Lesbian first try at submission

It was the freakiest things I had done, but then again, I am young and naive. I was sitting outside a porn store inside a car with my cousin. Up until the night before I had made out with a couple of guys, and I had been fingering for a little more than a year. But last night I was spending the night at my Aunt and Uncle’s which I would be for next 4 nights, and had to sleep in my cousin’s bed with her., I am 16 and she 18.

Anyway, as we were about to get into bed, she took off her clothes and got into bed naked, she told me I had to as well. The key word was ‘told.” For the next hour or so I was told what to do and for some reason I had just gone along with her demanding requests. I learned through the session that I was her submissive and I did what I was told, and actually felt great as I fell asleep after pleasing her.

Now we were in front of this store, which had only one other car in the lot. I didn’t have a phony ID and Kari only had one. We looked enough alike for me to use her ID. I was terrified, but as with last night I had no choice.

I left the car after getting my instructions, again. I took a deep breath and opened the door of the store. Once inside it wasn’t as bad as I had imagined and after a few moments I located the dildo section.

I didn’t see a store owner or anything. I walked over to the wall and couldn’t believe the selection. I saw vibrators and dildos but couldn’t find what I was looking for. I almost jumped out of my skin when a heard a guy’s voice ask, “Can I help you find anything? “ I turned to see a guy in his twenties and now felt more embarrassed then before.

“Um, I can’t find the strap for these?” as I left my arm to the dildos.

The guy smiled and walked me down the wall where the leather goods were and picked up a few. He handed them to me and it didn’t take him long to realize I was clueless.

“So, you going to use this with a girl or guy?” he asked. I picked up a gay twang in his voice. I saw him give me the once over and then he asked “you’re someone’s bitch huh?”

I was wearing a short knit dress with nothing under it, I guess my nipples were sticking out a bit. “I’m a sub to another girl, is that what you mean?” I responded .

“Yeah that is what I was saying, I’m a bottom too.” He replied.

“I don’t know what that means, but I am really new to this, but I guess you can tell.” I said.

“Yeah I can guess—a bottom means I prefer to have one of these or the real thing in me instead of the other way around.” He stated with a dildo now in his hand.

“Oh, my mistress seems to like doing that, she made me finger my butt last.. Oh gosh, I cant believe I just said that.” I must have turned really red as my face felt hot.

“Hey, don’t worry about it— so this one would probably work for her, is she about your size?” I told him she was. He used big dildo he was just holding and put it through the hole and asked, “Is the size you are looking for?”

I almost laughed, “no way, I can barely fit 2 fingers inside me.” At that point we both looked toward the door as heard it shut. I was standing there holding the strap and this foot long rubber dick when Kari walked over to us.

“Having fun?” she asked in a mean tone. Without even thinking I was in public I responded, “No Miss Kari, I was just learning.”

“Do you think you can fit that big cock in that tight little cunt or ass of yours?” she asked.

“No, Miss Kari, I was just telling him that.” I said subserviently.

She looked at the guy and then reached to the bottom of my dress and lifted the hem, exposing my newly shaved pussy that I had done for the first time this morning. She asked him “And do you think you could fit your cock inside his tight little virgin hole, or ‘ she turned me around and lifted the back of the dress “or do you prefer this tight little asshole?”

She must have picked up on his mannerisms quicker than I had as she asked “is it true that gay boys usually have bigger cocks?”

“Well it’s a mix, but most of the time they are nice and big.” He stated.

She reached forward and grabbed his junk, and said “why don’t take it out and my little cunt will suck it for you.”

For some reason he didn’t push her hand away as he thought about it for a moment and before he could reply she turned to me and said “Down on your knees, Belle.”

Again, like I had no brain I dropped to my knees in front of the guy. Oh yeah, I guess I never told you my name; my parents were cruel when they named me after a Disney princess.

I had never given a blow job and was thankful that I had watched some porn, but I really didn’t need to learn, as the gay guy pulled back, and said “Sorry sweetie I am committed and you shouldn’t have this young thing sucking unknown guy’s cocks.”
I got almost disappointed, but also understood what he was saying. I think it was much safer to lick teenage pussy.

