Lateness & Lying

It had been 3 hours. Her friday class usually ended around 4:45 and she was told to be back by 5:30pm. It was now 8:30, her phone was going straight to voicemail, and he was beginning to worry. He sent her yet another text: “3 hours late. where the hell are you??”

Around 8:45, he heard a car pull into the driveway. Moving to the window, he was releived to see that the car was hers. Walking back into the living room, he sat down on the couch to prepare himself for what he knew had to be done. He heard the door open and her keys klink into the bowl by the door. As she came into view, he saw that her hair was wet from the rain outside. She saw him. He stood. “You’re very late, girl. Where were you?”

She looked at him as she took her shoes off. He was surprised at the look about her. “Umm… Out.”

“Out?” She nodded, no longer meeting his eyes. “I’m gonna need a much better explanation than that.”

“Sorry, I went out with Lisa after class and I lost track of time, I guess.”

“You guess? You’re 3 hours late! You know I told you to be home by 5:30, right?


“Yes? Yes, what?”

“Yes, sir.”

“So why did you decide to disobey me?”

“I dunno.” She glanced back up at him and the look in his eyes must have quelled her a little. “I- I just-” Slowly, he walked over to her until he was inches from her.

“Look at me, girl.” She did. He gave her just a little of that ‘it’s ok to tell me’ look. “Tell me why.”

“S-sir, i’m sorry I just… you said yesterday that w-we were gonna try fucking my ass tonight. A-and I… I didn’t have the best day and i’ve never done it before and I was kinda scared so I didn’t w-wanna come home.”

He looked at her for a few moments. She was trembling, once again looking downward. “So you didn’t lose track of time, then.” It was barely a question.

“…No, sir.”

“So not only were you 3 hours late, but you also lied to me just now.”

“Yes, sir. I’m sorry, sir.”

“You know that if you had just told me how you felt about our plans for tonight, we could’ve talked about it and worked something out, right?” She nodded. “But instead you chose to disobey me and lie to me.” She nodded again. “How do you feel about yourself right now? How have you behaved?”

“I feel ashamed of myself, sir…. I’ve been a bad girl.”

“Yes you did. And you know what needs to happen now, right?”

She took two deep breaths before looking up at him. “I need you to punish me, sir.”

He nodded and went and sat back down on the couch. She followed in silence and stood in front of him. “Hands on your head.” She obeyed. He unbottoned her jeans, unzipped the fly, and pulled her pants down to her knees. For an instant he was distracted by the soft bulge of her mound beneath her green panties. He loved the way it always beckoned him, but he was determined not to lose focus here. “Get over my lap.”

“Yes, sir.” She lay across him and he nestled his left elbow between her shoulder blades and held her right lovehandle with his left hand. He ran his hand across her green panties. “I’m gonna warm you up a little bit, girl, because you’ve got one serious punishment ahead of you. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, sir.”

He began rubbing his hand around her ass, warming it slightly. She had a good-sized ass for a small girl. Under her panties, he knew that there were two round pale tender cheeks to go with her wide-ish hips. “While I warm you up, tell me why you’re being punished.”

“I’m getting punished for coming home late and for lying.”

“How late did you come home?” He squeezed her left ass cheek, kneading it through her panties.

“T-three hours and, um…”

“Three and a half hours, girl.” Smack. He spanked her firmly on her left.

“Yes, sir.”

“So how much punishment,” he squeezed her right cheek, “do you think you deserve for being three and a half hours late, girl?”

“20 swats, sir?” Smack! on her right. She moaned in fear more than pain.

“I don’t think so, girl. You’re gonna get” Smack, on the left. “at least 35 swats,” Smack on the right. “ten for each hour” Smack, on the left. “you were late. And another 25” Smack, on the right. “for lying to me. Then we’ll see if you’ve learned your lesson.”

Smack, smack, smack, smack. He spent the next minute finishing her warm-up. He pulled her panties up into her ass to check the redness. It was an even pink shade. “Ok, stand up, girl.” She stood. “Hands on your head.” She obeyed. He pulled her pants the rest of the way down to the floor. “Step out.” She did, stepping out and back. He threw them aside, then reached his hand between her legs and pulled her back in front of him by her crotch. She let out a soft whining sound at this, but said nothing as he pulled her green panties down to her ankles, exposing her strawberry-blonde bush. She knew what to do now.

