Learning About Sex

As a young boy I was constantly trying to find out about the thing
hanging between my legs, why it got hard at times without explanation
and what was different between us and girls. I didn’t have any
sisters so I looked forward to every opportunity to play, “I’ll show
you mine, if you’ll show me yours” with the two neighbor girls on my
block. My parents had never really talked to me much about sex.

Once when I asked my mom what the box labled “Kotex” was in the
grocery bag she yelled, “None of your business”, to which my dad
responded, “that’s not very nice.” He then inquired what was the
problem and upon finding out said that there were some things of women
that were personal to them and I didn’t need to ask about.

The two neighbor girls Sharon and Christine were lots of fun to try my
exploring games. We had a large incinerator behind the workshop
attached to our separate garage at the rear of our property and I
loved to take one or the other of these two girls back there and we
would explore each other. Sometimes we would call it playing “doctor”
and other times we were just plain curious about each other’s bodies
and how the plumbing worked.

I remember sometimes we would start out telling each other all of the
dirty jokes we had heard from friends with older brothers or at school
and this would lead me to trying to convince one of them to accompany
me back to by exploration and experimentation spot behind the

I loved to get them to take down their panties and show me their wee
wee place and always found it such a fascination that they didn’t have
the tiny penis like I did. The puffy lips of their vulvas were fun to
touch (if I could get Sharon or Christine really involved). I would
spread Sharon’s lips open and see what there was and how the two folds
of skin formed the slit down to her butt. We were about nine and had
heard a lot of things but never had the facts really straight. Poked
my figer around in her slit and got her to spread open the folds and
hold her legs wide apart for my slow and deliberate exploring. I
would also slowly take down my shorts (in the summer I loved to wear
shorts since it made our exploring games much easier). I never could
figure it out but every time I took down my shorts and then my
underpants my penis always was standing up at full attention. I
always wondered why I couldn’t show it to Sharon limp like it was when
I did my self explorations at home. She always seemed to be as
curious about me as I was about her. She would reach out and take
hold of it and rub it up and down and push the loose skin back and
also examine my balls and sack. I asked her if I could watch her take
a pee and that intrigued me quite a bit. She squatted down with her
legs apart after we dug a hole in the dirt for the pee to be buried so
our episodes wouldn’t be discovered. It was quit a thing to get down
low with my pants still down and see her stream squirt out from the
slit between her legs at such a funny angle. I took turns watching it
from different angles on different days.

She also found me able to stand up and spray any direction I wanted
even though I couldn’t figure out why it was so hard to get started
with my little cock so hard. I loved the look of the little puffed
out lips with still no hair on them and the way the slit seemed to
pull the skin in at the center between the two lips. I was always
curious about the little bud that she showed me when the lips were
spread open wide for my finger explorations. She showed me the little
hole where the pee came out.

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