Lee Sheer temptation

Lee was just 16 years young, pouty lips, long beautiful blonde hair. Her bosoms as she called them were large in size for her young age, big upturned navel oranges and in your face, the nipples poking out at you constantly.

Mary my partner is Lee’s Mother; she works at the local Hospital and is always being called in for extra shifts due to the lack of staff.

Tonight was different; her Mum had just had an accident, and was stuck in bed for a while and Mary was going to spend few days there till her she her Mum was able to get her mobility back, then she was bringing her to us, for a few weeks rest.

“Lenny, why does Mum have to have Granny Jen here, its not fair coz I have to give her my room and now I got to sleep in basement and I don’t like it”.
“Oh, and by the way, I forgot my name is Lenny Gould.” “Well kiddo we all do things we don’t doing you’re included!”
Lee gave me a shriveled look and walked out; “I am taking a shower” she called back as an after thought.

A few minutes had passed and I needed the toilet, so I walked to the little closet next to the bathroom, as I approached the area I noticed the door was ajar and in the mirror, which you could see plainly from the hallway, was the fully naked provocative body of Lee on full display.

She was standing in front of the mirror her hands were pulling her quite big breasts, her nipples were already engorged and she was licking her lips, she pulled her left breast up to her tongue and licked it till the nipple had grown almost double in size.

Not wanting to let this vision go without a record, I dashed back to our bedroom and got my Video camera and then dashed back to the hallway. She stood there majestically panting and moving her hips suggestively and pushing her protruding hairless mound outwards. Whilst her right hand was fingering her slit and you could see her juices dripping from her wet cunt. In her hand she held her perfume spray, it was shaped almost like a phallus with its top screwed on, she was pumping it into her soaking wet pussy almost fully losing it inside herself.

My heart was in my mouth as this little minx cavorted about the small space as if she was on fire; I kept the camera on her every move. She pulled her nipples and pinched them her face contorted with ecstasy, and then her hands moved back down to her protruding mound, her fingers running up and down her slick wet slit, grabbing the end of the perfume bottle and pulling it back out almost fully then ramming it back into her squelching wet pussy..

Suddenly the phone shrilled loud and piercing, I managed to step back and get into the bedroom without being seen, I heard Lee’s footsteps running across the landing to her bedroom. Grabbing the bedroom extension phone, I heard the grovelling voice of a Market survey operative, needless to say I gave her short shrift and was disgusted to have had my show ended so quickly, still I had it on video.

My fingers trembled as I rewound the tape; the image appeared flaky and distorted at first, but soon in all her glory stood Lee, looking sexier than when I watched through the door. Grabbing my now hard and rampant cock, I began pulling myself off to the movie of Lee, very soon I was spurting my cum all over the bed spread. After a while I decided to get showered and then prepare some food for us both.

Whilst in the bathroom I decided to leave the door ajar and let Lee see me as she was seen earlier, should she go by. Stepping into the shower the water felt so invigorating and suddenly I was lost to the world of dreams in the steam and warmth, so much so my cock suddenly grew to its full length of nine and three quarter inches, I was very proud of the extra three quarters of an inch. Standing out almost like a big log five and half inches around its girth it was big and beautiful as Mary had often told me.

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