She knelt down in front of him. “Sir, i’m ready now. I was bad. May I please have my punishment?”

“You know you’ve never had a punishment this serious, girl.”

“I know, sir.” She rested her head on his knee and looked up at him. “You’ll- you’ll have to hit me harder than usual. I deserve it. And I know it’s important that you discipline me; I want to be good girl for you, sir.” He looked at her.

“I’m glad you understand what you need. That’s very mature of you, girl.” She smiled a little. He sat back and grabbed a couch pillow and placed it on his lap. “Get back over.” She obeyed, her panties still around her ankles. The pillow now beneath her pelvis forced her ass upward, presenting itself. Just before he began he reached over and stroked her damp hair gently. “I love you, girl.”

“I love you too, sir.”

He raised his hand and brought it down hard on her left sit-spot. She yelped but didn’t move at all. “One, sir.”

SMACK, on the right. “Two, sir.” SMACK “Oww. Three, sir.” SMACK, SMACK “Four, sir. Five, sir,” she hurried.

He continued with her punishment, bringing his hand down hard on her tender ass. She never squirmed or reached back to protect herself. She knew she needed this. But by “F-fifteeen, ssssir,” she could no longer keep from crying. He paused for a moment to stroke her hair and rub her red butt a little. “Do you need some lotion, girl?”

She shook her head gently, “No th-thank you, sir. But…”

“But what, babygirl?”

“I… Sir, I know this is to punish me and I know I deserve t-to hurt, but…”

“What is it, girl?”

“It would help me take my punishment better if I could take my shirt off and feel your arm on my back. It would be comforting is all, sir.” He was utterly taken aback by the sweetness of her request. He sat there for a moment, silent. Apparently she took his silence as a no, because before he could come up with anything to say, she spoke again: “I understand, sir. I deserve to be punished however you want to punish me. I’m sorry for asking. May I… have the rest of my spanking, sir?”

Finally collecting himself, he said “Get up.” She obeyed. As she stood up, he could see her eyes searching his for what to expect. “Eyes on the floor, girl.” he said, sternly. Her eyes snapped downward. “Kneel in front of me.” She did, never looking up. “Arms up.” She raised her arms straight up. He leaned forward and pulled her shirt up over her head and tossed it aside. “All fours.” She dropped forward onto her hands and knees, her face more or less against the edge of the couch. She was still sniffling a little and he noticed her wipe her cheek against the couch to dry a tear. Her back presented, he reached between her smooth shoulder blades and undid her bra. “Kneel up.” She knelt back up, her bra hanging limply from her the edges of her shoulders, her right breast no longer contained. “Take it off and toss it away.” It was unusual for her to be allowed to undress herself during a punishment, but she whispered “Yes, sir.” as she slowly, sensually took off her bra and sat up in a posture that presented her tits to him while keeping her eyes obediently on the floor. Her submissive presentation of her breasts aroused him greatly, despite himself. Her breasts were b-cup, a round handful, with wide pink aereolas that he knew were always highly sensitive to the touch.

He must’ve sat there transfixed for a moment because she began to slowly shift her weight back and forth, lightly bouncing her tits back and forth. That snapped him out of it and it occurred to him that she may have been playing for time or hoping to get him hot enough to abandon her punishment altogether. Much as she turned him on, he was determined not to be lax in her discipline. “Back on my lap, girl.”

She slowly stood and began to lean over him. “May I lay on your lap, sir?” she asked, indicating the pillow he’d used to prop her up. He nodded. She removed the pillow, brushing her hand against his bulging pants as she did so and then she laid across him, using the pillow to rest her head in. With the pillow gone, his erection was now pressing against her, with only his pants between his cock and the soft flesh between the bottom of her tummy and the top of her mound. He rubbed her elegant now-bare back with his left hand and then settled it into position with his elbow between her shoulder blades and his hand on her love-handle.

“You’ve had 15. And i’m not gonna stop again; that was the one break you get. Do you understand me?”

