Learning About Sex

As a young boy I was constantly trying to find out about the thing
hanging between my legs, why it got hard at times without explanation
and what was different between us and girls. I didn’t have any
sisters so I looked forward to every opportunity to play, “I’ll show
you mine, if you’ll show me yours” with the two neighbor girls on my
block. My parents had never really talked to me much about sex.

Once when I asked my mom what the box labled “Kotex” was in the
grocery bag she yelled, “None of your business”, to which my dad
responded, “that’s not very nice.” He then inquired what was the
problem and upon finding out said that there were some things of women
that were personal to them and I didn’t need to ask about.

The two neighbor girls Sharon and Christine were lots of fun to try my
exploring games. We had a large incinerator behind the workshop
attached to our separate garage at the rear of our property and I
loved to take one or the other of these two girls back there and we
would explore each other. Sometimes we would call it playing “doctor”
and other times we were just plain curious about each other’s bodies
and how the plumbing worked.

I remember sometimes we would start out telling each other all of the
dirty jokes we had heard from friends with older brothers or at school
and this would lead me to trying to convince one of them to accompany
me back to by exploration and experimentation spot behind the

I loved to get them to take down their panties and show me their wee
wee place and always found it such a fascination that they didn’t have
the tiny penis like I did. The puffy lips of their vulvas were fun to
touch (if I could get Sharon or Christine really involved). I would
spread Sharon’s lips open and see what there was and how the two folds
of skin formed the slit down to her butt. We were about nine and had
heard a lot of things but never had the facts really straight. Poked
my figer around in her slit and got her to spread open the folds and
hold her legs wide apart for my slow and deliberate exploring. I
would also slowly take down my shorts (in the summer I loved to wear
shorts since it made our exploring games much easier). I never could
figure it out but every time I took down my shorts and then my
underpants my penis always was standing up at full attention. I
always wondered why I couldn’t show it to Sharon limp like it was when
I did my self explorations at home. She always seemed to be as
curious about me as I was about her. She would reach out and take
hold of it and rub it up and down and push the loose skin back and
also examine my balls and sack. I asked her if I could watch her take
a pee and that intrigued me quite a bit. She squatted down with her
legs apart after we dug a hole in the dirt for the pee to be buried so
our episodes wouldn’t be discovered. It was quit a thing to get down
low with my pants still down and see her stream squirt out from the
slit between her legs at such a funny angle. I took turns watching it
from different angles on different days.

She also found me able to stand up and spray any direction I wanted
even though I couldn’t figure out why it was so hard to get started
with my little cock so hard. I loved the look of the little puffed
out lips with still no hair on them and the way the slit seemed to
pull the skin in at the center between the two lips. I was always
curious about the little bud that she showed me when the lips were
spread open wide for my finger explorations. She showed me the little
hole where the pee came out.

Christine also shared many of these sessions but she seemed less
willing for me to do as much touching and spreading of her parts. One
day her parents weren’t home and I had been in her house for a long
time telling all the dirty jokes and stories we had heard about sex
(which we really didn’t understand) After we had both gotten quite
worked up. (Many months or a year or two had passed since our last
explorations out back.) It seemed we both had gotten somewhat
nervous about things since we had passed so much time since our
experiments. We decided to go into the bathroom and even though
nobody was home we locked the door. We were talking about the latest
thing that we had heard the most about, FUCKING. We didn’t know a
thing about doing it. All we knew was that I guy put his thing into a
girl’s pussy when it was hard. I took down my shorts and then off the
leg. I then lowered the underpants and sure enough my dick was
already sticking out. Sharon then took off her shorts and this time a
little more nervously lowered her nylon panties. I got down on the
floor and reached out to open up her slit to look at it again after a
long absence from our games. I then stood back up and we both asked
each other if we knew how older kids FUCKED. Neither had any idea.
All we knew was that I was supposed to put mine inside her slit. She
carefully reached down with both here hands and with one on each lip
pulled open her little crack. My cock was and had been at full
attention. She reached out and took hold of it. I felt a sudden
quiver go through me. She then put her hands back on her lips and
spread them open. She told me to move forward and put my little hard
rod in between her open lips and then she moved her hands away.
Neither of us knew what to do next. I pushed in and we moved our hips
around against each other. I hadn’t really achieved vaginal
penetration (I didn’t really know that there existed such a thing).
We moved around a I slid my penis in and around her pussy lips but
unfortunately even though both of us were getting very excited we
didn’t know how to really consummate what was really turning us both
on very much. I finally pulled my penis out of her vulva and I asked
her if she would let me try it again in a few years. I got her to
promise and she said yes.

