the desks in the front two rows but no one sat in them. Ted continued “What is the correct title for a woman who allows a uniformed man to stick his cock in her mouth before making her take it up her arse?” he demanded.

Suddenly Lisa, blushed and quickly thought, he could not know that was what happened to her this very morning, so she tried to bluff her way out of it thinking he was trying to embarrass her and to get her to cut the detention short. She snapped back “What has that got to do with this detention!”

“Yes but Miss, why should I be in a detention for feeling up a fellow white student’s cunt, when a black woman not only gives head to a white guy but allows him to fuck her up the arse unprotected!” Ted delighted in twisting the screw.

Lisa now knew that he was talking directly about her and somehow he had found out about her escapade this morning, but in a vain attempt to keep control of the session she had to put him down and in his place. “We are not here to discuss adult morals or sexual gratifications! But to educate you students about the social graces that society expects and demands!” she stressed.

Slowly and deliberately Ted walked up to the teacher’s desk and backed up by his six fellow students began to surround Lisa. “But what is the difference between what I did with a willing fellow student and you did with that white mailman this morning, where you meekly obeyed his every command” he demanded.

Realising all semblance of order was now lost, Lisa made a vain attempt to get out the classroom, she made all of four paces when two pairs of strong arms grabbed her and forced her back to her seat. Form nowhere soft silk Japanese ropes were produced and she had her hands tied behind her back and to the back of her seat. Ted then pawed at her 36C breasts through her blouse cheered on by the fellow students. Lisa tried desperately to talk him into stopping before it became a serious sexual assault on a schoolteacher. But he just laughed at her and warned her everyone present would spank her if she did not shut the fuck up. She tried further to reason with him but received a sharp stinging slap across her face for her trouble. She was again told to shut the fuck up, he was now in charge and she would do exactly as she was told or she would suffer even more than he had already planned for her.

This sent a shiver down her spine but started a tingle in her cunt; she was both appalled and yet excited by the turn of events. She could already feel the cunt juices seeping from her cunt as she sat awaiting her fate. She was told that she would remain seated and quiet while the bonds were removed; although she was warned that any attempt to escape would be severely punished and as he had alerted the guys to their impending fun, he would not be able to prevent them taking matters into their own hands should she try to refuse.

He then added that her refusal or attempt to escape would inevitably result in great embarrassment to herself as he would not hesitate in sending the pictures of her actions this morning to the School head, the schools employment board and to the school website for all to see. As she was not aware her actions this morning had been watched she was certainly not aware of whether any pictures had been taken, she knew she could not risk losing her job and the public ridicule of being labelled a whore or a cum slut. She simply nodded her assent to Ted.

He motioned for Bob, one of the other students to release her from the chair and to untie her hands. Four other students then move the desk from the central area and also pushed her chair out of the way. Then Ted spoke up and ordered her to start removing her clothes, she was to start by removing her jacket and blouse, and Lisa could keep her bra on before finally removing her skirt.

Fifteen minutes later, she was stood in front of seven teenage male students wearing only her white lacy bra, thong style panties and white self-supporting stockings. Her nipples were already rock hard and trying to rip their way through the fine lacy cups of her bra. She could feel the cunt juices building in her cunt and hoped that no one would notice the wet area of her lacy thong.

Suddenly she saw Ted stood holding a table tennis bat and indicating with his swatting motion, his intention to spank her with it. She started to shake her head but then realised that it could be read as refusing and the dreaded photos would be sent. When Ted told her to bend over and grip her own ankles, she meekly obliged and soon felt the stinging slap of the bat as it warmed her arse cheeks. Ted delivered a further two slaps before handing the bat over to a fellow student and telling him “You make spank her three times, but between each slap you should place your hand on her arse cheeks to feel the heat generated and by the way why not check out how wet this bitches cunt is as you do so!”

Bob, now holding the bat quickly nodded and sent his first slap on to her right ass cheek, he then felt the spot the bat had contacted before slipping two fingers into the gusset of her panties and declaring this bitch’s cunt is flooded. His further two strokes also followed the same path and plan as on the third slap he actually inserted a finger into her swollen soaking cunt.