We left the store with 2 dildos, the strap, a butt plug and a leather chocker that had the word “slave” written on it. When we got to the side of the car Kari took out the necklace and put it on me. Then right there in the parking lot she gave me a nice a long kiss. When we broke the kiss I was almost crying from being happy.

When we got in the car I was instructed to put the plug thing in my mouth and get all wet and then sat on it and took it inside me. It hurt for just a moment and then was locked in by my sphincter.

Our next stop was at the mall. I was instructed that while in public to not act like a slave unless I was told to, by Kari calling me any name besides my own. I was so glad that Kari came from the side of the family with money, as she was throwing it around like nothing.

Where I live we have V Secret but the mall we were at had a place called Fredricks. We walked in and a sales girl in her 20s I would guess came over to us. She was wearing a real sexy dress and had huge boobs. Kari looked at me and winked- the girl asked us if she could help and Kari says, “sure, I need some outfits for my little slave here.” Well so much for the not acting like her sub, then I remembered I was wearing the chocker, so why did it mater.

The sales girl eyed me and then Kari told her that she wanted to by two slutty outfits and a string bikini.

The two of them headed to some racks and I followed. Kari looked at me and instructed me to go into the dressing room and take my clothes off and wait.

I went to the dressing area and there was another sales girl who asked “How many outfits?” Then she looked up and saw I had nothing in my hands. She also looked right at the word slut around my neck. “Oh, I guess someone is getting them for you?” I just nodded.

She lead me into the hallway with the dressing rooms and took me to the last one. “Here, you can have some privacy down here.” She gave me a winked smile. She opened the door and I walked in, she held the door open and kept looking between me and her post down the hall. I figured why not, and I release the straps and let the dress drop to the floor. I stood there totally naked except for my new collar.

“Come closer” she whispered. I walked near the door, she looked back up the hall and then turned back to me, reached up and squeezed one of my tits. She kept an eye on the hall as her hand left my tit and moved down my body. It didn’t take her long and her hand was cupping my pussy. She then moved a finger inside me and started to gyrate it. I had to grab the wall as my legs got weak—the whole world was changing so fast for me. I had no idea there was so much sex going on.

Her fingers must have felt the glass plug thing in my butt as suddenly she was pushing it in with her thumb as she continued to finger me.

She must have heard something as she was off in a flash and I was standing there with a wet pussy.

Kari and the sales girl were laughing as they came down the hallway. I was feeling a little jealous. The two of them walked right into the room and Kari closed the door behind them. They both stopped and looked at me totally naked.

Kari said “I was just telling Kathy here that you were about to give BJ to gay guy, any other guy would have had it out in a minute” she then went to whisper “but you’re lucky Belle, you can get on your knees for Kathy here as she is gay too.”

I hesitated for a moment trying to figure out what she had said , and in my hesitation I upset my mistress and she smacked my butt hard. “Now” she said.

I dropped to knees and lifted the hem of the girl’s sexy skirt. She was wearing stockings with a garter and no panties- it was so hot. I leaned in and licked my second pussy in just as many days. I was licking for only a minute or two, when I started to be squeezed between Kathy and Kari. They were kissing. It was so stupid but again I was jealous. I mean I was licking a pussy, another girl had fingered me a few minutes before and I was jealous- like WTF. I should have been happy that I was pleasing my mistress and she was having fun, but I guess this was all too new to me.

We heard other people in the hall and Kathy must have gotten nervous as she backed away from the two of us and said “so let’s see does it fit OK?” She was obviously trying to compose herself. I stood up and actually tried on one of the dresses.

Kathy left the room shortly after and I turned to Kari. She stepped forward and started to kiss me. I melted.

We made out for a few minutes and then she said “try these on and lets get back to to the house – its time to fuck you with one of the dildos.” I smiled from ear to ear and replied, “Yes my mistress.”

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