Kelly’s Submission and soon becomes perverted

John was sitting at the bar having a beer minding his
own business and enjoying his time off. On the opposite
end of the bar there was some laughter and a woman
yelled, “OH DAMN!”

John looked to see what had happened. The girl had
spilled her drink on the bar. No big deal this happens
all the time in a shot and beer joint.

People had move away from the woman so the clean up
could be taken care of and she could wipe off her
dress. John watch and notice when the woman stood up
that she was very tall somewhere about 5-feet 8-inches
and maybe 140 plus pounds, very slim for her height.

She was not one of the regulars or even seemed to fit
into the neighborhood class of working people that
frequent the bar.

What he did notice was her clothing. She dressed
expensive her shoes, jewelry and the dress she was
wearing. Her dress was a satin type short dress just
above mid thigh. She didn’t have any nylons on only
strapped high heels.

Very Long brown hair with blond highlights that were
professionally done. As she wipe her dress she turn to
face John and the cleavage she showed was huge. She had
to be 36 FFF and also very beautiful. They made eye
contact for a moment. John smiled at her then turned to
finish his beer then he ordered another.

The laughter and talk continued at the end of bar with
the big-titted lady and her friends.

While John enjoying his beers and the listening to the
music on the jute box at the other end of the bar.

Later without any warning threw all the smoke and
liquor smell a strong sweet smell of perfume enter his
nostrils. As he turned toward the smell of the perfume
he heard her voice. “Have a drink with me sir?”

John looked up at the lady, she was the one from the
other end of the bar and now was standing next to him.
Her sweet smelling perfume and big tits aroused his

John was not a person that liked formalities, he just
spoke what was on his mine. He said. ” My name is John
I like beer and porn movies and sex.” What can I do for
you lady? Sit down and take a load off you feet.”

She sat down on the stool next to John. “My name is…

“Lying bitch!” John said. “You had to think before you
said your name.”

John spoke to the bartender. “I’ll have a beer with big
tits because she asked me to but, that’s all we do.”

Kelly now pissed off for what he said about being a
liar. “I am here because of a friend. We stop to have a
few drinks.” Kelly said. “Don’t talk to me like that
I’m one of your friends.”

Kelly was a top executive in her company and no one
ever talk to her like that.

Kelly pick up her purse removed herself from the bar
stool and angrily told John you have no respect for
people. She headed back towards her friends at the
other end of the bar.

“Hey Kelly, fuck you bitch,” John said in a loud voice.

Kelly went back to the end of the bar and began
drinking very heavy also, giving John the middle finger
trying to insult him. She kept drinking to the point
were she past out.


Kelly woke up and found herself naked and tied spread
eagle on a bed. She had know idea how she got there or
why. She yelled and tried to get loose. A few minutes
later the door swung open.

“Hi bitch,” the man said. She looked at him standing in
the doorway with a German Sheppard at his side. “They
call me Hammer and my pal here is Nail. He laughed. “Do
you get it,” he said. Hammer and Nail and laughed more.

Kelly could not imagine what was going to happen or
why. She asked, “What are you going to do to me?” As
she surveyed the surroundings thinking of some type of
escape and how she was going to get free. Hammer now
answered her question.

“Kelly honey, I’m going to fuck you while we wait for
my buddy Cal to get here. Then sweet lady Cal’s going
to fuck you then my Rocky Nail will fuck you like the
bitch you are.”

Kelly was scared, she knew she would be raped by these
men and had to do something to get free.

By :Burndock

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