Learning a few home truths

Pete and Jan had been married for only five years, and to be honest the novelty was already wearing very thin, as most couples they had their ups and downs but as Pete was soon to find out not everything in the garden was rosy. He arrived home almost as usual from work to find his 5 foot six wife taking a bath, now this was unusual in as much that normally she preferred to take a shower first thing in the morning as she had done this morning. Despite this unusual behaviour he didn’t really suspect anything and just put it down to her needing a relaxing bath, however when 30 min later she emerged from the bathroom wrapped in a white fleecy towel she immediately disappeared into the bed room. Again nothing unusual in this except the bedroom she moved into was the spare single room.

Knocking gently on the door, Pete entered and found his wife sat in front of the dressing table with her 36C breasts on display, initially she did not notice him enter for she was busy shaving her pubes. Now this was unusual for she always claimed that she liked the natural approach and only rarely did she trim her pubic hair. Pete coughed and instantly Jan looked up, but never stopped lathering her pubic area. Hello Pete she said, I thought we may have a little fun tonight but only if you agree. She added.

Depends what the fun is. He declared.

I know you like bondage, because you like to tie me up as often as possible. Jan said, but how would you feel if it was you that was tied up tonight and had to do everything I demanded. She asked.
Wouldn’t bother me in the slightest, he answered.

Very well then, I will tie you up and we will take it from there. She responded, but first be a good boy and go shower and then shave not only your face but also your cock and balls. Intrigued Pete smiled as he left the room and went to take a shower. An hour later he was dressed in just shorts and a top as he entered the main bedroom; there he found Jan sexily dressed in a Basque black seamed stockings and bright red suspender belt with bright red 6 inch high stiletto heels.

She turned to face him and ordered him to remove his clothes before inspecting how well he had removed the hair from around his cock and balls. Next she ordered him to lay on their divan bed with his head overhanging the bottom of the bed and to spread his arms out crucifix style. Taking the normal Japanese bondage ropes that he used normally on her, she secured his arms in this position, then tied his ankles as far apart as possible at the top of the bed.

Now unable to move, Pete began to realise the fascination that Jan had about being tied up, for now he was powerless to prevent anything happening to him and this was proved to him when his wife tied a pretty pink ribbon tightly around his balls finishing it in a bow around the base of his cock. Now in the five years they’ve been married Jan had never complained about the size of Pete’s manhood but tonight she chastised him for only mustering 5 inches fully erect and that like it or not he was going to see double that amount at very close quarters.

Pete was about to say something when he found Jan was anticipating this and slipped a gag into his mouth and quickly fastened it behind his head. The gag was not the usual ball-gag type but instead it was a type that contained a large circular device and was designed to keep the lips open allowing items or liquids to be passed through the centre of the ring. She leaned down and whispered in his ear that when you learn proper obedience I will remove the gag. I am going to tell you now that I am going to paddle your worthless cock until you agree to everything I demand, I know from the stories you read online that you have a thing about seeing your wife fucked by another man, and that you want to eat his come directly from a freshly used cunt.

By :Niteowluk2003

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