A couple of years later I think I got my real initiation with my best
friend Donny. We were both twelve and he was kind of on the wild side
and always fascinated me.

He went to the same church that I did but his family didn’t really go
much and his dad never did. Donny always wanted to show me new and
wild things since his parents seemed to let him run around a lot more
than my strict parents did. One Sunday after church I told my folks I
was going over to Donny’s house and we started on our way. All the
way we started telling sex stories to each other. We imagined what it
would be like to lay down next to a girl with nothing on and rub up
against her or have a girl you were sitting in a car with reach down
inside your pants and feel your stiff penis. The more we told our
stories of things that we had heard or things we imagined the harder
our cocks got. Mine was getting so hard inside my pants it almost
ached. We got to Donny’s frame house and went in his bedroom. He
asked me if I had seen a girl much without clothes. I said not that
much and that it had been a long time since I didn’t have any sisters.
I didn’t really think that I had been that successful in my attempt to
FUCK Sharon in the bathroom that day. Donny seemed so much more
experienced than I was I didn’t want him to think that I was a real
dork for not knowing what I was doing. Donny had a nineteen year old
sister and he would tell me how he would sneak peaks of her to and
from the bathroom from a bath or through a crack in the door and see
her pretty tits and hairy pussy whenever possible. Then just to show
me he was tough he took his fist and punched a hole in the
plasterboard of his bedroom wall.

