Lactating Sister

“OMG I can’t believe she can already walk!” Harsha exclaims excited as soon as he sees his sister’s daughter Lasya.

He quickly takes her into his arms and make faces just to play with her. His sister, Saritha and her husband smile and just walk inside the house while Harsha’s dad takes the luggage inside and their mom receives them in a comforting way. All of them settle on couch and the house if filled with happiness at once because of their arrival. After Saritha’s marriage, they moved to another city and they visit her mom’s place once in a year during summer or so. Her husband does exports business, so he would be having work without any regular timings and the whole week too. The last time she came home was when she was pregnant, with lasya inside her and it’s been 2 years already since Lasya was born.

Both of their parents are retired, but both of them get their pension after retirement and Harsha finished his graduation just this year and turned 22 and would be in search for jobs during the summer. He has missed spending time with his sister as until now he was in college hostel and can’t come home often. Even though they have 6 years age difference, and didn’t get to spend time with each other for the past 7 years because of their academics, they still maintain a special bonding with each other and kind of open about several things with each other too. Their mom prepared several special dishes for the day and they finish having dinner together.

Harsha, his father, Lasya and her father are sitting outside and are just talking about casual things after dinner while Saritha and her mom are finishing the house chores in kitchen. Saritha’s mom can see two small wet patches on Saritha’s green blouse, which is quite visible.

“Are you still feeding Lasya by yourself?” she asks curiously looking at Saritha.
“Yeah mom, I know that I shouldn’t feed her, but…” she pauses, not because of embarrassment, but she doesn’t know how to put it. “I just can’t contain that lot and I even tried to take it out using my hands, but it doesn’t make much difference mom. So, I didn’t stop feeding her fully.” she says shrugging off even though she knows that its high time that she should stop as Lasya is already 2 years old a few months back.

“Ugh, I can understand, but you should be finding some other ways to take it out instead of making Lasya drink just because you are producing more milk.” she says with a concerned sigh and walks towards her room along with Saritha.

“Have you consulted doctor?” she asks curiously making her sit beside her. Saritha simply rests her head in her mom’s lap as it comforts her.

“Yeah, we did. And the doctor suggested us to take it out manually too, for a couple of months and it’s common for this generation to have such characteristics. And not to feed Lasya too.” she says shrugging off.

“Then what is your husband doing? He can help you with that? No?” she asks in a concerned voice.

“Ugh he? No… He finds it a bit weird. I mean he isn’t interested in manually squeezing the milk out of me. So…” she says simply with a sigh and it’s quite understandable because of his conservative background.

“What? How can he say that? You didn’t ask him to drink it, did you? Just take it out with hands and dispose of it if you want. But you are not supposed to store it nor feed Lasya.” she says a bit sternly.

Even before Saritha can say anything, they can hear the men coming towards their room, and just become silent. Saritha and her husband decided to sleep in one room along with their daughter, while Harsha and his parents in the other room as it’s relatively larger. Because of the journey, and a hectic day, Saritha feels her breasts getting heavy, and it’s been a day since she took the milk out or breastfed Lasya. She can’t ask her husband either as he isn’t even that open to talk about these things with her, so the only person she can tell these things is to herself. She just rests on her back, leaving her engorged breasts ache mildly with pain.

The morning, she tries to get out some milk manually while she had bath, and that would make her go through the day normally, but at night, her breasts ache again. Even before it turns out one full day after they arrived, Saritha’s husband is supposed to go back to work. She can understand his job character, and she doesn’t say anything either and decides to leave. At one corner, she wants to spend more time with the family, but she knows that she can’t. But Harsha being home now, he tried asking his sister’s husband to leave her at her mother’s home for a few days and then he would bring her back along with Lasya. After a few soft discussions, out of courtesy, he just shrugged off and decided to leave his wife and daughter for a few days at their house. Saritha can’t be any happier than that moment, not that she doesn’t love her husband, she loves him so much and he never ignored her or such, but she just missed her family so much after marriage and after getting busy as a mother.

Harsha dropped his sister’s husband at airport and came back at dinner time. After dinner, they decided Harsha and his father sleep in one room while Saritha, lasya and her mom sleep in their room. They play with Lasya for a while and let her sleep so that they can sleep. At the middle of the night, she feels mild pain beneath her breasts again and can’t sleep because of it. She wakes up and goes to bathroom to squeeze out some milk, and that made her relieved a bit. As she opens the door and comes out, she can see Harsha coming her way from his room with half closed eyes, sleepy and wanting to use washroom. She just smiled at him and walks towards her room. He can notice some wet damp patches on her black nightie and they’re quite visible. He just chose to ignore them as he just thought it’s her personal woman problems and went on with his work.

The next day, he decides to take her and Lasya out for lunch and that made Saritha so happy because she loves going out like this. She feels like she’s having the best time of her after-marriage life, and she knows how caring her brother is. The finish dinner and head to bed as usual, but Harsha suggests Saritha if she is in mood of watching a movie together. She almost stopped watching full movies after becoming a mother and she is a bit excited about it, to spend nightouts with her brother. She asked her mom to take Lasya to their room so that she and Harsha can sleep in one room. They lie beside each other while Harsha keeps the laptop on his belly and starts the movie. She is so close to him, lying with her hands raised and under her head and looking at laptop.

