kim First Fuck

I had just finished sweeping off the deck and was preparing to
take a dip in the pool to cool off. Kim was taking advantage of the
seclusion my cottage afforded by working on her all-over tan. The sight
of her slender body reclining on the chaise made me all the more glad
she had accepted my offer of a quiet weekend with no-strings-attached.

My 5’10”, 36-24-36, blonde haired, blue eyed, 120 pound friend
had just broken up with her boyfriend of two years and was in need of
some peace and quiet. We’ve had a “more-than-just-a-friend” relation-
ship for about five years, since my divorce, and have occasionally
spent the night in each others bed. Nothing serious, but more than just
friends. When Kim called at mid-week wanting to come to my house just
to talk, I knew she needed a friend more than a lover. Once there, she
cried for two hours sobbing out the events that led to her fianc�e
telling her he’d been sleeping with his secretary for three months, she
was pregnant and he was going to marry her, not Kim. We stayed up most
of the night talking ( we hadn’t done much more talking since she met
Rodney ), and I asked her if she’d like to spend a long weekend at the
cottage to regroup. I made it clear that I expected nothing in return
and that I’d enjoy the company. Enough background…..

Neither Kim nor I were shy about our bodies as we’d gone skin-
ny-dipping on several occasions, but the sight of her lying there with
the sun glistening on the beads of perspiration made my cock swell in-
side my shorts.

“I’m gonna take a dip,” I called to her from the deep end.
“Wanna meet in the middle?”

She raised up and smiled as I dove into the water.

Gliding from the force of my dive, I was a bit surprised when
she plunged in next to me at mid-pool. I hooked an arm behind her leg
and pulled her under. We both popped to the surface together and Kim’s
arms went around my neck. I pulled her close to me and could feel her
hard nipples press against my chest as our lips met. We kissed gently
at first, but as Kim pressed her hips against me and my cock began to
get harder, our passion flared. I put my hands on her bare butt, cool
in the water, firm and soft as I pressed her against me. As our kiss
ended we were both out of breath and flushed with passion.

“I want you” she murmured.

“You sure?” I asked. “I don’t want to take advantage of you.”
I was lying like a snake in the grass, but I really didn’t want to push
her if she was feeling rejected.

“You’re the only man I trust anymore since Daddy died. I’ve
seen you watching me in the sun and I’ve seen the bulge in your suit.”
To add emphasis to her words she dipped her right hand beneath the
water and ran her fingers over the straining material that confined my
hard manhood. As she gently squeezed my shaft, she said “It’s been two
years since I’ve had a real man inside me. I don’t know what it is,
but you do something different or right and no one else makes me feel
like you do.” She purred “Yes, I want you!”

We swam to the edge at the shallow end. Kim jumped out of the
water sat on the edge of the pool, spread her legs and leaned back on
her elbows with a sly smile on her lips and a look in her eyes that
left nothing to my imagination.

“Eat me like you used to…..long and slow” she cooed.

I kissed my way slowly down the inside of her leg, nipping
lightly with my teeth as I went. It was almost ninety out, but still
she shivered and goose-bumps appeared on her upper thighs. As I ever-
so-gently touched her clit with the tip of my tongue she shuddered and
let out a growling moan that I knew from experience meant she was
cumming. Her hands went to the back of my head, her fingers tangling
in my hair as she pulled my face hard against her wet pussy. I stuck
my tongue as deeply into her as I could and let my teeth just touch her
straining clit. Kim’s hips started to buck and she gasped for breath.
“OH, GOD!” she finally screamed. (That’s one thing I really liked about
Kim, there was never any question as to whether she’d cum or not. She
sometimes took two full minutes to settle down.)

By :Linda Gray

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