He then passed the bat on to George, who like wise spanked and played with Lisa’s hot sexy black body. By the time the fifth student took hold of the bat, he (Arthur) demanded to see this bitches tits. Ted had to remind Lisa that when she was told to do something by any of them she should do it immediately. She instantly stood up and was about to remove her bra when Ted grabbed one of her hands and stopped her; he then produced a four inch flick knife and sliced through the bra’s back strap, watching the bra fall forward and on to the floor.

Lisa was then made to show her tits closely to each of the seven students, most simply looked but the more adventurous ones actually pinched or pulled on her rock hard nipples. All this added to her discomfort and excited state, she actually had to bite her lip rather than let out a groan, she did not want them to see how excited all this made her feel. Too late as far as Ted was concerned he knew she delighted in her submissive role and was already thinking ahead to when tonight’s detention would be over.

He instructed her to resume her position and once she was bent and holding her ankles again, the spanking continued. Each student had spanked her and had a good feel of her cunt when she was about to stand up; Ted stopped her and sliding the cold blade of the knife between the hot black flesh of her arse and the soaking gusset of her thong, He cut the gusset but left the waist band of her knickers intact. She now was humiliated further by the fact that her knickers were ruined and hanging there useless, but more importantly her cunt was now fully unobstructed and clearly on view to all present.

He then had her stand and turn her own knickers through 90 degrees so the loose hanging gusset pieces framed her shaven black cunt. He quickly instructed her to kneel down and to suck each student that offered his cock to her but warned her against the student shooting into her mouth; the students were to cum only over her face and tits. To ensure she did not swallow any of the cum she had to show him her open mouth after each blowjob. Bob was the first student to stick his cock into her mouth and this encouraged all the other’s to prepare for the same fun. Load after load of the baby making seed was deposited on her face and 36C tits, until her features looked like black marble stained with white veins, her eyes and nose were completely covered in the white cream.

She did not notice the photographs being taken as she accepted each and every load over her body. When all the students except Ted had shot their loads she was allowed to stand and put her blouse back on, then her skirt was replaced but hiked up to just below her cunt viewing line. Finally her jacket lining was used to wipe the white fluid from her face but some still showed in her hair. She was then allowed to put her jacket back on and told to sit in her chair.

She sat in her chair, no longer shielded from view by the teacher’s table as normal and she did not hesitate when told to open her legs wider. For the rest of the detention she was on display to the seven pairs of eager eyes staring intently at her cunt lips.

Just as the bell sounded to end the detention, she was told by Ted that for tomorrow night’s detention she should resume her position as she was now and to make sure she brought some toys along from home. The toys should include vibrators and dildos as well as an assortment of fruits and vegetables. Ted stressed that failure was not an option as he now had extra pictures of this evening’s fun to add to those from that morning. Lisa realised she was now trapped as a plaything of Ted and his cronies; she would have to obey his every wish or face the total humiliation of admitting her fling with students and mailmen alike. She simply nodded and as the rest of the students were leaving she saw that Ted was simply sitting there enjoying her discomfort or was he! He broke the silence as he said; you can give me a lift home! She started to say but you live further away than I do but thought the better of it.

As they climbed into her car, she was told to drive straight to her house and they would go inside to chat. All the way to her house, Ted kept playing with her cunt, which was on full view; he never even covered it up when she walked from her car to her front door. Once inside her heart sank further when she demanded she strip off in front of him. Then he escorted her up stairs to her bedroom and made her show him all her sex toys and sexy lingerie. He made her try on some pieces and insisted she wore a blue teddy suit to school under her skirt and blouse tomorrow.

He then removed his own clothes and had Lisa suck him till he had a raging hard on before he slipped his large fat white cock into her tight little Negroid cunt, three thrusts later he eased his cock into her anal ring. He repeated his three thrusts and change routine until he could no longer withstand the pleasure and ended up flooding her cunt with his baby seed. He then delighted in having Lisa finger scoop the cream out and to lick her fingers clean at each load.

In typical youthful style his cock was soon rock hard again and he fucked her mouth before allowing her to collect his second load on her tongue and insisted on her swishing her cum coated tongue around her mouth before swallowing the remaining load. With an almighty whack on her arse he reminded her not to forget the detention tomorrow night and promised her cunt and arse a lot more action this time. He slipped from her bedroom and let himself out whistling as he went.

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