Lauren gets dom

Tuesday morning Lauren pulled in the parking lot of the clinic where she works, a couple of second later a black bmw pulls into a parking spot in front of her as she was getting out, the bmw door opens when she gets to the front of her blue ford truck, the handsome stud of a Doctor from gynecology gets out with his briefcase and starts walking towards the entrance doors in front of her as she follows him in staring at his ass wishing that they would get shorthanded again and send her over there like they did one time before when he wasn’t there.

A couple months went by and the last week of august Lauren and her boyfriend Darrin went down to Jamaica on vacation for a week. The following Monday Lauren got her wish after two girls called in sick and another went on maternity leave, Lauren had butterflies in her stomach as she went over hoping that the handsome Doctor West would be there today and not another Doctor.

When she got there another girl told her to go prep rooms two and three for exams and pap smears, then she could take Susan back, get her vitals and ready for the Doctor.

As Lauren was going back the hall she saw Doctor West setting at a desk in one of the offices and whispered Oh God under her breath, she prepped both rooms and went out in the waiting room and called Susan name, a beautiful blond get up and walks over, Lauren took her back the hallway, got her weight and height on the scales and took her in room two, did her vitals, temp and asks some routine questions, then she told Susan to remove all of her clothes and any body jewelry above and below and to put the gown on that’s was laying on the table with the slice to the back then she could have a seat up on the table and the Doctor would be in shortly to see her, then left.

Later on around 10:00 she was told to prep room six for an iud, Lauren had never been in room six before and almost lost it when she went in and saw that exam table with the set of leg stirrups. “Not those pull out things that you put you’re feet in, these babies here were plastic forms that you’re knees went in that supported your legs down to your ankles so there was no bringing you’re knees together while you’re laying there waiting on the Doctor to examine you either.

Lauren was getting really horny thinking if she was laying on there with her legs spread apart waiting for Doctor West to examine her she’d be oozing all over the place as she laid a blue napkin out on the counter top to put the things on that he needed.

At lunch time the two other girls left to go eat, Lauren stayed there with a receptionist and another girl who was in an office room. Lauren snuck back to room six and locked the door, she opened a drawer and got a couple large gauze pads and ripped off a strip of white sticky tape that she stuck to edge of the countertop, kicked her rebooks off, pulled her blue scrub pants down and her white thong panties stepping out of them, stuck all the gauze pads in her mouth and put the piece of white tape over her lips, grabbed a blue napkin and got on the table, pulled her top up above her white lacey bra, laid back and put her legs up in the stirrups and started fantasizing that she was bound and gagged on the table and Doctor West was going to come in and tell her that he was going to fuck her and there wasn’t anything that she could do about it while she masturbated.

Lauren was so into it that she didn’t notice that the door knob was turning, apparently the lock didn’t work and Doctor West opens the door and walks right in. Lauren had that deer in the headlight look and she turned like ten different shades of red in a few seconds as he stood there looking at her with this stone cold stare as she’s pulling her fingers out of her vagina covering her crotch up with both hands. He slowly back out of the room closing the door.

She ripped the tape off her lips and spit the gauze out in the trash can as she hurried to get her clothes back on, then she was terrified to leave the room, after about five minutes later there was a knock on the door that made her almost jump to the ceiling, the door opened again and Doctor West asks if he could come in to get his charts that were on the countertop.

Lauren was sweating and so ashamed beside being totally embarrassed to death, she was even wondering if she was going to get fired and couldn’t even speak, “Hello he said as he walked in looking directly at Lauren as she looked down like a little kid who was about to be scolded. He picked his charts up off the countertop and told Lauren that he thought that they needed to have a little talk closing the door.

Have a seat Lauren he said looking at her, she sat down shaking with tears coming down both her cheeks.

Would you like to explain to me what you were just doing he asks?

Lauren thought it was pretty obvious what she was doing and said no.

If you’re not going to tell me I guess you’re going to have to be punished he said in a strong firm voice.

She really started crying with tears running down both cheeks dripping unto her blue pants making little wet spots, “I’m sorry Doctor West, please don’t have me fired I promise you it will never happen again she sobbed bending over coving her face with both hands.

I don’t know about that Lauren he shouted.

I’ll do anything but please don’t have me fired she cried.

He pulled some tissues out of the box, “Here he said handing them to her. She took them and wiped her eyes.

I hope you don’t have anything planned for after work this evening he said.

No I don’t she replied wonder what he meant by that.

I want you back in this room when you’re done today so I can punish you Lauren! Do you understand me he yelled!

Yes! She replied.

That’s Yes Sir Doctor West he shouted.

Yes Sir Doctor West she replied in a soft timid voice shaking to death.

That’s better he replied opening the door to leave.

She sat there thinking how stupid she was while wondering what kind of punishment she was going to get later on.

After lunch she was in a room with him while he was examining a girl and it felt quit awkward as embarrassed as she was and the time was ticking down to quitting time which was 5:30 then the punishment thing had her scared almost to death.

