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Because of generous subsidies from the government, our law firm was able to provide free legal assistance to small businesses in need. It was our way of helping people get their lives back on track after the statewide lockdown.

For some extra background, let me tell you this; my mother is a partner at this law firm. She’s exactly the kind of person you’d imagine when thinking of a legal professional. Sharply dressed, intelligent, and well-spoken.

I was recently hired to perform smaller tasks after graduating law school and passing the Bar exam (on my second attempt). But now, in addition to writing case briefs and doing legal research, I was also involved with new hirings.

As mom put it, “It’s going to be hectic around here and I really need your help. I’m going to give you access to my office email and we’ll be working closely together. Think of this as a promotion!”

She gave me access to her email account and she’d leave her phone on her desk whenever she had a meeting. We shared the same large office space, so trading information was easy.

One day, mom notified me of a job applicant she wanted me to look at; a former Assistant District Attorney who later became a corporate lawyer. This person had a wealth of knowledge when it comes to dealing with government bureaucracy, which is what we needed.

As mom explained, “She’s a good friend of mine. She’ll definitely be working here, but I want you to go through all the formalities of the hiring process so you get more experience.”

I conducted an hour-long job interview with a woman named Amira. She had a lot in common with my mother. They were both the same age and had the same impeccable dedication to the legal profession.

The job interview went as expected. Basic questions and she gave me thorough answers. I was surprised by how attractive she was and by how clinical she remained. Every time she spoke, it was like she was in a courtroom giving a deposition.

When the interview was almost done, she finally relaxed a bit.

“What’s it like working with your mother?” Amira asked with a slight crinkling of her nose and gleam in her eyes.

It was the first time in the job interview that she expressed any sort of positive human emotion, aside from the initial smile from when we first met.

“Great,” I replied humorously. “She knows a lot and she’s got a ton of experience. I’m learning something new everyday.”

She looked amused. “Sorry, I meant what’s it like working for your own mother. Meaning, is there any awkward tension? Any arguments spilling over from home? It seems like the plot of a sitcom, if you don’t mind me saying.”

“Ah, that. Yeah, we get asked about that a lot. The truth is, there’s no way in hell that I could have gotten a job like this without my mom’s help. So I’m not complaining about anything.”

“Don’t be hard on yourself,” she said politely. “You can fit in to any major law firm in this country.”

“Thank you. Obviously I can say the same about you.”

I gestured to her lengthy resume and she laughed.

“Fair point,” she giggled. “I count my blessings daily.”

“How long have you known my mom?” I asked.

Amira smiled and thought for a moment. “We met at a legal seminar, I believe two years ago in April. We were sitting at the same table at the convention hall and we sort of hit it off. We stayed in touch ever since.”

“Oh yeah, I remember mom going to that event.”

We had more banter, before hitting an awkward silence.

“What happens next?” she asked.

“Well, obviously you already have the job. But sticking with formalities, I’ll need your references and consent to do a background check.”

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