Late night Rendezvous

I woke up in the dark, blinking, looking around. My wife Connie was not in bed, I guessed she was in the kitchen having a late-night snack or was in the bathroom. The house was way too quiet, so I got up, and walked around, looking for her. It didn’t take too long to find out she was not at home. Since it was 1:30 in the morning, I was concerned. How long she’d been gone for, I had no idea. I usually slept like a log, my wife’s hot cocoa just before I went to bed would put me out. Hmmm, put me out, come to think of it, she’d make hot cocoa for us, two, sometimes three times a week just before bed, and every night after cocoa, I would sleep like a log. That started me wondering, before I went to bed tonight, I had detected a chalky under-taste to the cocoa, and I had dumped it into the sink after just a sip or two. Connie had been upstairs, getting ready for bed, and I dumped it without her seeing it, I didn’t want to hurt her feelings. But now, I had a feeling that it was time to dump the cocoa regularly and see what the hell my wife was up to.

I went back to the bedroom, I had left the lights off, and I heard a car turn into the driveway. I hurried to the window, peeked out, and sure enough, there she was. No bag of groceries, she didn’t smoke, so that ruled out a trip to the convenience store. I jumped into bed and waited. I heard the soft tread coming upstairs, the door opening as quietly as possible. I faked the deep, regular cadence of sleep breathing as she stepped inside.

“Terry, are you awake?”

I continued the fake sleep, letting her think I was still bombed out on whatever the hell she was dosing my cocoa with. I heard her breathe, it sounded like she’d been holding her breath, and let it out, in what sounded like a breath of relief.

I inched an eye open as I watched her walk towards the closet. She was wearing a red mini-dress, a tight white blouse, and I watched as the mini-dress slid off her hips, holy fuck, she wasn’t even wearing panties. Jeez, one good breeze would have shown that she was a natural blonde. She slid the blouse off, no bra either. Naked, she went towards the attached bathroom, and I heard the shower start up. When I heard her open the shower stall door, and step in, I hopped up and scurried over.

I eased open the connecting door and watched her body through the glass wall of the shower. I could see the water splashing all over her naked skin, running down her body, making her skin sleek and sexier. I could feel my prick swelling as I watched her bring the soapy washcloth to her body, and lather all over. I got even harder as she slid the washcloth between her legs, letting out coos and moans of pleasure as she caressingly swirled the soapy cloth all over the pubic region. It’s been almost 3 weeks since we’d had sex, and it was no great ride, she’d done it as just a wifely duty, no passion, no heat, just a ride, then get off me, you’re done. We’d been married 10 years, and up until a year ago, we’d been going at it 3, 4 times a week, hot and heavy. I remembered what it had been like, Connie’s wet sucking mouth, the tight grip of her eager pussy, and the howls and squeals when she gave me her tight asshole, slowly and gently claiming that last cherry, and banging her back door until I blew my load up her backside passage. The tailing off had been gradual, 2 times a week, then once, then less and less, we were now down to once every 3 weeks, with no more passion than was required to take out the garbage, or mow the lawn.

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