Lee Sheer temptation

Lee was just 16 years young, pouty lips, long beautiful blonde hair. Her bosoms as she called them were large in size for her young age, big upturned navel oranges and in your face, the nipples poking out at you constantly.

Mary my partner is Lee’s Mother; she works at the local Hospital and is always being called in for extra shifts due to the lack of staff.

Tonight was different; her Mum had just had an accident, and was stuck in bed for a while and Mary was going to spend few days there till her she her Mum was able to get her mobility back, then she was bringing her to us, for a few weeks rest.

“Lenny, why does Mum have to have Granny Jen here, its not fair coz I have to give her my room and now I got to sleep in basement and I don’t like it”.
“Oh, and by the way, I forgot my name is Lenny Gould.” “Well kiddo we all do things we don’t doing you’re included!”
Lee gave me a shriveled look and walked out; “I am taking a shower” she called back as an after thought.

A few minutes had passed and I needed the toilet, so I walked to the little closet next to the bathroom, as I approached the area I noticed the door was ajar and in the mirror, which you could see plainly from the hallway, was the fully naked provocative body of Lee on full display.

She was standing in front of the mirror her hands were pulling her quite big breasts, her nipples were already engorged and she was licking her lips, she pulled her left breast up to her tongue and licked it till the nipple had grown almost double in size.

Not wanting to let this vision go without a record, I dashed back to our bedroom and got my Video camera and then dashed back to the hallway. She stood there majestically panting and moving her hips suggestively and pushing her protruding hairless mound outwards. Whilst her right hand was fingering her slit and you could see her juices dripping from her wet cunt. In her hand she held her perfume spray, it was shaped almost like a phallus with its top screwed on, she was pumping it into her soaking wet pussy almost fully losing it inside herself.

My heart was in my mouth as this little minx cavorted about the small space as if she was on fire; I kept the camera on her every move. She pulled her nipples and pinched them her face contorted with ecstasy, and then her hands moved back down to her protruding mound, her fingers running up and down her slick wet slit, grabbing the end of the perfume bottle and pulling it back out almost fully then ramming it back into her squelching wet pussy..

Suddenly the phone shrilled loud and piercing, I managed to step back and get into the bedroom without being seen, I heard Lee’s footsteps running across the landing to her bedroom. Grabbing the bedroom extension phone, I heard the grovelling voice of a Market survey operative, needless to say I gave her short shrift and was disgusted to have had my show ended so quickly, still I had it on video.

My fingers trembled as I rewound the tape; the image appeared flaky and distorted at first, but soon in all her glory stood Lee, looking sexier than when I watched through the door. Grabbing my now hard and rampant cock, I began pulling myself off to the movie of Lee, very soon I was spurting my cum all over the bed spread. After a while I decided to get showered and then prepare some food for us both.

Whilst in the bathroom I decided to leave the door ajar and let Lee see me as she was seen earlier, should she go by. Stepping into the shower the water felt so invigorating and suddenly I was lost to the world of dreams in the steam and warmth, so much so my cock suddenly grew to its full length of nine and three quarter inches, I was very proud of the extra three quarters of an inch. Standing out almost like a big log five and half inches around its girth it was big and beautiful as Mary had often told me.

As I turned in the shower I noticed movement outside the door, yes standing there with her mouth open was Lee, not realizing I had seen her standing there, her face was a picture, her eyes wide and her mouth wider, she was licking her lips with her tongue. Taking my cue, I began to wash and stroke my cock; it grew to full size and then knowing I was being watched. I glanced through slanted eyes at the door opening and saw that Lee had her pink nighty on she had raised it up and I could see she wore no panties; her hand was busy with her fingers pushing into her slit.

My thoughts began to imagine her stuck firmly on the end of my cock, it was bursting with vibrant hardness and I was so turned on. Throwing caution to the wind I blatantly started to pull my engorged cock stroking it up and down directly at the door but looking down at my enormous hard prick glistening from the water and pre-cum. I glanced up slightly to see if she was still there, and she had her fingers ramming in and out of her wet slit her other hand had pulled the top of her nighty down and she was pulling on her nipples.

Deciding to push the boat ever further, I gasped with pleasure and muttered “I want your gorgeous body!” Glancing up again to see if she was listening, her head was turned and straining to catch my words. I again muttered, “Oh Lee you have a gorgeous body I need you!” Again with a covert glance her face was now red and full with wanton need, her eyes firmly fixed on my jerking monster cock.

Taking the bull by the horns, “Come on Lee come and take it, it’s yours if you want it?” I stood facing her full on, and she could see that I was now aware of her being there, she took a step back, but then tottered forwards into the room. “Take your nighty off Lee and come to me?”

As if in a trance she pulled her nighty over her head and came into the shower, I grabbed her in a bear hug and she felt the full length of my throbbing prick moving between her legs. Her head tilted and our lips clashed together our tongues entwined as we grappled to get all of our feelings satisfied. My head bent down to envelop her breast and her engorged nipples she gasped as I sucked almost the whole of her breast into my mouth, her hand snaked downwards and grabbed my throbbing member, making me let go of her succulent Tit, she quickly bent forward and her mouth was licking and sucking my torrid member, the force of her sucking brought a severe reaction and I felt my seed rapidly moving forward and exploding in her mouth and all over her face. Never had I ever experienced such a rapid cum in my life.

