Lactating Lesbian Lady

I lay on the bed, my small son at my breast, feeding quietly. His small mouth sucking on my nipple, drawing milk from my swollen and hard breasts. God, it felt wonderful. I felt a little guilty because it did feel so very sensual. My pussy began to tingle. I had to make myself not reach down and stroke my clit.

Damn, I was horny. I’d had little Jimmy four months ago and he was fit and growing every day on my plentiful supply of milk. I really loved to feed him. My pussy was over his birth and I wanted to be fucked. Jim, my husband had seemed to loose all interest in sex since his birth. I had heard that sometimes happened. I tried everything to excite him. I’d wear sexy nightgowns, but he just wasn’t interested. I’d lean over and take his cock to suck on it, to get him in the mood but he’d pull away, roll over and pretend to go to sleep. It was driving me out of my mind.

I switched little Jimmy to my other breast to give that nipple a rest. It got sore if he sucked on it too long. The room was semi dark and I just had on a pair of sexy French cut thin panties, nothing else. It was my way of trying to keep my self-esteem up. I wanted to at least feel sexy. I saw a little hint of motion out of my eye and turned to see Rosita standing quietly in the door. She stood looking at us and smiling. I motioned for her to come and sit on the bed. The dark haired beauty slipped into the room and sat beside me. She reached over and stroked Jimmy’s head. I reached over and stroked her arm.

We had hired her just before he was born. We had met her in Mexico City on vacation. She was a schoolteacher with a Master’s degree in teaching. She was a friend of a friend and we learned she was not happy there. When she told us how little she made, we were appalled. I was three months pregnant at the time and we told her if she came up just before the baby was born, we’d give her a job as housekeeper and nanny. The salary we offered her was almost three times what she was getting, plus she would stay in the house, and have no living expenses. We made all the arrangements for her “Green Card,” the legal immigration work papers, and plane fare. We would give her the weekend off to do what she wished.

She was fantastic with Jimmy, a good cook as well as a very hard worker around the house. The house was always spotless and her company was wonderful. I loved her Spanish accent when speaking English. She was smart and beautiful as well. She looks like she could pose for a statue of an Inca Princess, tall, stately, and carries herself erectly. She is well proportioned with full, rounded breasts, a true Latin beauty.

Jimmy stopped sucking and I pulled him away from my breast. My nipple pulled out of his mouth and a little white rivulet of milk ran down my swollen breasts. Rosita took him and went into the nursery and put him down. I sat up and put my finger under my nipple. I squeezed the nipple gently with my other hand. A small amount of milk dribbled out and the wet warm milk transferred to my finger. It hung there white and gleaming. I put my finger to my lips and slid the drop to my tongue. It tasted so sweet. I milked the nipple again, letting it run to the end of my finger. I licked it off again. It was erotic to taste my own milk.

I reached for the breast pump. I hated this part. It was so cold and mechanical. I put the plastic bulb pump up to my breast and pressing it, began to suction the milk out. I had far too much milk for the baby, and if I didn’t drain it, it would make my breasts hurt and dribble out. I had nursing bras with pads inside, but I produced so much milk they couldn’t soak all of it up if I didn’t empty them, and it would make quite a mess.

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