At 5:40 Lauren texted her boyfriend Darrin to let him know that she was probably going to be late, then went into room six, sat down in the chair and waited nervously for Doctor West to arrive.

Lauren a very beautiful and attractive girl, 24 years old and weighed about 105lbs and was like 5’5”, has long reddish brown hair with some blond highlights in the front, really pretty face with these big beautiful brown eyes, nice firm little breasts and wears a b-cup bra, tight little stomach with absolutely no fat at all and has her navel pierced, amazing round shapely ass, sexy smooth legs, cute looking feet, toes and her pussy is shaved completely bald.

Around 6:00 Doctor West arrived, he walks in carrying a black duffel bag that he sets down on the table, unzips it and takes out two padded restraints, Lauren mouth flew open and she gasps as he starts attaching them to the top corners of the backrest on the paper holder brackets, when he finished he put two straps on the table part and two velcro straps on each of the leg stirrups.

Lauren heart was racing, goose bumps started popping up all over her body that sent cold chills running up and down her spine as she watched him finish attaching the last strap just like he read her mind from earlier and figured out her most deepest darkest secret fantasy of being tied up and gagged on an exam table by a hot looking Doctor

Well Lauren, I want you’re clothes off and you on that table “NOW!” he shouted looking down at her sitting there shacking nervously as he leaned back against the countertop to watch her get undress.

Yes Sir Doctor West she replied slowly kicking her shoes back under the chair and leaning over to remove her white ankle socks, he notices that her toenails were painted the same bright florescent yellow color as her fingernails were which kind of turned him on as she stood up to removed her scrubs, bra and panties.

She felt so embarrassed and humiliated as he stood there watching her take everything off, thinking that in just a few seconds she was going to be on that table spreading her legs for him to see her and desperately hoping when she spreads her legs he doesn’t notice that she’s already getting wet as she goes over to climbed up on the table, she lays back, puts her legs up in the stirrups and her wrists into the restraints and waits on him to restrain her.

I see you follow directions really well Lauren, he said fastening the buckle down tight around her right wrists and then her left one. He then went down between her legs and looked directly at her pussy. “Get that butt slid down over this edge now he commanded. “Lauren slid down. “More he yelled, she slid down further and he strapped her ankles and knees down in the stirrups and placed the strap across just above her hips and the other above her breasts and her pussy explodes with wetness.

He walks back down between her legs and looks at her again. “Lauren you’re oozing, did I tell you that you could ooze he shouts?

No Sir Doctor West, she said timidly in a sweet soft voice.

Then why are you dripping on my floor he asks.

I don’t know Doctor West she replied.

I really think you do Lauren so stop lying or this isn’t going to go well for you he shouts.

I just can’t help myself Doctor West you’re punishment is really turning me on she replied.

That’s a much better answer Lauren he said calmly.

What are you going to do to me Doctor West?

What do you think I should do to you for getting off in my exam room while you’re at work he asks?

Whatever you want to Doctor West she replied.

That’s a very good answer to Lauren but doesn’t a pretty little thing like you have a boyfriend he asks?

Yes, Doctor West I have a boyfriend I’m not going to lie she said.

Dose you’re boyfriend ever tie you up?

No Sir Doctor West you’re the first guy who has ever done that to me.

Then I suppose you’re not planning on telling you’re boyfriend anything about this then he asks?

No Sir Doctor West she replied as she watched him go over to the countertop and open up the drawer that had the tape and gauze in. He took out a roll of gauze, closed the drawer and reached into the duffel bag that he had moved from the table to the countertop pulling out a white ball gag with a black leather strap and buckle on.

I think you know what this is for Lauren, he said holding the ball gag up for her to see.

Yes, Doctor West you’re going to use it to gag me with she replied.

That’s right Lauren, since you gagged yourself earlier I’m betting you’re a real screamer so I’m going to gag and blindfold you so you can’t see what’s coming next, now pick you’re head up for me he said

She lifts her head up off the table looking down at her knees to see again just how far that they were spread apart as he took the roll of gauze and started going around her head covering her eyes until the roll was gone so that there wasn’t any possible way that she could see.

Doctor West, may I ask you a question before you gag me she asks?

Yes, Lauren you may.

Are you going to fuck me Doctor West?

I don’t know Lauren do you really think you deserve being rewarded for not being able to control yourself earlier today?

I’m sorry for asking you that Doctor West just please punish me the way you think I deserve to be punished then she said in a soft sweet voice.

Are you trying to tell me I can’t fuck you Lauren he asks?

No Sir Doctor West you may fuck me or do whatever you wish to me.

You’ll just have to wait and see Lauren but I’m sure we’re going to become really good friends here shortly. “Now open wide for me he replied.

Lauren opens her mouth as far as she could, he pushes the white ball back between her pretty white teeth as far as he could and pulls the black leather straps behind her head, sticks the end through the buckle cinching it down so tight that it started pulling the corners of her mouth back. “She moans, pussy ready to explode at any second again.