“I understand, sir.” SMACK, “Sixteen, sir.” SMACK, “Seventeen, sir.” Each time he spanked her now, the impact would stimulate his cock underneath her just a little. He decided to hit harder. SMACK! “Oooowwwwwww! …Eighteen, sir.” SMACK! “Nineteeeeeen, sir.” She was crying again now. SMACK! “Twwweeeeenty, s-sir.” She lay sobbing over him.

“Ok, you’ve got 15 more left for the lateness. And i’m going to keep spanking you this hard, understand?”

“Yessss, sirr.”

“But you don’t have to count these.” He grabbed the lotion from the side table. “I know you’re gonna be crying some more, so just put you’re head into the pillow and cry all you want. I’m putting lotion on your ass, cause it’s pretty red now.” He began applying it. He knew it would sooth her momentarily, but also increase the sting when he resumed.

“Thank you, sir.” she said as she felt him apply the cool lotion to her butt. He rubbed it in for a few moments, and then SMACK SMACK SMACK! “AAAAaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!”

“Pillow, babygirl.” Her cries were muffled as she buried her face in the pillow and wailed. He didn’t stop: SMACK SMACK SMACK! Her legs began to kick at the knee. SMACK SMACK SMACK! Suddenly she reached up with her left hand and grabbed his. This wasn’t unheard of, but instead of holding his hand, she deftly pulled his arm from her back, lifted herself up just enough to cup his hand and place her left breast in it. SMACK SMACK SMACK! Her tit giggled as her body was wracked with sobs. SMACK SMACK SMACK! He exhaled deeply. “That was 35, babygirl.” Her body continued to shake. Still holding her breast, he used his right hand to rub more lotion on her burning red ass. Then he gently rubbed her back, sides, and shoulders until she was calm. “Go ahead and sit up when you’re ready.”

She brought her face up from the pillow, her face still streaming with fresh tears, and knelt up so that she was kneeling on the couch beside him. He looked at her, “I hope this helped you learn your lesson, girl.” She nodded contritely, but said nothing and avoided his gaze. “You know why I had to do this, right?”

She nodded again, but again said nothing. “Babygirl,” he said, “I needed to discipline you because when you’re late and I don’t know where you are, I get worried. I was afraid that something might’ve happened to you. I can’t stand that because I love you.”

She looked at him and after a second she flung her arms around him, crying all over again and holding him tightly. “I’m so sorry, sir. I love you so much. I’m so sorry.” He adjusted his weight and deftly shifted her so that she was sitting on his lap.

“It’s ok, babygirl. You did very well; you took it like a good girl. I forgive you, I forgive you.” She buried her face in his shoulder and neck, their arms around each other. Her breathing gradually calming to match his. With her breathing returning to normal, she seemed to be alright now, though he was certain her ass must’ve still hurt a lot. In the aftermath of her punishment, he seemed to have forgotten about his throbbing erection. Far from dissipating it, having her crying naked on his lap had kept it going quite well. And as she began to emerge from the final sniffles of her punishment, she seemed to notice, as well.

Her face still nuzzled close to his, she gave one last sniffle, smiled at him, and laughed a little, “It’s nice to know I never lose my ability to turn you on.” He just laughed softly and kissed her on the cheek. Frankly, he was pretty tired by this point. Despite his boner, he was content just to sit there for a little while, cuddling her in his arms, feeling her soft skin against him. He nestled his head now, into the small of her neck and breathed deeply. She put one her hands against the back of his head, and then began to move slightly on his lap. At first he thought she was just getting comfortable, but he quickly realized that she was slowly grinding her naked, spanked-raw ass against the cock in his pants. He began to kiss her neck where his head was already resting, slowly and softly. “Sir?” she whispered to him.

“Yes, babygirl?”

“Thank you. For everything. For my discipline, for loving me.”

He gazed at her. “I’m really glad you understand.”

“And I really do want to thank you, sir.” She got off of his lap and stood up. She leaned over and kissed him deeply and lovingly. Still naked, she knelt in front of the couch and undid his belt buckle. She unbuttoned and unzipped his pants.

“Babygirl, you don’t have to.” he told her gently.

She reached into his pants and pulled his cock out. “I want to, sir.” She slowly licked from the bottom of his cock to the head. “You take such good care of me. May I please suck on your cock, sir?”

