Lesbian first try at submission

It was the freakiest things I had done, but then again, I am young and naive. I was sitting outside a porn store inside a car with my cousin. Up until the night before I had made out with a couple of guys, and I had been fingering for a little more than a year. But last night I was spending the night at my Aunt and Uncle’s which I would be for next 4 nights, and had to sleep in my cousin’s bed with her., I am 16 and she 18.

Anyway, as we were about to get into bed, she took off her clothes and got into bed naked, she told me I had to as well. The key word was ‘told.” For the next hour or so I was told what to do and for some reason I had just gone along with her demanding requests. I learned through the session that I was her submissive and I did what I was told, and actually felt great as I fell asleep after pleasing her.

Now we were in front of this store, which had only one other car in the lot. I didn’t have a phony ID and Kari only had one. We looked enough alike for me to use her ID. I was terrified, but as with last night I had no choice.

I left the car after getting my instructions, again. I took a deep breath and opened the door of the store. Once inside it wasn’t as bad as I had imagined and after a few moments I located the dildo section.

I didn’t see a store owner or anything. I walked over to the wall and couldn’t believe the selection. I saw vibrators and dildos but couldn’t find what I was looking for. I almost jumped out of my skin when a heard a guy’s voice ask, “Can I help you find anything? “ I turned to see a guy in his twenties and now felt more embarrassed then before.

“Um, I can’t find the strap for these?” as I left my arm to the dildos.

The guy smiled and walked me down the wall where the leather goods were and picked up a few. He handed them to me and it didn’t take him long to realize I was clueless.

“So, you going to use this with a girl or guy?” he asked. I picked up a gay twang in his voice. I saw him give me the once over and then he asked “you’re someone’s bitch huh?”

I was wearing a short knit dress with nothing under it, I guess my nipples were sticking out a bit. “I’m a sub to another girl, is that what you mean?” I responded .

“Yeah that is what I was saying, I’m a bottom too.” He replied.

“I don’t know what that means, but I am really new to this, but I guess you can tell.” I said.

“Yeah I can guess—a bottom means I prefer to have one of these or the real thing in me instead of the other way around.” He stated with a dildo now in his hand.

“Oh, my mistress seems to like doing that, she made me finger my butt last.. Oh gosh, I cant believe I just said that.” I must have turned really red as my face felt hot.

“Hey, don’t worry about it— so this one would probably work for her, is she about your size?” I told him she was. He used big dildo he was just holding and put it through the hole and asked, “Is the size you are looking for?”

I almost laughed, “no way, I can barely fit 2 fingers inside me.” At that point we both looked toward the door as heard it shut. I was standing there holding the strap and this foot long rubber dick when Kari walked over to us.

“Having fun?” she asked in a mean tone. Without even thinking I was in public I responded, “No Miss Kari, I was just learning.”

“Do you think you can fit that big cock in that tight little cunt or ass of yours?” she asked.

“No, Miss Kari, I was just telling him that.” I said subserviently.

She looked at the guy and then reached to the bottom of my dress and lifted the hem, exposing my newly shaved pussy that I had done for the first time this morning. She asked him “And do you think you could fit your cock inside his tight little virgin hole, or ‘ she turned me around and lifted the back of the dress “or do you prefer this tight little asshole?”

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