Now Lauren I’m going to give you an examination you’ll never forget he said putting his cold stethoscope on her chest listening to her heart that was racing like she just ran a couple miles, then up on both sides of her neck and down on her stomach.

You look like a very healthy girl Lauren and in terrific shape, now let me take a peek in those ears. “He turns her head to the right side and puts the otoscope in her left ear, turns her head to the left then and puts it in her right ear. Good he said.

Now your nose, he put his hand on her forehead and sticks it in both her nostrils and looks, good he said again

I like those yellow nails he said touching her left hand and you’re tan lines. “Looks like you were just at the beach weren’t you?

Mmph-huh she mumbled nodding her head yes.

I’m going to feel you’re breasts now Lauren and you better not cum, he said touching her right one and giving it a vey good going over and then her left one. “Very nice breasts he said as he finished examining it.

He then went over to the cabinet, got a catheter kit and a collection bag, he returned and pulled a slide out from under her butt to lay the stuff on, “he opened up the kit and put the gloves on then opened the catheter, lube, and package of disinfectant that he put on the cotton balls to clean the opening of her urethra.

Lauren you’re going to feel some coldness down here he said picking up a cotton ball, she thought he was going to put a speculum in her and she’d orgasm and get yelled at but he rubs the cotton ball up over her urethra then another one and then she knew that he was going to catheterize her which was something that she had never had done before.

He opened her lips with his left hand and ran the end of the tube through the lube and inserted it in the opening of her urethra.

Mmph she went digging her yellow nails into the palms of her hands and curling her toes down. “Dose it burns a little bit Lauren he asks?

Mmph-Huh she mumbled nodding her head as he pushes it up into her bladder. “He inflated the balloon on the end that kept it from coming back out and attached the bag to it for her urine to flow in and hung it on the table, cleaned the papers up and pushed the slide back in.

How do you like the catheter he asks?

She moans and shakes her head no.

That’s to bad Lauren because it’s staying in he said.

Lauren had a puddle on the floor from her pussy oozing now like a dripping facet. He went back over to the cabinet and got a speculum, lube and the rest of the things that he needed to do a pap smear.

He lube up the speculum and told her that she was going to feel some pressure down there now and she wasn’t aloud to cum as he starts to inserted the cold huge speculum up into her tight little vagina as far as he could which took several tries.

Wow, you’re a tight one he said opening the speculum stretching her so he could see her cervix, he twirled a spatula around the opening of her cervix and placed it into a container then remove the speculum and insert two of his fingers up into her hot wet cannel. “Lauren let out a loud long moan pulling on the restraints her wrists were in.

Did I tell you that you could orgasm he asks?

Lauren shook her head no.

Don’t let it happen again he said sternly pushing down hard on her lower stomach and cramming his fingers up her as far as he could trying to find both of her ovaries.

I found one of you’re ovaries but the other one is hiding from me he said pushing and feeling harder, oh there it is and they do feel fine.

Lauren was relived when he found it so he’d quit pushing down on her stomach, then he pulled his fingers out and slid one down to her anus and started going around the opening of it several times before pushing it in, she moaned as it went up her rectum.

He twisting and turned his finger on the way up feeling every inch of it that he could, then he pulled it partway out and stuck his thumb up her vagina and squeezed, he took his fingers out and threw the gloves in the trash can.

Went back over and ran his finger tips up he bottom of her left foot, Lauren tried to pull her foot away, then he did her right one and she did the same thing.

Are you’re feet ticklish he asks?

Lauren shakes her head no.

He did it again and she did the same thing.

You’re lying to me again he said taking a black whip out of the duffel bag and cracking her across her right then left butt cheek with it.

You’re making this difficult Lauren when it doesn’t have to be he said leaning over and sticking his tongue in her navel licking it and her navel ring which sent her into a real uncontrollable frenzy.

Pleasure and pain Lauren what do you like best he asks cracking her across her butt again on each cheek but this time way harder making her squeal.

Pain Lauren, do you like pain he asks smacking her pussy lips, clit and both her nipples multiple times.

Lauren shakes her head no

You shouldn’t lie to me because I know you’re feet are ticklish aren’t they he said running the end of the whip up the bottoms of both of her feet making her squeal and try to pull away again.

She nods her head yes.

That wasn’t so hard was it he said leaning over to suck on her nipples a little bit, several seconds later her phone starts ringing in her clothes on the chair. “Whys you’re phone on Lauren, you know that’s not aloud he shouts?

She shakes her head and mumbles mmph, mmph, mmph.

Lauren I don’t know what to do with you, all you keep doing is screwing up today so I think you’re going to need a lot more punishment he said reaching into the bag and taking out a butt plug and a violet wand that he plugs in to a receptacle and lays on the counter top, lubes the butt plug and pick the speculum back up and goes over between her legs again, lays the speculum on her stomach and inserts the butt plug up her rectum. “Lauren moans. He picks the speculum up and inserts it back into her vagina and stretches her open again making her squeal just a little bit.

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