Lee looked at me with a smirk and licked the remaining gism off her face that was so good she said. I was shocked and taken aback by her forwardness, she still had my now flaccid member in her small hands, will we get this hard and spitting again tonight she asked?

Depends on what you would like I said my voice croaking with fear and lust, let’s go into the bedroom and see what happens shall we? I asked her. She followed me wet and naked across the hall landing and we entered the bedroom, the video camera was lying on the bed, are you going to film us doing it like you did me in the bathroom, only if you want me to Lee I said hoarsely.

She lay down on the bed her lithe figure showing off her beautiful young breasts and her very moist protruding mound. Take me please Lenny she said, I want you to be my first. Lee, this cannot be I am your Mums, you’re her daughter we cannot do this to her. “But we won’t have to tell her!” Lee said “and what she does not know then she won’t get offended”.

Picking up the camera I began to film her writhing body as she had began suggestively stroking herself, her hands rubbing over her belly and breasts then snaking down to her protruding mound, her fingers pulling her labia apart revealing her bright pinkish red gash, and there in all its glory her shrouded stiff and very long clit, which she strummed with her index finger.

Her clit was almost like a small cock, she could grab it either side and pull it like a small version of a prick being jerked off.
Taking the camera to macro mode I zoomed in on her clit, not realizing how near I had put my now growing prick was to her, I felt her fingers surround my engorged prick then her mouth.

Suddenly I felt my swollen erect prick being engulfed by a sucking succulent mouth, it took my breath away. Holding the camera watching Lees fingers pulling at her own little cock clit and now her mouth firmly attached to my rigid 9 and ¾”” of throbbing and boiling manhood. It was just to much, I exploded my cum deep into her mouth, she spluttered and coughed, but she still maintained her suction on my now throbbing spitting cock, she sucked and milked every last drip of my seed into her hot mouth and swallowed it all.

“Lenny that was awesome” she said with an adoring look on her face, she still held my rigid cock and was jacking it up and down in her small petite hands, her tongue darting and licking the tip of my turgid cock.
Placing the camera on the bedside table pointing at us both, I pulled her legs apart and bent my head down to her hairless mound, my long tongue seeking out her wet and sleek gash.
Has I licked her cunt from end to end I heard her gasp and felt her shudder, I was in ecstasy. I jammed my tongue deep inside her hot wet cunt, tweaking and pulling her little clit cock as I sucked and licked her out.
She bucked and thrust her hips sky wards, trying to get my tongue further inside her now soaking sloppy wet cunt her juices running all over my face and neck.
I succeeded in getting my index finger into her so tight cunt and with the slick wetness of the inside walls I started to finger fuck her hot swollen cunt slowly at first then I pushed my second finger inside her and increased the speed of my thrusts she met every thrust, then my third finger went inside her It was almost impossible to penetrate her small tight cunt hole, again she bucked and screamed as she rammed herself down on my fingers and they shot inside her tight hot twat. Pulling my fingers in and out of her cunt, she was rolling her eyes and pulling her nipples on her big tits.

She was bouncing her body up and down onto my thrusting fingers; she grabbed my turgid weapon and pulled it so hard it was excruciatingly painful. “Get this fucking monster inside my cunt now you fucking tormenting wanker!” she screamed at me.
Taking my throbbing cock in my hands I directed it towards her steamy wet cunt, and without any further preamble I jammed my whole cock up into her wet hot cunt in a single heavy thrust. I felt her virgin barrier give way she gasped and then she called “FUCK me stud harder, FUCK MY CUNT harder!” Her dirty language sent me over the top and I began thrusting into her with savage heavy hits she began to shudder, the walls of her tight pussy gripped and held me for a moment, but I thrust past the vice like grip she was exerting on my member. Suddenly she began to shake and scream with the arrival of another shattering orgasm, at the same time I exploded my seed deep inside her. My brain exploded with the joy and pain of such a wonderful feeling, this was the best orgasm I had ever experienced, and my body was emptied of all its juices deep inside this small wonderful child.

A few minutes later I looked down on my little girl, I was filled with foreboding at what had happened between us, she was laying there her eyes closed and breathing lightly, a gentle smile on her innocent face.

Climbing gently from the bed, I went down stairs to the kitchen and made myself some strong coffee, now what do I do how I can stay here after what had transpired my mind was in up roar and I was frightened at the endless possibilities of being found out by her mother or the law. What had I done, what was going to become of me?

A little while later Lee appeared looking rather sheepish and very embarrassed, dressed in a tank top and shorts she sat at the table and looked forlorn, “Are you alright dear?” I asked, my voice trembling. She looked at me tears in her eyes “You won’t tell Mum about what we did will you, if you do it would kill her?”
“Of course I won’t but we cannot do this again promise me please!” But my heart knew this would not be the end.

