Lactating Sister

“OMG I can’t believe she can already walk!” Harsha exclaims excited as soon as he sees his sister’s daughter Lasya.

He quickly takes her into his arms and make faces just to play with her. His sister, Saritha and her husband smile and just walk inside the house while Harsha’s dad takes the luggage inside and their mom receives them in a comforting way. All of them settle on couch and the house if filled with happiness at once because of their arrival. After Saritha’s marriage, they moved to another city and they visit her mom’s place once in a year during summer or so. Her husband does exports business, so he would be having work without any regular timings and the whole week too. The last time she came home was when she was pregnant, with lasya inside her and it’s been 2 years already since Lasya was born.

Both of their parents are retired, but both of them get their pension after retirement and Harsha finished his graduation just this year and turned 22 and would be in search for jobs during the summer. He has missed spending time with his sister as until now he was in college hostel and can’t come home often. Even though they have 6 years age difference, and didn’t get to spend time with each other for the past 7 years because of their academics, they still maintain a special bonding with each other and kind of open about several things with each other too. Their mom prepared several special dishes for the day and they finish having dinner together.

Harsha, his father, Lasya and her father are sitting outside and are just talking about casual things after dinner while Saritha and her mom are finishing the house chores in kitchen. Saritha’s mom can see two small wet patches on Saritha’s green blouse, which is quite visible.

“Are you still feeding Lasya by yourself?” she asks curiously looking at Saritha.
“Yeah mom, I know that I shouldn’t feed her, but…” she pauses, not because of embarrassment, but she doesn’t know how to put it. “I just can’t contain that lot and I even tried to take it out using my hands, but it doesn’t make much difference mom. So, I didn’t stop feeding her fully.” she says shrugging off even though she knows that its high time that she should stop as Lasya is already 2 years old a few months back.

“Ugh, I can understand, but you should be finding some other ways to take it out instead of making Lasya drink just because you are producing more milk.” she says with a concerned sigh and walks towards her room along with Saritha.

“Have you consulted doctor?” she asks curiously making her sit beside her. Saritha simply rests her head in her mom’s lap as it comforts her.

“Yeah, we did. And the doctor suggested us to take it out manually too, for a couple of months and it’s common for this generation to have such characteristics. And not to feed Lasya too.” she says shrugging off.

“Then what is your husband doing? He can help you with that? No?” she asks in a concerned voice.

“Ugh he? No… He finds it a bit weird. I mean he isn’t interested in manually squeezing the milk out of me. So…” she says simply with a sigh and it’s quite understandable because of his conservative background.

“What? How can he say that? You didn’t ask him to drink it, did you? Just take it out with hands and dispose of it if you want. But you are not supposed to store it nor feed Lasya.” she says a bit sternly.

Even before Saritha can say anything, they can hear the men coming towards their room, and just become silent. Saritha and her husband decided to sleep in one room along with their daughter, while Harsha and his parents in the other room as it’s relatively larger. Because of the journey, and a hectic day, Saritha feels her breasts getting heavy, and it’s been a day since she took the milk out or breastfed Lasya. She can’t ask her husband either as he isn’t even that open to talk about these things with her, so the only person she can tell these things is to herself. She just rests on her back, leaving her engorged breasts ache mildly with pain.

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