Lauren gets dom

Tuesday morning Lauren pulled in the parking lot of the clinic where she works, a couple of second later a black bmw pulls into a parking spot in front of her as she was getting out, the bmw door opens when she gets to the front of her blue ford truck, the handsome stud of a Doctor from gynecology gets out with his briefcase and starts walking towards the entrance doors in front of her as she follows him in staring at his ass wishing that they would get shorthanded again and send her over there like they did one time before when he wasn’t there.

A couple months went by and the last week of august Lauren and her boyfriend Darrin went down to Jamaica on vacation for a week. The following Monday Lauren got her wish after two girls called in sick and another went on maternity leave, Lauren had butterflies in her stomach as she went over hoping that the handsome Doctor West would be there today and not another Doctor.

When she got there another girl told her to go prep rooms two and three for exams and pap smears, then she could take Susan back, get her vitals and ready for the Doctor.

As Lauren was going back the hall she saw Doctor West setting at a desk in one of the offices and whispered Oh God under her breath, she prepped both rooms and went out in the waiting room and called Susan name, a beautiful blond get up and walks over, Lauren took her back the hallway, got her weight and height on the scales and took her in room two, did her vitals, temp and asks some routine questions, then she told Susan to remove all of her clothes and any body jewelry above and below and to put the gown on that’s was laying on the table with the slice to the back then she could have a seat up on the table and the Doctor would be in shortly to see her, then left.

Later on around 10:00 she was told to prep room six for an iud, Lauren had never been in room six before and almost lost it when she went in and saw that exam table with the set of leg stirrups. “Not those pull out things that you put you’re feet in, these babies here were plastic forms that you’re knees went in that supported your legs down to your ankles so there was no bringing you’re knees together while you’re laying there waiting on the Doctor to examine you either.

Lauren was getting really horny thinking if she was laying on there with her legs spread apart waiting for Doctor West to examine her she’d be oozing all over the place as she laid a blue napkin out on the counter top to put the things on that he needed.

At lunch time the two other girls left to go eat, Lauren stayed there with a receptionist and another girl who was in an office room. Lauren snuck back to room six and locked the door, she opened a drawer and got a couple large gauze pads and ripped off a strip of white sticky tape that she stuck to edge of the countertop, kicked her rebooks off, pulled her blue scrub pants down and her white thong panties stepping out of them, stuck all the gauze pads in her mouth and put the piece of white tape over her lips, grabbed a blue napkin and got on the table, pulled her top up above her white lacey bra, laid back and put her legs up in the stirrups and started fantasizing that she was bound and gagged on the table and Doctor West was going to come in and tell her that he was going to fuck her and there wasn’t anything that she could do about it while she masturbated.

Lauren was so into it that she didn’t notice that the door knob was turning, apparently the lock didn’t work and Doctor West opens the door and walks right in. Lauren had that deer in the headlight look and she turned like ten different shades of red in a few seconds as he stood there looking at her with this stone cold stare as she’s pulling her fingers out of her vagina covering her crotch up with both hands. He slowly back out of the room closing the door.

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