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Darlene was smiling with anticipation as she unlocked
and opened the car door. Her nylons whispered as she
sat in the overly sun warmed car, swung her slim legs
in and shut the door. She started the car and cranked
up the air conditioning as sweat beaded on her upper
lip above a wide sensuous mouth. She placed her purse
and well worn Bible in the front seat. The lap belt was
fine around her small waist but she had a hard time
adjusting the shoulder belt over her breasts as usual
and had to settle for the strap resting between those

She always thought of herself as fat but her husband
Jim swore her boobies were his favorite feature. It
didn’t help that she was only five feet two with
humongous tits that stood up proudly even without a
bra. She was constantly aware of the stares and
unsolicited attention by the opposite sex even in
church; despite the care she exercised in dressing to
disguise her ‘assets’. She often felt self conscious
and embarrassed by her ‘fat deposits’ and wondered why
men found them so fascinating. Frowning briefly down on
her prominent natural protrusions, Darlene decided once
again that the ‘twins’ were a mixed blessing.

As Darlene drove home she thought about the Sunday
morning sermon and what the Pastor said about marriage.
Her husband Jim believed in God but rarely attended
church services so he was going to be pleasantly
surprised by what this new Pastor said about sex and
the marriage bed. Both she and her husband had been
struggling with their past sexual issues and fixations.
When Darlene was nine years old a 14 year old neighbor
had trapped her in a barn and made her suck his
throbbing erection until he ejaculated down her throat.

She couldn’t tell her Mum who was always late getting
home from work at night, because of his threats and
because she was so mortified. The next time he caught
her after school in the park with some of his friends
and they kept her there for hours until her knees were
raw and her throat gag impulse no longer affected her.
The third time she saw him was after she got off of the
school bus and there he was with his friends. They took
her for a ride in his 16 year old friends’ car while
she acquired a permanent taste for sperm and a strong
oral sex fixation.

The forth time those boys cornered her, she went
willingly and unwillingly lost her virginity. She soon
became the local neighborhoods poorly kept secret and
“Making it with Darlene” shortened to the candy phrase
“doing M & M’s” was the in thing for the locals. She
was spared any unwanted pregnancy as she got older
simply because she stuck to titty-sex and blow jobs
after her menses. By the time she was sixteen she had a
vast experience with both men and boys.

When her Mum finally found out, they moved away and her
mother placed her in a Catholic all girl’s school until
she was 18. She didn’t have sex until she met and
married Jim when she was 21 in a whirlwind courtship.
After nearly a six year sexual dry spell, it became
painfully apparent that her two years of Catholic guilt
had left their mark. From that time until today, she
had been religiously convinced that oral and breast sex
was a sin worthy of damnation.

The vaginal sex was great but the other factors made
any sex with Jim strained and often filled with
personal anxiety. In her secret self she longed for a
taste of cum and the feel of a cock filling her throat
or spilling on her breasts. Until now, she had been
searching for answers to both of their sexual dilemmas
and only now after eight long years did it seem that
God was finally answering her prayers.

By :Humbolt

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