He then said just a minute and went in and brought in his little 5
year old sister and closed the door. I thought he was nuts and that
we were going to get into trouble for sure. He then put his little
sister up on the bed and pulled down her panties from under her little
skirt. He then asked me to come a little closer and take a close peek
at her little pussy. I said, “your nuts, Donny,” but looked anyway
and then said to get her out before his mom came back or his little
sister got upset. He then put her pants back on laughing and put her
outside the door laughing. We sat there and talked some more about
sex and wished we had a bigger girl we could play with and see here
tits or pussy. He showed me his hidden Playboy magazines that were
carefully hidden in the closet behind other stuff so his mom wouldn’t
find them. Back then in the late fifties they didn’t show the pussy
hair or closeups of their crotches so our imaginations were really
starting to get into high gear. I reached down and pushed at my
boner through my pants, trying to get comfortable even though it was
still aching from all the sex talk and the turn on to me of seeing his
little sisters pussy. Donny then asked me if I ever jacked off. I
asked him what that was. He then started to explain that when a guys
dick got hard you could push up and down on it and it would feel
really good until you came. I didn’t know what that was either.
Donny who was also getting very turned on too said, “let’s take our
pants off and see our dicks and all show you what it is.” I was kind
of nervous. I hadn’t played like this in a long time and never with
another guy. We both took down our pants. I could see the huge bulge
in Donny’s underpants. We got up on the side of his bed and then slid
down our under pants too with our cocks bouncing out as they were
released from being confined. Donny was more mature than I was and
some hair already growing in kind of a fluff just above his penis. It
wasn’t real course but it was there all the same. I was really
impressed he was on his way to real manhood. He started to play with
his cock and showed me how he grasped around it and worked his hand up
and down and that it really felt really good. I reached over and felt
his cock and it was some bigger than mine and really getting hard. He
played with it some more and said that he wanted to show me how. I
laid back on the bed and spread my legs open. Donny got down next to
me on the floor next to his low bed and started to play with my cock
and then reach down under and lifted up my balls and worked them
around softly I was really feeling some strange feelings of ecstasy.
I had played around with my cock at times, but never really prolonged
or to any kind of completion. Donny then went back to my cock and
started working up and down the shaft. He commented how differently
shaped mine was than his. As he grasped his fingers around my penis I
quivered and jerked. I laid back and really was enjoying this new
sensation that was coming upon me as he worked slowly up and down the
shaft. I felt a strange pressure starting to build up inside me. I
reached down and put my hand on his to get him to stop. “What’s
happening to me,” I gasped. I was kind of afraid. I didn’t know what
to really expect. He said don’t worry its going to feel even better
and pushed my hand back and began again his manipulations of my cock.
Once again a strange feeling started to come upon me that I had never
felt before as he continued for some time. Donny seemed to be totally
enthralled in initiating me into something new that he had been taking
part in for some time. I got very worried as the pleasurable
sensations increased. As something seemed to be building up, I
thought maybe I was going to pee on the bed or something. I had never
felt this pressure and pleasure. I thought sure something bad was
going to happen and told him maybe he had better stop. This time even
more firmly he pushed me back on the bed and stroked it as if he had a
great task to accomplish. He was going to show me what real pleasure
I could feel from this penis of mine. He said just lay back and your
going to feel something you’ll never forget. All of a sudden my whole
body started to quiver and jerk. I had pleasure feelings shooting
from every part of my body and centering down into my prick. Even
though I thought sure I was going to pee nothing happened except the
most intense pleasure I had ever felt. I finally started to relax.
We looked at each other and grinned. “See nothin’ happened,” he said.
Now let me show you how I do it. He then got up on the bed and
started to very artfully massage and rub up and down his own rock hard
cock. My penis had started to soften a little after the intense
pleasure but watching him stroke his cock brought me back hard again
almost immediately. He pulled up on his sack of balls and then up and
down his shaft. He changed the grip on it and played with the head
and tip on the bottom side and showed me how it seemed the most
sensitive there. I practically had my head in at his cock as I was
staying close to see how the expert did it. We were both up there on
the bed with our rock hard dicks, the master and the student. I
reached over and played with his balls while he stroked. I then
reached under and felt the area that went underneath to his ass. I
played with his smooth legs while he kept up the sure rhythm.
Occasionally I felt his hard dick around his moving hand when he
changed around hand positions for variety. It was really turning me
on again. Finally he started to moan and arched his back and said,
“I’m coming now, watch this!” All of a sudden this white creamy
liquid started to spurt out of then end of his cock. I had never seen
anything like it. I said, “What’s happening?” He said its just my
Cum. He said its what you put in girls when you Fuck them. Wow, it
made me excited. I wondered and asked how come it didn’t come out
when I came a few minutes ago. He said maybe you just haven’t started
yet. “Don’t worry, it’ll probably start for you soon. He said when
he first started jacking off that he felt the great feeling but
nothing came out. He said that with time he would get some oozing cum
at the end and the more he did it he finally had the spurts of liquid
that he was now showing me so proudly. I was impressed! Oh, I wished
I was spurting now, too. He showed me how he kept a dirty sock under
his bed that he could wipe it up with so his mom didn’t see the stains
on his shorts or the bed sheets. I then started jacking off again. I
wanted to come spurts so bad I had to try again. It didn’t take me
long to feel that tremendous feeling building up again. This time I
wasn’t afraid. I felt the intense feeling return. I stiffened and
shuddered. Boy, what a feeling! But still no come shooting out. This
time some sticky liquid oozed from the tip that came up in strings
when I touched it with my finger. I had never seen this liquid come
from my penis before. Donny laughed while I kept playing with the
stringy liquid and enjoying the ectasy of my new found pleasure. I
had never experienced and ORGASM before that afternoon in Donny’s
bedroom and boy what a thrill it was. Later that night in my own
bedroom I jacked off two more times. I snuck a mirror out of the
bathroom and put it on the floor so I could see my hard cock better
while I experimented with my new favorite pastime of jacking off. In
the weeks that followed I tried jacking off in many other places, in
the school restrooms while sitting on the pot (hoping nobody would
come in since there weren’t any doors on the stalls) and in service
station johns while walking home from school. It was exciting for me
to approach the subject of jacking off with some of my other Junior
High buddies and occasionally we would lock ourselves into a Service
Station head and jack off together. It was always exciting to see
some of my older friends spurt the white come on climax as we enjoyed
what for me had become a new and wonderful secret. I had finally come
to feel what was really all about. Oh, how I wished I could go back
and try a few new things with Sharon and redo my Fucking episode, but
for the time being my experience with the guys and myself was really

True Stories from the adolescence of a horny teenager.

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