Laura and Sophie go to the Club Breed unprotected

we haven’t seen each other for so long. I would like to have you with me again over the weekend. Maybe you would like to go out with me?

So today I would like to tell you about the exciting nightlife here in the city. I just can’t keep it to myself any longer and have to get rid of it. You already know that I was always jealous of your courageous handling of your independent family planning.

The party club I prefer to go to is the “Breed !”. It’s a very unusual club. At first I couldn’t believe it, but the name actually says it all. I read about it on the internet and was immediately fascinated. The next Saturday I was there for the first time. That was a good three months ago. I am still fascinated by how many women hang out there who seem to have the same dream. Not everyone is ready to turn their dream into reality. Many women only flirt with the possibility that may arise there for them. And certainly also with the proximity to the many like-minded people. There are of course both men and women. But here the women are mostly in the majority. Many men may also be afraid and shy away from being around so many women who, in principle, would all like to get pregnant. That’s what the club is known for. That’s why there are more men who are either curious and only come in once. Or men who have a breeding fetish. You can often see these kinds of guys there again. But not all men are really ready for it either. A few actually look constantly for women who would let you get pregnant. And so it happens every now and then. Certainly not every Saturday evening such a man can tow a woman. But it happens often enough. It is even said that one or the other will have problems paying alimony after a while.

Fortunately, the club owner is very wealthy and it is said that he founded this club because he finds the topic so exciting itself. For example, he even supports women who became pregnant because of a club acquaintance and who later get into financial difficulties. And for every cent that is cashed in the Breed, he donates two cents to a children aid organization. He is very generous when he can do something to make it easier for the women and men in the club to having sex with each other and consciously have unprotected sex. That’s pretty weird. But I’m totally fascinated and that’s why I’m there very often on Saturdays. I’ve also been hit on many times, but as much as I feel like it, I’ve always been able to control myself. But it’s always a new challenge for me. And in the end, more and more often, I find myself craving for it inside and then think “just let it happen today.” At some point it may really be that time. The whole thing is therefore incredibly exciting for me.

Maybe you would like to spend an evening there with me? You can stay with me. Just have to make sure you get a sitter for the weekend.

I am so happy to hear from you.

in love, Your Sophie.

Laura had been excited the whole week and was dying to get to know the club, to be there herself. If only because it would clearly show her convictions, her hitherto secret fetish, in public. She even felt it was a kind of outing. So far she hadn’t really been aware of that. She always thought it was the highest possible risk that she turned on especially during sex. That was why she had tried again and again to get a little closer to the highest risk. But now that she knew about the club, her mind was confused again. Where she knew that there are apparently many people who go one step further. Obviously, they aimed to consciously bring about a pregnancy. Now she suspected that it might be the same with her. She remembered that it was not only during the act of fertilization that she felt particular pleasure. It also gave her an incredible pleasure afterwards to know that she might have really become pregnant. And the test after a few weeks was a thousand times as exciting as checking a lottery ticket hoping for a jackpot. She also felt it was truly fair that the chance of getting pregnant through careless sex was so much greater than the stupid jackpot in the lottery. And the feeling when the test was really positive was an indescribably uplifting feeling of happiness for her both times. Both pregnancies were the most exciting times in her life so far. She often felt a great longing for it. When she and her friend Sophie finally stood in front of the Breed entrance on Saturday evening, she was downright dizzy with excitement. She also felt a strong sexual arousal. She wondered now more and more whether she would be up to the lust at all, or whether she would go home with one of the men on the first evening to have unprotected sex with him. The fact that she hadn’t taken the pill for six months made things really exciting. Her thoughts were racing. “If I hadn’t stopped taking the pill, then I could take a look at the whole thing first. And get to know everything in peace without risk. If I really want to, after a few weeks or months I could still stop there unprotected, and maybe even hop into the bed with the man of my choice. Can I also manage this prudence now? “

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