After a few minutes, he brings his hand down and accidentally brush against her soft breast, but she didn’t seem to mind it as she is completely involved in the movie. He felt a bit embarrassed even though she didn’t mind, and just slid a bit away from her to avoid such touching. A few minutes later, she moves close to him again to have a better view at laptop, and turns on her side, facing him and he can notice her breasts are landing on bed, and are partially visible because of her loose nightie. He can’t believe that he’s actually perving on his married sister’s breasts, but at the same time, he can’t take his eyes off of her soft skin.

Involuntarily, his male side comes out, leaving all the morals out for a second. He slowly puts his hand aside so that he can feel her breasts through the nightie fabric and that’s giving him a hard-on under his tracks. He brushes his elbow against her blue nightie just to make them jiggle a bit, but not too much as she is still so conscious and he doesn’t want her to acknowledge. The room is dark, with the movie light filling half of the room, and he can’t think rationally as of what he is doing.

A few moves and a few touchings later, the movie finishes and they decide to sleep as she is tired already. She smiles simply and doesn’t even acknowledge any of his intentions not his visible boner, as she never ever thought in her wildest dreams that her 22yo virgin brother would be perving on her mature soft body. She turns around and falls into sleep within a few minutes and he knows that she’s a heavy sleeper. The darkness and his lust are blinding his moral thinking and his hand automatically goes on her waist and wraps it like a sly snake curls around the trunk of a tree. She is too deep into sleep to feel any of this, while he’s filled with lust too much not to feel her fluffy belly and waist. The room is filled with her snores and his hands are a bit shaky as he slid them slowly towards her breasts from her belly. His dick is a few centimeters away from her bubble butt and it’s fully hard inside his tracks. She is lying in a bent way, pushing her plump ass and folding her knees, so that gives him a good view of her ass close up.

He never ever had these thoughts on her so far until today. He always loved her as a brother, but today, he realized how sexy and beautiful his sister is. Saritha is more than an average Indian girl, with her long hair, brown skin and beautiful face, she used to be fit, but pregnancy had effect on her physique, but still she looks stunning for a 29 years old woman. He can feel her belly folds and presses them gently and he’s too excited to reach her breasts yet.

Suddenly she moans softly and turns around whimpering and wraps her arm around his waist. He freezes all his limbs for a while and closes his eyes in panic as she turns around. Now both face each other and both know that they have a habit of laying limbs on people beside them while sleeping. Even though they have this habit ever since, he finds it different tonight. He slides slowly towards her, pulling her towards him, with his hand on her back. Her soft silky hair flows on his face and her face is up-close to him, filling his face with her smell. He lays his leg on her thighs and slowly slides his hand from her back to her butt cheeks. He wish he can have her for just one night, even though its morally, ethically wrong and in all sorts of ways too.

He can’t wait and slides his head down a bit so that her arm is on his head, and his face is pressing softly against her breasts. He pushes it a bit to bury his head literally between her engorged voluptuous breasts and just close his eyes to feel her smell as her armpits are right above his head. He finds everything about her turning him on for a while and presses her ass cheek slightly. On the other hand, she is sleeping peacefully, but suddenly opens her eyes and gets up, pushing him gently away. His limbs and even his heart freezes for a while and he tried his best to stay calm and pretend to be sleeping. She didn’t even look at him, but just held her breasts with her hands and whimper a bit. He can notice her movements with his eyes half open. Within a minute, she walks towards bathroom and he sighs with relief as he didn’t get caught, but can’t understand what’s going on with her as she goes to washroom every night at this time, but takes longer times inside. He waits for a few minutes and when he noticed that she’s out of bathroom, he quickly crosses her and notices her nightie having damp spots again. He low-key realizes that she’s breastfeeding, but he doesn’t understand why she has to do it in washroom while Lasya in other room.

The next day goes normally and they decide to spend a night out again together. This time, he chose a longer film and wore a small maroon boxer which reaches his thighs and a blue half hands t-shirt which shows his muscly arms. As the movie starts, he slowly started to press against her breasts and he can’t resist as he wants to do something more than this. His full concentration is on her body while she’s involved in movie again. Suddenly she raises from her position and holds her breasts closing her eyes as they ache suddenly and this time more than mild.

He quickly gets up looking at her, “what happened?” he asks curiously keeping the laptop aside.

She sighs as that’s something which she can’t discuss with him. “Ugh nothing! I just wanna use bathroom.” she says simply and walks towards bathroom and returns after 15 minutes.

“Are you alright?” he asks her with a soft concerned tone, seeing her change from blue nightie to a green one.

“Yeah, just a bit uneasy!” she says simply shrugging off. She lies beside him again and look at him, “Hmm? Continue the movie?” she says shrugging off.

“Uhm no! You’re lying about something, just tell me what it is?” he says a bit sternly but in a low voice.

She sighs as he’s pressing about something related to women, “Ugh, that’s related to women! How am I supposed to share it with my brother?” she says shrugging off as they are atleast a bit close and open unlike other conservative families.