Months passed by her Mum had returned home with my Nana, who was far from well, she had a really nice house right on the beach at Padstowe in Cornwall. Because my Nana’s condition deteriorated, it was decided to move to her home as it was bigger and enabled Lee’s mum and Lenny to look after her, having more space. Also selling her Mums house meant that there was more money, and her Mum could now set up her own bed and breakfast place by building a small annex e onto her Nana’s house.
Lenny continued working in the building trade and life was good.

Not long after the move and when they had settled, or so they thought, Marys mum relapsed and she passed away within weeks, the upset was very traumatic for Lee but more for her Mum Mary. Once all the funeral and other necessary things had been done, Mary set about working back at the local hospital as well as keeping the holiday lets in the house going. Lenny was feeling very much alone, since Mary’s mum had passed they no longer shared much and she seemed not to want him around her?

On the other hand, Lee had grown into a very vivacious young lady in the past 11 months, she had also noticed that her mother had withdrawn into her shell and was ignoring Lenny whenever he tried to comfort her.

From Lenny’s side, It was amazing to see the effect and change in his being, Lee thought when she first saw Lenny, when her Mum brought him to the house the first time, she thought that he was an awfully good looking guy. Yet, as soon as she spoke to him, his voice had calm and a resonance that filled her with a calm serenity, something she rarely felt with people she had first met. She was also impressed that he was her mother’s boyfriend, but now things had changed and she felt so bad that she had cheated on her mum. But now she felt very sorry for Lenny, he had been there through all the trauma and kept her Mum‘s spirits up with his kindness and support.

Lee had felt for sometime, which she wanted to be able to put her own life story of her experience down on paper, so she could get it out of her system once and for all. Maybe, just maybe, Lenny could help her and he could show her what she would need to do to write her thoughts in her own way, and make sense of what had gone between them. Lenny was an avid writer and he had shown her some of his work, and he had been successful with a few articles written in journals, Lee thought she would ask him and see where it would take them.

Lenny showered and changed into shorts and a surfing shirt he had got when he and Mary had gone to Hawaii, he loved the feel and the colours, walking down to the lounge, he could smell the great smell of Italian sauce, Mary had left a bolognaise in the fridge for their lunch and Lee had warmed it through, Lenny said as he walked into the kitchen. “That smells delicious” and he complimented her. “It’s my favourite dish, light and easy on the system for a midday meal!” Lee said with a hint of pleasure and impatience.

We sat down around the dining table a big solid Oak table which had seen many hundreds of meals on its table top, I noticed that there were 4 place settings, as I looked Lee noticed my gaze. “Oh the other place is for Elle, she loves Italian cooking and she also loves to sit and chat with us when we sit for meal” Lee said in a matter of fact sort of voice, Elle helped out with the B+B side she also lived next door and often popped around and spent time with Mary in the daytime.

The meal was quickly polished off by 2 very greedy and hungry people, namely Lee and I, the Bolognese was an absolute corker, and the best I ever had in my travels all around the globe, Elle watched and chatted about all sorts and never suspected what Lee and Lenny had been up to, though nothing had happened between them since coming to Cornwall.

Lee ate her meal with gusto she was mesmerised by the food on the plate, so much so you could be forgiven if you thought she had not eaten in days. Elle noticed me staring and quickly she said “Sorry but Mary cooks the best Bolognese in the world, I have asked her to give the recipe to me, but Darren, who does the cooking in our home, just can’t cook it anything like Mary’s!” she said laughingly. “Please Elle help yourself to some you know you are always welcome, except this time of course we were to quick for you!” I laughed, Lee also laughed loudly. Elle laughing with us said “That we were a pair of gannets, and she would stand no chance where Marys Bolognese was concerned” We all laughed at that and Lee gathered the dirty dishes and placed them into the washer.

“Oh well I am going for a walk, I need to exercise after that extraordinary feast, so I will see you all in a short while, unless you fancy a walk down to the beach Lee?” I asked her.
“Yes please, I would love to have a walk, that’s if Elle does not mind us leaving her?” “Certainly not you get on and have a good walk I will see you when you get back?”

“Ok see you later Elle!” I said and we left heading down the road towards the beach. The sun was high in the afternoon, and it was swelteringly hot. Lee was dressed in a flowing dress that stopped midway on her thighs 2 spaghetti straps held the material over her now larger breasts. Her hair flew in the breeze of the water break, we were chattering about nothing in particular, still making no reference or talking about what had transpired between us, which was almost a year ago.

We were enjoying the warm hot afternoon, feeling the hot sand flicking up onto our ankles. We had walked right around the headland and were on a part of the beach that was hardly used by anyone, plenty of big rocks behind us and the waves were breaking in the surf, and we had been there for 20 mins and not seen a soul. It was like being on a deserted Island.
“Whew I am boiling!” I said to Lee, “I think I am going to go into the sea and have a cooling dip, you don’t mind do you?” I asked her “No of course not, you go ahead” she said smiling at me as I pulled my surfing shirt off. “Here let me hold it for you?” she offered. I passed the shirt to her and then bounded the short way into the water.

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