There was no longer any point (if there ever had been any) in restraint. “Oh suck me, girl.” With that she lowered her full lips to the tip of his cock and kissed it. She slowly slid her mouth down over more and more of his cock until he felt his cock hit the back of her throat and looked down to see himself buried to the hilt inside her mouth. Then she began to suck in earnest, literally sucking him and slowly drawing his cock back out. He was amazed that he didn’t simply cum at that, but she did it again and again and then began going faster. Eventually, she was slamming her head down onto his cock with a speed and vigor that he’d only ever experienced when he’d face-fucked her. But this was all her. Finally she drew him out slowly one more time. “Sir, could you take your pants off?” He didn’t even reply; he just stood up quickly and got out of his pants. “Sit back down, sir.” she grinned, “And hand me the lotion?” He did, not knowing quite what to expect, but sure it’d be good.

She took the bottle of lotion and put it on the floor next to her. Then she leaned back toward him and started licking his balls playfully while pumping his cock with her hand. He threw his head back to enjoy this, but after only a few moments, her hand was gone from his cock, though she still had her mouth on his balls. He looked back down and saw her opening the lotion and squeezing some onto her tits. Then she released his balls and knelt back to give him a full view of her tits as she rubbed them with lotion. Before she covered it in lotion, she lifted her right tit to her mouth and licked her nipple, then sucked it, then released it and smeared lotion all over herself. She knew how he loved her curvy body so she lotioned her entire torso for him to watch. He did notice, to his amusement, that she didn’t miss the opportunity to put more lotion on her spanked ass either. She knee-walked closer to him and lowered her tits around his cock, squeezed them together, and fucked her tits with his cock. He noticed she even managed to pinch her nipples a few times while tittyfucking. He was about to blow it and she must’ve read it on his face because she stopped, picked up her discarded panties from before her spanking, and used them to wipe the lotion from his cock. Then she looked him lovingly in the eyes and asked, “May I please have your cum in my mouth, sir?”

“Yes, girl.” He stood up and put his cock in her mouth and fucked her mouth until he shot his cum into her. “Suck it clean now, girl.” She swallowed his cum and licked his cock clean, then beamed up at him. “Good girl.”

“I love you, sir. Thank you for disciplining me.”

“I love you too, babygirl,” he said, panting, “but don’t forget that was only for the lateness. We still have to teach you a lesson about lying, don’t we, girl?”

She popped into an overly innocent look. “Now, sir?”

He sighed and stroked her cheek, “Go to the bedroom and get ready, babygirl. I’ll be up in half an hour.”

“Yes, sir.” She stood up and turned to go. He stopped her and pulled her towards him and they kissed deeply and lovingly. After a few minutes, she turned and went upstairs. He put his pants back on and looked at the clock to note the time.

He spent most of the half hour pacing. He didn’t want to do this; she’d been punished enough and taken it well. But he had told her she’d get 25 swats for lying and he knew he couldn’t just not punish her for lying to him. That would be failing her. Finally, he thought of a compromise. At half an hour, he headed up to their room.

He found her in bed curled in a ball under some blankets. At first he thought she was asleep, but she turned after a moment. He still felt bad about this, but then she smiled at him unexpectedly. “Sir?”

“Yes, babygirl?”

“You shouldn’t feel bad about this. You didn’t make me lie to you, or be late.” She had a calm smile on her face as she spoke. “I did those things. I was bad, and I need to be disciplined. You’re punishing me because you love me, I know that. And I really am thankful for it, I wasn’t just looking for an excuse to suck your cock earlier.” He laughed a little. “I really meant it as a thank you.”

“You’re wonderful, babygirl.”

“But I was a bad girl tonight, sir.” She got up off the bed, still naked, and walked around to the bed toward him. When she got to him she kissed him just below his right ear and whispered, “I’m ready.” She turned about and went to the end of the bed and bent over the footboard, baring her still-red butt for him.

He cleared his throat after a moment and tried not to let his voice be anything but firm, “I’m going to give you a choice, girl, about your punishment. I told you you’d get a spanking of 25. You can still have that, or you can choose the quicker option of 10 with a belt.” He’d never used a belt with her before. He could tell she was unsure.

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