Learning From the Master

George Blane was in his early sixties, being a widower for the last ten years, he decided upon the death of his wife that he did not want to get into any more relationships and as such his sex life took a rapid nose dive. He spent his time developing a story writing technique; most of his stories involved a dominant male and a submissive female but occasion he would role reverse this.

He posted his stories on an adult website called sexstoriespost.com under a pseudonym, which protected his privacy and he was able to uncover his private details to those he chose to trust. For the last five years, he had used his stories to contact similar people mostly single females but occasionally he would take on exceptional single males. After each episode he would update his personal records with exact details of the people he dealt with but never attributed the real names anywhere with any of the other details.

Once more he had just completed writing a story concerning the last female he had trained and published with the last few lines inviting people interested in expanding their own limits to get in touch via private messaging system built into the SSP site. He did not really expect to get any replies let alone any soon.

Then three days after posting his latest story, he turned on his computer; logging into his email account and it immediately told him that he had a new private message on SSP. Eagerly he logged into SSP and went to notifications and called up the new email. It read; Hi Master Zero, Mt wife and I have been talking about trying bondage but cannot agree on the path to take! Should we just take turns at tying each other up? Or should we expand and have a third person to join us either as a master or as our joint submissive? What would you recommend? Blond bondage couple AKA The BBC.

Immediately he hit the reply button and began to type; Blond Bondage Couple, I would need to find out much more before I could make a proper recommendation.

1. Who is the main instigator of any sexual action between you and your wife?
2. When you make love who takes the alpha role?
3. How serious are you about travelling down the road of bondage?
4. Finally what are your ultimate ambitions in regard to bondage?


Master Zero.

Sending this email he thought he may just drive them away but if they were serious then they would respond.

Three days he waited and had just about given up when he received the following email.

Hi Master Zero,

Here are our honest answers and we apologise for the delay in responding but we did not want to just jump in with the answers and both my wife and I have considered these questions separately and her are our combined answers.
1. We do not have a main instigator my wife will tell me when she is horny and likewise I tell her when I am feeling randy and we take it from there.
2. I suppose I take the alpha role as you put it because it is always me that has to try to keep from coming too quickly.
3. I am serious about bondage to the point where I would agree to do just about anything, whilst my wife is a little more reserved and would want a get out clause in any bondage play.
4. I have pondered this question very seriously but cannot give a definitive answer, My wife says she sees the ambition of the bondage would be to enhance our sexual stimulations and experiences.


The BBC.

Whilst the old man considered their answers he sent a simple email by return; it read.

Hi Blond Bondage Couple,

I think it time we came out of the shadows and become much more honest, and in order to begin this process I request separate photographs of you and your wife and individual names would help solve any misunderstandings.

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