“Eh, you don’t need to explain me everything, and I do know that there is nothing we men can do to help you when you girls go through periods! But I feel like something else is bothering you! Is something wrong with your husband?” he asks softly.

She finds it moving, the way he talks to her and she feels loved by her brother seeing his concern.

“Uhm, it’s actually about woman’s problems after pregnancy, and every woman has to go through it!” she says slides towards him holding his hand while he sits in front of her.

“Like what? During pregnancy, I know that you people have a lot to go through, but what is it after pregnancy? Getting fat? Or losing your body physique?” he asks naively holding her hand.

She smiles softly and has a bit of tears as it’s been a while she felt loved by someone like this.

“After Lasya was born, I breastfed her until a few months back or so, and now I’m supposed to stop it. But my breasts are producing milk even if I want to stop.” she says looking into his eyes forgetting about all taboo elements and the conservative barriers.

She just wanted to share it with someone openly and as of now, her brother is the only one who she felt like sharing it with.

“Oh well, that’s logical. So that’s bothering you? I mean, you can always use suction pumps or whatever to take them out? No?” he says shrugging off and for a moment, he completely forgot to take advantage of the situation as he felt concerned for his sister.

She didn’t hesitate to continue the discussion as she didn’t even see anything pervert in his response. “I tried! But they cause pain too! And doctors said that this will be like this for a few months, so I just have to go through it.” She says with a sigh pressing his hand and smiles slightly.

“Eh, there would be some easy and simple way to deal with this? No?” he asks curiously.

“Well, if only your brother-in-law can squeeze it out of me, that would cause no pain and I’d feel better. We tried, but he isn’t least bit interested in doing so.” she says shrugging off and now she feels like it’s just a funny conversation rather than a taboo conversation.

Within a moment, his lust took over his brain and he looked at her breasts, “So you go to washroom and squeeze the milk by yourself?” he asks curiously.

“Well, yeah.” she says simply shrugging off.

“But what if…” he pauses a bit, “what if someone else can squeeze it out? I mean I can.” he says shrugging off and in a cheesy way looking at her.

She laughs it out simply as she assumed he meant it as a joke, “Oof seriously? That would be weird.” she says patting playfully on his thigh.

“Ugh come on, all I care is you should be happy, and all you care is to get the milk out, and we’re not gonna tell anyone anyways.” He says as if it’s a simple thing.

She furrows her brows hearing that, “Wait, for real? Are you really suggesting me to get my breasts squeezed by my brother?” she asks curiously.

“Well like I said, if we both are clear about what and why we are doing this, and if we both are silent about it, why not?” he says simply.

She can’t think for a moment and feels that she just complicated the situation by explaining him about her problem.

Before she can say anything he takes her hand again in hands, “I can’t see you in pain, it makes me sad too sister.” he says softly, but it’s completely out of lust if not for anything else.

She finds it moving, yet too risky, but she knows that she can count on him regarding secrets. She slowly gets up and sits in front of him with half decided mind and half chaotic mind.

“Ok, never ever tell anyone about this.” she says sternly showing her finger, “Yes I swear! I won’t tell anyone.” he replies simply as if he means it.

She nods slowly and removes her top two buttons of the nightie. Even before the second one was unbuttoned, he can see her busty cleavage from top angle. She’s just 155cm tall while he’s 181cm tall.

“Ugh don’t look! Turn around when I tell you to.” she says as if he’s gonna do the work with his eyes closed.

“Fine, fine!” he says and turns around and then turns back after she gestures him.

His eyes go wide and jaw drops seeing her voluptuous breasts for the first time, they’re brown, with light black wide areolas and there’s already some wet spots on her nipples. She just took out her left side breast, covering her right side inside the nightie.

“Whoa! Those are so beautiful.” he can’t control himself from praising them.

“Ugh, just concentrate on the purpose!” she sighs but blushes a bit as she wanted some appreciation and attention to her body after going through pregnancy changes.

“Yes yes. So do I get to squeeze them or suck them?” he asks naively without looking away from her tit.

“Eh, sucking would be weird and squeezing itself is weird already!” she says with a sigh and slides a bit closer to him.

“Fine” he says and takes the glass from the table and keeps it on her lap.

His hands shake as they are about to touch a woman’s breasts for the first time and that too his sister’s breasts. She flinches slightly feeling his hard hands while he can feel utmost pleasure feeling her softest breasts. He is sitting beside her and stretching his hands to reach out to her breasts and that’s making him a bit uncomfortable.

“Can I at least sit behind you for better angle?” he asks shrugging off.

“Uhm Ok?” she says as there’s no difference for her anyway.

He quickly jumps on bed behind her and sits on his knees and wrap his arms around her and places his left palm underneath her breast and place the right palm on top of it. It melts like butter in his hands and he quickly starts to squeeze them gently. Right after the first squeeze, the milk spurts out slowly and falls on her lap and some inside the tumbler. He finds it funny rather than turning on as if he’s playing with them.

“Shh, don’t play with them! Just get it finished, I feel weird already!” she says blushing a bit as she liked when his harsh hands playing with her soft breasts.

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