Lauren punished for speeding

Tapping his fingers on the steering wheel, Tucker reached out and turned the music up. He decided to take the slightly longer route home tonight, knowing that his girl was anxiously anticipating his return. He wanted her to think about just what was going to happen when he got home.

His fiancé, Lauren, tugged at the bottom of her skirt nervously as she peered out the window. Each time a set of headlights turned down the street her heart beat faster, only to be calmed as they crept by their apartment, every time. She let the curtains fall back in place and she turned away from the window, pacing the living room floor. It doesn’t usually take him this long to get home, she thought to herself, wringing her hands.

Only a few minutes later the sound of crunching gravel outside signaled that Tucker was home. The slam of his door and his heavy footsteps on the front stairs weren’t a good sign.

Lauren wanted to run and lock herself in the bathroom. He couldn’t stay angry forever, right? She could picture him sitting outside the bathroom door, paddle in hand, waiting for her to give in and open up. She almost laughed, if not for the growing pit in her stomach. She sat down on the couch, facing away from the front door and focused on her shoelaces.

The front door opened, and closed firmly. His boots were unlaced and kicked into the shoe crate. His jacket thrown on the armoire in the hallway.

Then he was in front of her, broad stance, his arms crossed over his chest. “Lauren, stand up please.”

She stood, her eyes still on the floor. Her fingers laced together in front of her, she couldn’t stand still.

“Why are you in trouble tonight young lady?” he asked, the pale light of the single lamp on in the room casting an eerie glow across his scowl.

She fidgeted, playing with the edge of her skirt as she stammered, “Because I was speeding on my way to work and got a ticket.”

“Lauren,” he said sternly, putting a finger beneath her chin. “Stand still, look at me, and try answering that question again.”

She took a deep breath, raising her watery blue eyes to meet his bold emeralds. “I’m in trouble because I got a speeding ticket on the way to work, and because I wasn’t wearing my seat belt, sir.” she whispered.

He sighed. “Why are these not acceptable behaviors?”

She bit her bottom lip innocently, whining softly. “Because I put myself in danger.” her response was barely audible.

“That’s right. Baby, I can’t stand the thought of what might happen to you if you got into an accident at the speed you were given a ticket for today. It’s not only inconsiderate of the others in your life who care for you, but it’s irresponsible and naïve. You’re getting a sound spanking tonight, little one. I don’t want you to ever endanger your life like this again, do you understand?”

By now, big, fat tears were rolling down Lauren’s cheeks. “I’m sorry, Tucker. Please don’t spank me,” she murmured.

“Sweetheart,” he bent, kissing the top of her head. His words quieted by her hair, he said “I am going to spank you. You know that you deserve it and you knew that these would be the consequences when you chose to put yourself in danger. Right?”

She nodded, unable to speak.

He sat down on the couch, pulling her over his lap. He patted the seat of her skirt a few times before beginning her spanking.


Biting her lip, she tried to focus on anything but his big, hard hand landing on her upturned backside. She held herself together until his stern voice began scolding her while his hand warmed her skirt.

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