Kevin loves older women, especially his Mom

I glanced at the clock on the mantle and rolled my eyes. It was after seven which meant Laura had gotten stuck working late again. It also meant more time that I would have to wait for my weekend with her to officially start.

I sighed and stretched out on the living room couch, goddamn I was horny! The only time I have with Laura is from Friday night until Sunday night. Because of that, it’s a long five day wait that’s usually spent fantasizing about what we’ll do during the upcoming weekend. I learned quickly that Laura has a wicked imagination that far surpasses even my sex crazed mind, and leads to the week dragging even more.

I suppose the fact that she’s twenty years older than me gives her an edge in that department. What makes matters even worse is the fact that I see Laura everyday! Every morning I have to see that long auburn hair, those baby blue eyes and full lips before I go off to work. It’s even worse at night.

When I get home from my evening classes and she’s lounging around on the couch still dressed from her job at the office. Laura’s work outfits always consist of an above the knee skirt, and a blazer, which is always off at home, exposing the little tank tops she wears underneath. Her legs are usually in thigh high stockings and I know that whatever color the skirt, the lacy things underneath will perfectly match.

Laura knows all this drives me wild and probably gets a kick out of it. I’m sure sometimes it gets to her as well because if I sneak out at night, and listen near her bedroom, I can hear her vibrator going and her moaning as she cums. It’s a hell of a tease for both of us, and to be honest I’m not quite sure why we can’t during the week, but Laura makes the rules and I follow them. After all it’s not polite to argue with your mother.

I shook my head a little as I lied there thinking of how god awful the thought of having sex with one’s mother is to most people. I have to say that if someone mentioned it to me a few months ago I’d have said the same thing. However, at this point what’s done is done and since the line’s been crossed why not? The fact that my mother happens to be the hottest woman I’d ever had the pleasure of sleeping with doesn’t hurt either. Another Jerry Springer comment right there for you! I thought, chuckling out loud.

The Jerry Springer reference has become a private joke between me and Mom; I mean Laura. The first rule she made was that during the week, she’s Mom. The woman that works her ass off to keep a roof over our heads after my asshole father took off to parts unknown with his secretary three years ago. The woman who cooks, cleans and does everything she can for me, her twenty one year old son Kevin, who also works full time to pick up dads slack and goes to school three nights a week to try to obtain a degree in graphic design.

On the weekends when we play, Mom becomes Laura, the red hot insatiable cougar who, at times has worn me out to the point that I can barely go to work on Monday morning. As is it seemed I was going to be waiting awhile, I thought about how Laura and I had gotten to this point.

Let me just say that right off the bat that I would think people would expect either some type of bizarre circumstances or a long winded explanation as to why one would want to have sex with his mother. Well for what it’s worth, I really don’t have much of one, except Laura is hot and had not been getting any in quite awhile and I found myself more than happy to give her the attention that she had been sorely lacking.

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