Leaora Ass Pain

Leaora put her long blond hair into a pony tail and checked herself out in the mirror. “You look HOT girl” she said to herself as she admired the mirror image. She had on her running-slash-teasing outfit, tight running shorts and a tank top that hugged her body.

At 19, Leaora was the youngest wife in the neighborhood, and by far the hottest one for miles around – maybe in the entire city. She ran every Saturday – not that she had to. She was about as perfect as she could be – slim, but with curves in all the right places. She had started it as a show-off kind of thing, running through the neighborhood on Saturday mornings when all the guys were outside doing yard work or other honey-do stuff. She knew that every guy out would stare at her as she jogged by, watching and wishing that THEY were her husband – that THEY were sticking their meat into her firm little body every night. In fact, one of the other wives once told her that after Leaora’s Saturday morning run her husband would often come in for an afternoon quickie. Another wife laughed about how on one Saturday her husband jumped her, with the firmest cock she had seen on him for years!

But this morning Leaora had her own reason. She knew that the new good-looking guy down at the end of block would be out this morning. He was a body-builder and she had spotted him a time or two and wanted to run by his place and check out HIM and HIS body. She went out onto the front porch and stretched out, then started running.

Michael spotted her when she was three houses away. The first thought that came into his mind was ‘fucking YEAH’. His next door neighbor had told him about the hot young wife down the street but DAMN – THIS hot he had not expected. From first glance he couldn’t tell her age, but it was certainly easy to see that she had a body he could play with for HOURS. He caught a glimpse of blond hair jumping about at the side of her ass, and his cock started to tussle about. FUCK! A body that hot AND long blond hair?

As Leaora ran by his house he was completely thunderstruck. Fucking young wife was right … she looked like she was some 17 year old cheerleader from the local high school … and damn if she was not just as pretty as any model he had seen. As she ran by and he got a good look at the length of her hair and the tightness of that ass – MOTHERFUCKER – if she was his he would only remove his cock from her long enough to move it to another fucking hole! After she ran by she glanced back and he was glad he had worked out earlier. If God had created one perfect fuck toy, THIS was it!

After her run, Leaora finished brushing out her long blond hair deep in thought. She had showered and changed from her tight little running clothes to an even tighter pair of jeans, and a one-size-too-small t-shirt that read ‘I’m ready – how about you?’ on it.

Her idea had come to her as she was checking out that new guy. After she had run past him (damn he was good looking), she turned and glanced back. He looked, well … MESMERIZED with her. She realized he had been staring at her tight little ass, and even when she had turned towards him he didn’t drop his eyes away like most of the guys did. He had simply looked directly at her and smiled. She had felt foolish for looking back, but she simply couldn’t help it – he was DIFFERENT – she could feel it. Besides, when she had looked back at the muscles on his arms and at the tightness of his shirt she felt something ELSE – a little shiver than ran through her body.

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